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by: Megan Spees


Megan Spees
GPA 3.54
Principles of Human Anatomy
Nelson H. Kraus

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About this Document

Hey all! This is the power point review from today! Comprehensive, goes over everything Kraus went over in class! Good Luck! Happy studying! :D
Principles of Human Anatomy
Nelson H. Kraus
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Megan Spees on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 103 - 03 at University of Indianapolis taught by Nelson H. Kraus in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Principles of Human Anatomy in Biology at University of Indianapolis.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
Monday October 26 2015 Lecture Notes Lecture notes 1145 for lab practical Gomphosis joint between teeth and bone in the mandible and maxillae Holds teeth in jaw Unusual only place you find a gomphosis Highly unlikely to test specific arches Identify tensor fascia latae superficial on lateral aspect of thigh Tendon that TFL hooks on llliotibial tract crosses 2 joints hip and knee joint EASILY LABELED IN LAB Sartorius taylors muscle asked a lot Quadratus femoris located in what area of femur shape quad looks like a square square like muscle in the area of the femur 3 gluteus muscles maximis medius minimus maximis most likely to get tested in lab Adductor or medial group from medial compartment Quadriceps is most important 4 heads Anterior compartment quads pectineus sartorius lab and lecture 3 adductors gracillis adducts the thigh at the hip Cross out P Major 3 compartments in leg Anterior Posterior Lateral Monday October 26 2015 Tibialis anterior only one need to know from an identification standpoint Elbow and knee joints synovial Yes Ligaments around the elbow annular ligament that goes over the head of the radius dislocation of radial head at ligament in small children frequent suspected of child abuse now Lateral and medial meniscus Terrible triad REVIEW Axial and appendicular skeleton Major bones in cranial cavity Basic foundational stuff from unit one like sections planes midsaggital transverse coronal etc Know major bones of cranial cavity Know sutures Know fossa in cranial vault anterior Middle Posterior Hyoid bone strangulation Curvatures cervical lumbar thoracic Monday October 26 2015 sacral which direction do they point when do they develop when do they occur Abnormal curvatures abnormal curvatures not pathologic lordosis generally associated with pregnancy Rib cage Three parts of sternum manubrium body xiphoid process true and false ribs 1112 no connection to sternum FFF shape of male and female pelvis female shape facilitates birth of child Classic synovial joint knee is a great example Knee has two intracapsular ligaments ACL PCL Hip has one intracapsular ligament fovea capitis from head of femur to acetabulum helps secure the head of humerus ligament called Ligamentum teres Tendon sheaths vs which help facilitate movement of the tendon Unlikely to test on types of levers ALL MOTIONS UNIQUE ONES LIKE PRONATION SUPINATION INVERSION EVERSION KNEE KNOW KNEE AND TERRIBLE TRIAD Posterior compartment hamstrings Gastrocnemius soleus Monday October 26 2015 Serratus anterior boxers muscle Dont need to know from a lab stand point minimus amp medius do need to know maximus Brachioradialis ONLY FOREARM MUSCLE FOR LAB FLEXES AT ELBOW MUSCLE GROUP BICEPS BRACHIALIS IS STRONGEST Face muscles Major ones 6 pictures on google slide Zygomaticus major smile Obicularis oris oculi muscles of mastication epicranius Lateral rectus eye muscle located laterally on eyeball straight MUSCLES OF MASTICATION BUCCINATOR STERNOCLEIDOMASTIOD Sternothyroid muscle runs between sternum and thyroid cartilage INSERTION IN thyohyoid muscle hyoid bone insertion always is second more moveable Diaphragm internal and external intercostals 4 abdominal muscles superficial to deep Inguinal canal frequently creates a hernia in men ROTATOR CUFF MUSCLES TRAPEZIUS LATISSIMUS DELTOID RHOMBOIDS SERRATUS ANTERIOR BRACHIALIS BICEPS BRACHI BRACHIORADIALIS synergistic group of muscles that flex forearm at elbow Monday October 26 2015


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