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Database Fundamentals

by: Herminio Grimes

Database Fundamentals IS 4420

Marketplace > University of Utah > Science > IS 4420 > Database Fundamentals
Herminio Grimes
The U
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Herminio Grimes on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IS 4420 at University of Utah taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/229965/is-4420-university-of-utah in Science at University of Utah.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
IS 4420 Mid Term Exam Review Scope Chapter 1 through 7 Format 0 Close book and close notes 0 730am 7 850am 0 Total 100 points 0 Part A Total 50 points 25 multiple choice and truefalse questions 2 points each Covers basic concepts short answers comparisons de nitions descriptions interpretations and examples 0 Part B Total 50 points 3 problems 1 Conceptual data modeling 2 Logical database design 3 Writing and interpreting SQL commands Sample Exam Questions Question 1 Conceptual data modeling Assignment 2 Chapter 3 Problem 4e Draw an ERD for the following situation A hospital has a large number of registered physicians Attributes of PHYSICIAN include PhysicianiID the identi er and Specialty Patients are admitted to the hospital by physicians Attributes of PATIENT include PatientiID the identi er and PatientiName Any patient who is admitted must have exactly one admitting physician A physician may optionally admit any number of patients Once admitted a given patient must be treated by at least one physician A particular physician may treat any number of patients or may not treat any patients Whenever a patient is treated by a physician the hospital wishes to record the details of TreatmentiDetail include Date Time and Results Please see Assignment 2 Solution for answer Ques on 2 Logical database design Figure 526 INVOICE mmmnuNF Pme Valley Furmlmc Company DvdeLID cram Cusmmer Cuslamer Cumnear Pmducuo PmducL PmducL UmL omemd Dale u Name Address Descnpmm Flmsh Pnce nuanmy mus 7242qu 2 Vame Mam IX 7 DAm39ng Nslulzl auom Fumimm Table Ash mos lama2004 2 Mano 1x 5 Wmer s Cherry 325m 2 Panama Desk mus min200A 2 Vziue Mano 4 Enierlammem Nalural 65mm V Fumnum Center Mapla mm HMSmm s Fumnure aamaen u ArDr 5mm A Game co Diasser mm OQSQDOA s Fumllure Bummer 4 Emenammam Natural 55mm 2 cauevy co Csnier Maple uyuuui Alulumn u Writing on me functional dependencies above What nonnal form is chi relation in Why Draw a relah39 onal dependencies h mamwm Please see page 2177219 Question 3 Introduction to SQL Table Name employee Table Name dependent FName Address SuperS SN DepNo Table Name Dependent a Write a SQL command to delete Frankin Wong from the Employee table DELETE FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE SSN333445555 After you deleted Frankin Wong from the Employee table please write SQL command for the following tasks and show the results b List the name and salary of female employees Whose salary is greater than 30000 SELECT FNAME SALARY FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE SEX IN39F39 391quot AND SALARY gt 30000 FNAME SALARY Joyce 70000 Jennifer 43000 c List the Employee SSN and dependent name for dependents who are male SELECT ESSN DEPEDENTNAME FROM DEPENDEN T WHERE SEX IN39M39 39mquot ESSN DEPEDENTNAME 987654321 Abner 123456789 Michael d List the Employee SSN and number of dependents each employee has SELECT ESSN COUNTESSN FROM DEPEDENT GROUP BY ESSN ESSN COUNTESSN 987654321 1 123456789 3


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