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Fund EM & Trans Lines

by: Shyanne Lubowitz

Fund EM & Trans Lines ECE 3300

Shyanne Lubowitz
The U
GPA 3.85

C. Furse

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About this Document

C. Furse
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shyanne Lubowitz on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 3300 at University of Utah taught by C. Furse in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see /class/230005/ece-3300-university-of-utah in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Utah.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
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09 39 39 M 25 319 quot 5 lg L ZS 7 1 F3 0 wacM s fe ca a MST erciame 2 1424 12 Zo Gil hase53 Abe FM Z5 cur N JEWa 0 he 2 O 39 6x31 f5 052 L quot W veoda froDwa WM 53 337 A 178 5quot mmf xMya 9 90 Er c9 T V g 59 o l 3627 8 quot g r a 2 M w u 7 ms U1 43quot PM W 70 4 j mi a VM ew ea 62 g 002251 wok2 9147 39 x 39gtlt0quotgC 360 282 ECE 3300 Plane Wave Polarization General Relationship between E and H in Plane Waves or other TEM waves H1nkXE EnkXH 1l S lITQJSc where ac gogr j 60 If material is lossless 6 0 ac seer real 1 is real E and H are proportional by a constant no difference in phase between E and H If material is lossyL 6 0 Sc 2 complex 1 is complex E and H are proportional by a complex E and H are out of phase The difference in phase depends on frequency Plane Wave Polarization Polarization What is the tip of the E field vector doing as a function of time Why do we care Antenna applications 7 Antenna can only TX or RX a polarization it is designed to support Straight wires square waveguides and similar rectangular systems support linear waves polarized in one direction often Round waveguides helical or at spiral antennas produce circular or elliptical waves Remote Sensing and Radar Applications 7 Many targets will re ect or absorb EM waves differently for different polarizations Using multiple polarizations can give different information and improve results We will see this when we do plane wave re ection from layered media soon Absorption applications Human body for instance will absorb waves with E oriented from head to toe better than side to side esp in grounded cases Also the frequency at which maximum absorption occurs is different for these two polarizations This has ramifications in safety guidelines and studies General TEM wave Ezz 0 and Hzz 0 132 x 13212 y Eyz H 15 perpendiculzxto E and DOP which 15 2 Recall DOP Dnecnon of Propagation Polarization Look canon at me wave as 1 moves away from you You are lookmg m me 27 dnecnon The E vector looks llke am As the wave moves away from you as a funcnon of ma 1 changes 1 Linear polarizanon a lnrphase Ex Exo cosmt and Ey Eyo cosmt Vector points In same direction 211 the time but grows and shrinks In 2 05 fashion With time b outrofrphase Ex Exo cosmt and Ey Eyo 7 coma Agam Vector stays pomnng the same dnecnon and grows and shrinks mm nme 2 Empncal Polarization a RithImd empncal polarization Ex Exo cosmt Ey Eye cosmt 90 degrees ms means Ex shnnks as Ey gows neganve v Pom nght thumb m DOP and up ofvectox rotates m duecnm of nges Remember you are standing behmd the wave lookmg m the DO w e s Basing anelhpse b Le rhand elhpncally polarized x0 cosmt Ey Eye cosmt 90 degrees Now Up ofvectox rotates m opposite duecnm as a funcnon ofnme 3 Circular Polanzanm Special case ofelhpncal polmzanm Em Eye Wave W111 trace a male


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