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Computer Networking

by: Stanford Cummings DDS

Computer Networking ECPE 177

Stanford Cummings DDS
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stanford Cummings DDS on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECPE 177 at University of the Pacific taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/229912/ecpe-177-university-of-the-pacific in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of the Pacific.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
PGP 50 The DOS Version 0 Follow these steps to install and use DOS version PGP 50 Remember It s all DOS so you can t have lenames with more than 8 characters and no more than 3 characters in the extension 0 You will likely want to use your hard drive for all this However you might want to use a bootable oppy disk that has an editor such as notepmlaxe or editarc0m on it Keeping your PGP les and in particular your encrypted private key on a removable medium minimizes your security risk Note that a USB Pen Drive might be a better choice For example you could store your les on a USB Pen Drive and carry it on a chain around your neck wherever you go 0 Unless you create a con guration le PGP will complain a lot about your not having one but you can get along just ne without one Seepgpcfgdac for more information 0 We assume here that you are Mary Smith and you are communicating with John Smith INSTALLATION l Equot 905 w gt1 Go to httpwwwpgpicom and click on download the latest freeware PGP then click on Q then click on MSDOS then click on Download PGP 50i then click on Norway and download pgp50ibizip Unzip pgp50ibizip preferably to cpgp or to a Usually just doubleclicking on it does the trick If you need unzipper you can go to httpwwwwinzipcom and download an evaluation copy of WinZip or you can go to httpwwwstuf tcomconsumerhtml and download a free copy of Stuf t Open a DOS Window Even better Boot to DOS since Windows saves temp les CVC WhCI C you might want it totally out of the picture Go to the PGP directory using the DOS command cd cpgp or cd apgp Install PGP by entering the DOS command 0 old install 0 You might want to check to make sure all the PGP les are here by entering dir The most important les are pgp0exe encryptiondecryption and pgpkexe key management To get a list of options enter pgpo h and pgpk h CREATING YOUR PUBLIC KEY PAIR Do this only once 1 To create your public key pair enter k key management g generate pgpk g You want a Dif eHellman key so to the question about public key type enter 1 A pair of 1024bit keys public amp private will do so for the next question enter 2 For a User ID enter your name for example John Smith Enter whatever key validity length you want 0 forever Enter a pass phrase The longer the better Spaces count Case counts Finally you click the keyboard randomly until told to stop Then PGP will create your public key pair PGP will put your public key in the le PUBRINGPKR and your private key encrypted with your pass phrase in the le SECRINGSKR You can examine the contents of your public key ring by entering 1 list pgpk l hospcgz DISTRIBUTING YOUR PUBLIC KEY l Equot W To extract your public key from PUBRINGPKR so you can email it to your friends if your User ID is Mary Smith enter x extract a key 0 output le to put it in pgpk x Mary Smith 0 msmithkey a You will get an error message Cannot open con guration le pgpcfg ignore it To see your public key enter type msmithkey a If your correspondent is also using DOS PGP simply attach the key le to an email b If your correspondent is using an email client that has PGP built in you can copy the contents of the key le to the Windows clipboard Then run your email client create an email to your friend and paste your key into the email body Now the recipient can merely click a single button to decrypt your message NOTE At this point all you can do is Send other people your public key so they can send you messages Sign plain text messages with your secret key and send them to people See below Wait for your correspondents to send you their public keys You CANNOT send any encrypted messages until someone sends you their public key 9979


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