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Beg Amer Sign Lang I

by: Kira Abbott

Beg Amer Sign Lang I ASL 1010

Kira Abbott
The U
GPA 3.62

Mitchell Jensen

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About this Document

Mitchell Jensen
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kira Abbott on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASL 1010 at University of Utah taught by Mitchell Jensen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/229958/asl-1010-university-of-utah in American Sign Language at University of Utah.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
ASL 1010 M JENSEN AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE lOlO FALL SEMESTER 2007 Instructor Mitch Jensen M Ed Office Phone 78663278877quot an operator will ask you for the number you want to ca give them this phone number 807263 4875 They will connect you With me and interpret the phone call This is a free call Email m ensenutahgov Office Hours By appointment only Required Text Signing Naturally I by Cheri Smith Ella Mae Lentz Ken Mikos Class Objectives To be able to use and understand basic American Sign Language To be able to use and understand American Sign Language structure and syntax To improve eye readiness and mime activities To have a basic understanding of the history of American Sign Language To have a basic understanding of psychological social audiological and political views of the Deaf Community U P WE N Course Description This course is designed to teach functional American Sign Language ASL which can be used in everyday interactions Learning these interactions will enable students to establish and maintain social relationships with others who use ASL The grammar and vocabulary of ASL will be learned within the context of communicative activities Students will be taught awareness of Deaf culture through roleplays situations assigned readings interactions with Deaf individuals and videotapes Learning to Communicate in ASL Because this course is designed to teach functional skills for communicating with persons who are Deaf the use of your voice will be restricted during class time and breaks During class the only method of communication will be sign language ASL 1010 M JENSEN gestures and mime This practice will give you the experience in how persons who are Deaf communicate and will assist you in learning ASL Method of Evaluation Attendance this isa must Failure to be in class will definitely lower your grade due to the fact you won t be here to practice and learn skill building N Do practice assignments in student workbook Do all the assignments in the student workbook and watch student video tape Your instructor will inform you ahead of time when workbook units are due Xlorkbooks will be checked by instructor Workbooks will not be accepted late unless priorarraignments have been made with instructor W One showandtell You will be required you to bring some item to class and show and tell the class about the item you have brought This is the same idea as when you were in kindergarten and brought your dead goldfish to show the class The big difference is you do it all in ASL This will be explained in more detail later in the quarter 5 Major project choose one a Take a tour of Robert G Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 5709 South 1500 West You will need to call 807263 486 to schedule a tour b Be Deaf for one day 8 hours minimum The major project must have a minimum one of l typewritten response to receive credit Any handwritten papers turned in will have a 30 reduction in their grade for this project 5 Quizzes You will be notified in advance of date of quiz 6 Weekly participation and in class actiwties 7 Midterm See schedule for date there will be no early or late midterms given 8 Final See schedule for date there will be no early or late finals given ASL 1010 M JENSEN GradingEvaluation Quizzes 200 points ShowandTell 50 points In Class Activities 200 points Major Project 50 points Midterm 100 points Final 200 points Workbook 240 points TOTAL POINTS 7040 POINTS Grade Scale A 100 95 of possible points A 94 90 of possible points 3 89 86 of possible points B 85 83 of possible points 3 82 80 of possible points C 79 76 of possible points C 75 73 of possible points C 72 70 of possible points D 69 66 of possible points D 65 63 of possible points D 62 60 of possible points E below 60 ofpossible points PLEASE NOTE gt There will be no makeups on any quizzes or tests All tests are signed and there just is not enough time in the day to do all the makeups that would be required There will be NO extra credit points Your grade will be based upon how well you use ASL both expressive and receptive skills It is vital that you are in class so that you can practice your skills and receive feedback If you are not in class your grade will re ect your skills V ASL 1010 M JENSEN V Class will be always conducted in ASL when you enter the class turn your voice off If you use your voice in class I may elect to reduce your final total grade m 50 points gt This syllabus is subject to change if during the semester ifl feel that some adjustment is needed to meet the classes learning needs I will inform you of any changes that are made SIGNIFICANT DATES MIDTERM October 4 SHOW amp TELL November 27 amp 29 MAJOR PROJECT December 4 FINAL December 6 FALL BREAK October 813 THANKSGIVING BREAK November 2223 INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES If you are disabled and need accommodations such as special tests arrangements note taking taped textbooks tutoring equipment etc please contact me andor the Disability Resource Center DRC at 5851813 TEXT BOOK AND VIDEO TAPE The book and tape used for this class is set up very different than the traditional way to teach ASL The book is not designed to give you a sign and an English equivalent but to teach you ASL in a natural learning environment the way you leaned your native Language Your book does include some of the vocabulary items for your review and I would recommend that you bring your book to class for introduction of these vocabulary items I would not encourage you to write an English word since the meaning may change depending how it is used in ASL ASL is a visual language that has its own structure and utilizes signs body movements eye gaze markers and sign space that are very different than English structure Just a note of warning do not convince yourself that there is one sign for each English word but more What does this means in English I also understand that many of you want increase vocabulary and may want to know the signs for specific items I want to assist you in increasing your vocabulary as much as possible within the philosophy of teaching ASL naturally However I will not give you sign for an English word that you write or fingerspell If you want to know a sign you ASL 1010 M JENSEN will have to act it out or show how it looks During the first couple weeks we will spend much of the class time on working on eye and body readiness activities This is Equot W P Pquot O a vital part of learning ASL More vocabulary will come as the quarter progresses Strategies for Learning AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE To increase your language learning in the classroom develop the following habits Follow all conversations whether they are between the teacher and class teacher and students or student and student Focus on the signer s face not on the hands Don t break eye contact while in a signed conversation Develop active listening behaviors ie nodding responding with quothuhquot quotwowquot quotreallyquot Your teacher may stop to repeat information because you do not nod to indicate you are following along This is not teacherstudent behaviorit is cultural Listeners have very active roles in signed conversations Participate as much as possible by adding comments agreeing or disagreeing etc The more you participate the more you will learn Don t worry about mistakes They are part of the learning process Try not to worry about a sign you missed Work on getting the quotgistquot of the conversation If a particular sign pops up over and over and you haven t a clue to its meaning then ask the teacher Try to avoid asking your classmate for a quick English translation You would lose out on valuable communication experiences between the instructor and you that can strengthen your comprehension skills Leave English your voice and your whispering outside the door Try not to translate in your head as you watch someone sign Don t worry about memorizing as repetition and context will help you acquire the language Try to maintain a signing environment during class breaks before class begins and whenever Deaf people are present Try not to miss class especially at the beginning Your class strives to form a language community the cohesiveness of the group in uences how rich the ASL 1010 M JENSEN language exchange is in the classroom Missing class makes it difficult to achieve this interactive environment 9 YOUR PRESENCE IS CRUCIAL This is not like studying or reading at home at work during breaks or in the library The learning happens HERE in class IOquotActivitiesquot on the syllabus your presence will be very valuable as this will have a lot of facial expressions body language and many hidden attentiongetting behaviors as well as basic vocabulary signs that are used Your participation in Activities is where the quotsubstancequot is and 3 is to be put into practice as well AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE Class Rules 1 You may gesture sign or act out in class but NO SPEAKING OR XHISPERINGI 2 Often you will be expected to learn more than one I signvariation for a concept in ASL These variants may be due to a generational usage b register formal vs casual c ease of production d regional usage 3 If you have seen a sign different from that presented in class feel free to ask about it It may be another acceptable variant or learned incorrectly and class is the ideal place to learn 4 DO NOT assume that each ASL sign has an exact English equivalent There may be times when you will have a quotfeelquot for what a sign means in the context but cannot put a quotwordquot to it That does not mean that you do not understand It may only mean that there might not be an efficient way to express it in English


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