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Fluid Mechanics I

by: Alana Franecki

Fluid Mechanics I CIVL 130

Alana Franecki
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alana Franecki on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIVL 130 at University of the Pacific taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/229906/civl-130-university-of-the-pacific in Civil Engineering at University of the Pacific.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
CIVL 130 FLUID MECHANICS FALL 2007 Name November 16 2007 MIDTERM 2 PART 1 30 pts Closed booldnotes You may not use a calculator or the FE equation sheet in this palt When you have completed this part turn it in and pick up Part 2 l 4 points each Circle all that apply Some may have more than one appropriate answer N Fquot The slope of the Energy Grade Line represents circle all that apply i Total head ii Total head loss iii Head loss per unit length iv Piezometric head per unit length To model the recent oil spill in San Francisco Bay the dominant forces to consider is are i Gravitational force ii Inertial force iii Pressure force iv Viscous force The pipe friction factor i Varies linearly with the Reynolds Number in turbulent ow ii Varies linearly with the Reynolds Number in laminar ow iii Varies linearly with the Reynolds Number in fully rough ow iv Is constant for a given pipe roughness height BImCh 1 Q A B h 2 B In a p1pe network llke the one shown gt i Head loss from A to B is the sum of the head losses in each branch Branch 3 ii Head loss from A to B is equal to head loss in any one branch iii Total ow rate in the system is the sum of the ow rates in each branch iv Flow rates in the branches are equal 4 pts For ow through a noncircular crosssectional area the quothydraulic diameterquot is used instead of the diameter d Why is the value 4RH 4 X hydraulic radius used for the hydraulic diameter continued on other side CIVL 130 7 Fluid Mechanics Page 2 Fall 2007 Midterm 2 3 4 pts Match the most likely local loss coef cient with each gure Write the value on the line 4 V39 below the gure 3 2x gl 2J gL 005 d08 e 10 2 pts Why do we always have to zero the manometers in labs eg the pipe friction lab conducted last week 4 pts My neighbor s driveway is spotless He washes every last leaf off his driveway with a quothigh pressurequot garden hose Using concepts learned in this class explain with diagrams why the leaves can be washed off the rough driveway surface My neighbor Garden hose Leaf CIVL 130 FLUID MECHANICS Name FALL 2007 November 16 2007 MIDTERM 2 PART 2 70 pts Closed booldnotes You may use a calculator and the FE equation sheet on this part 1 20 pts Water exits from the nozzle into atmospheric pressure of 101 kPa Neglect friction Calculate the axial force in the ange required to keep the nozzle in place Not to scale Ans 65 N CIVL 130 7 Fluid Mechanics Page 2 Fall 2007 Midterm 2 N 25 points An old 6 ft diameter pipeline is 4 miles long and carries water between two reservoirs with surface elevations at 500 ft and 300 ft The ow rate is 250 cfs at 60 F You recommend lining the pipe with a smooth liner to increase the ow rate a What is the roughness height e in the 01d pipe How does this value compare to values given on the FE sheet ie is a liner really needed b What is the minimum liner diameter required to increase the ow rate Ans a 0102ft b d 343 ft CIVL 130 7 Fluid Mechanics Page 3 Fall 2007 Midterm 2 3 20 points Draw the energy grade line EGL and hydraulic grade line HGL for the entire system shown The uid is a real uid Include all losses and draw the EGL and HGL to scale or at least label things clearly The valves are partially open Indicate Pressure Head Velocity Head and Elevation Head at the points labeled A B and C x4 W l 0 Pl X V03m EL 20 ELIOY


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