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Week 4 Notes

by: Claire

Week 4 Notes PS348

Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin

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About this Document

notes on the beginning of Identity Politics
Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PS348 at University of Oregon taught by Dr. Yamin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Women in Politics in Political Science at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Identity Politics Lecture Outline 0 Background Second Wave 19605 0 Themes and questions 0 Simone DeBeauvoir 0 Betty Friedan Background 0 Main issue legal gains 0 Antiwar 0 Question of radicalism Second Wave Feminism 0 Resurgence 19603 0 Legal gains 0 Equal Pay Act 1963 I Same amount of work and same job same pay 0 Still working on this in 2015 52 years later 0 Civil Rights Act 1964 I Mainly for African Americans but amended to include women 0 Question of the fates of African American women 0 Title 7 prohibits discrimination based on sex 0 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC I Federal agency established to end discrimination 0 New Issues on Agenda 0 Not about the vote 0 Health 0 Education e g sports 0 Independence 0 Theoretical Foundations 0 Two Branches Liberal and Radical I Liberal I 0 Work within the system 0 NOW National Organization of Women 0 Focus on enforcing laws and creating laws for equality I Voted for Equal Rights Amendment Radical D 0 Women s Liberation Movement Farreaching outside of the sphere Ending women s oppression not inequality Consciousness raising Younger generation with the push Themes 0 Expanded list of issues 0 Disagreement on solution 0 Theories on gender oppression Multiple Feminisms Radical and Radical Conservative Women Feminists of color Gay and lesbian intersection Protection Do women need protection Is that the solution What does this imply Continuing Questions 0 How to define gender difference 0 SimilarDifferent to men 0 Reform or Revolution New Issues 0 Expanded list of issues 0 Disagreement on solutions 0 More theoretical on origins of gender oppression Simone DeBeauvoir 0 Background 0 Second Sex 1949 I Vatican put this on the prohibited list because it was that controversial Highly philosophical and deeply researched 0 PreSixties theoretical text on gender 0 Concept of the Other I Woman is the incidental the inessential as opposed to the essential He is the subject he is the Absolute she is the Other inessential doesn t mean they aren t essential they are just in the margin 0 To be able to move the margin they must move the center essential is the center The normcitizenhas the power hierarchy of points World around this time is centered around men for men Anything that isn t primary is secondary Women are not described as themselves I have to figure out to how to shift power because they ARE essential Biology contributes but doesn t determine the state of women 0 Origins of Subordination I If we say women are different do they need different protections I Women are only understood in terms of man As a woman I Women had no identity in themselves I Woman is not a physical conception 0 Why aren t women organized I irritating to write about women why 0 No clarity bickering from all sides 0 Nothing new m 0 35 Job market were women 0 Pill usage 0 Introduction of fertility questions and questions about women in higher education 0 Rate of divorce increases Betty Friedan 0 Context radical Marxist Activist 0 The Feminine Mystique 1963 0 What is it I Idea that women were happy as the homemaker the height of female goals 0 Women felt freakish if they weren t happy in this happy place I The problem with no name 0 Dissatisfaction in being the perfect wife like something s missing 0 Problem of power in number society s problem 0 No way to actually talk about it when nothing to articulate with I Her response to the problem 0 make into a social issue not a psychological issue of individual women I What is it like to read this now 0 No solution but states the problem 0 Still only applies to welleducated white femalesl All females when not all suffer the same problem 0 Erasure of other women s issues Friedan The Other half 0 How does she describe the men and women masculine and feminine 0 Men affected by this system patriarchy and that creates its own problems 0 Calls to both to embrace both masculine and feminine within them 0 Masculinity defines who gets to be man via law


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