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Understanding Children

by: Mrs. Gracie Grant

Understanding Children FCS 2610

Mrs. Gracie Grant
The U
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Gracie Grant on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FCS 2610 at University of Utah taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/229964/fcs-2610-university-of-utah in Child and Family Studies at University of Utah.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
TENTATIVE AGENDA FCS 2610 LECTURE 3 January 25 2006 DUE NEXT WEEK Program Information Due PICK UP CONFERENCE REGISTRATION I READING RESPONSE 1 II BRIEF OVERVIEW OF LAST WEEK 0 Environmental amp hereditary in uences 0 Indirect guidance characteristics of parents and teachers characteristics of the child including temperaments and the physical environment III GROUP PRESENTATIONS overview of observations IV TRICKS OF THE TRADE DIRECT GUIDANCE STRATEGIES 0 Article quotWhine Connoisseursquot 0 Review Direct Guidance Overhead 0 Review Dealing with Dif cult Behavior Overhead o Aggression hitting and timeout handouts overhead V SPANIKNG amp PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT 0 Why do we hit children overhead 0 Spanking survey 0 2020 video on spanking 0 Process video VI REVIEW CHAPTER 9 GUIDANCE AND PUNISHMENT TENTATIVE AGENDA FCS 2610 LECTURE 4 February 1 2006 DUE TODAY Program Visit Info Return First Reading Response I OVERVIEW OF LAST WEEK III VI 0 Article quotWhining Connoisseursquot o Wrapped up indirect guidance 0 Physical environmentquot small group observations 0 Direct Guidance Strategies Tricks of the Trade 0 Punishment Physical spanking video SPANIKNG CONT 0 Why Do We Hit Children overhead Process video Timeout overheads Chap 9 Punishment Handouts Video quotShaking Hitting Spankingquot What to do Insteadquot PROCESS Handout Ways to Guide Behavior CONFLICT RESOLUTION 0 Early Childhood Teacher response review 0 Handout Problem Solving take the time RISK FA CTORSin uence development and behavior 0 Review Chapter 2 overheads 0 Personal risk factors 0 Helping the child who doesn39t t in Read scenarios dealing with social cues Dyssemia characteristics of children adults Homework Observation of people interacting with others and their environment bring completed assignment next week We will discuss next week 000 PROTECTIVE FACTORS Review Chapter 3 Overheads ANECDOTES amp OBSER VATION Perhaps next week 0 Overhead Review HandoutExamples of good speci c anecdotes De nition Why Observe A Child Overheads amp Handouts O O O o Barriers and important considerations Overheadso FCS 2610 READING RESPONSE 1 January 25 2006 Chapter 1 discusses 3 studies that address aggressive behavior Summarize each of the following 3 points 0 Cole amp Dodge 1998 o Pepleramp Craig 1999 R J 0 National 1 39 Survev of Children amp Youth According to Chapter 7 describe three guidelines that you could use in considering how you would design quotWIDE OPEN SPACESquot 3 points Explain how you would chose materials to prevent challenging behavior Chapter 7 3 points Chapter 9 discusses the differences between praise and encouragement Explain 3 points Based on Chapter 9 discuss the pros and cons of using timeout 3 points FCS READING RESPONSE 2 CHAPTERS 2 3 4 amp PART 2 February 22 2005 CHAPTER 2 l Challenging behavior 2 broad categories of risk factors examples 2 ADHD CHAPTER 3 3 Resiliencede ne examples CHAPTER 4 4 Factors that in uence brain development DAP PART 2 5 3 important kinds of information or knowledge for EC teacher decisionmaking


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