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Special Reading Topics

by: Ericka Ryan I

Special Reading Topics PHYS 7910

Marketplace > University of Utah > Physics 2 > PHYS 7910 > Special Reading Topics
Ericka Ryan I
The U
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Class Notes
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This 55 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ericka Ryan I on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 7910 at University of Utah taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/230023/phys-7910-university-of-utah in Physics 2 at University of Utah.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Li Na Rb Cs Fr Onlyf 15 lementsaremagnet Ca Ti r V Be sr Ba Ra M Ac 2 Hr Nb39 T3 f39 66 Th Cr 1 Fe Ni Pr Pa TCA Re Nd 0s Pm N9 stateid and elements Rh Pd Pt A9 Go Tl C As39f I Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy H Er T39m 39 5 Pu Am 39 Bk Yb No many ardered 39 I 392 gtlt lt a C V 1 75 w 7 37 w chargedensitywith thefneighbquring ions 39 r Magnetib atcms 7 In a js mifd the po t n39tfi al hieis ne SphericaI 7 39Cubgic tingx4iA 134 1 Z4 1 1dimensional syStemglm v0 2 39 Origth of the c39ry talfield eiectro39static 39 39 2 cubic envimnmentst octahedfalLahdtetrah39edral In octahedral environmentxy Orbital is lower inanergy 39 q 1 l y Spin39orbit 36 le ctfon39sflesstlocaliiedlthan 4f 4f quot 39n 3diltgtnslicrYStalfield quenched g 105 C rf latioh energy gt 39 V Crystai Ilfi ldt I gt Spinforbit v 7 quot 39 39 39 spin rbitcouplingfa124quotlargerin 4f g Spins orbit f Orbiftfal redugedlqr f gtgt ln14fi ns spineorb itfgti ryStal field the is 39 sap aitt i byecrrystar eldI ll 1 f 39 crystai fi eid c r yst a eld is sta tem wtipl t 39 A I For I 394SBgt0lt4f2 Pray 1 lt7 i2 f39 r 39Jz 0 39 39 39 39 1 i 39 Ground staiej g 39 39 x w gt 39 39 39 39 H Crystal 39flii39e Id39fdr 3d 39 lc39ubi39c crystal figId I y awqu y4zg d 39rb 3938 areisplfitt d and997 IOD LIL E eg Iv39Fimng fthed rbit lSfdllowi39ng r 391stHund svruIes g j gt 1 39Wave gg tate g 721ng x L Diago lal matrix of La vanish othin 39 a gtVf reduCeldgtgt orbital moment Inn cubiic39symme tWIbfbital magnetismis ith rq reducej d tz39g L is39jhdtgiven thu nd s ru39laie quot Spihqirbiti wplingiisf a Smaller effect quot 1 H 39 singleiron anis tmw due tocrystal39field f 3d spin oirbii39t oupnng i39sjfa pertu39maticn quot 39 39 39 ltounogt ogtltouxtsmgt ow 32 Order perturbation1 I w V I E0 I iHigh er Ofderterm sinhighslymmetry A Energy d ep39 nd39scnj thedirection pf 5 39 ijefiDzzWi th D gt0 0r lt0 L AE 39 f 7 Order ef magnitude for cubic 3d metalsgi afew 1 39 39 V H I i gt 1930K I AI 1 Rare earth icing simiiar farm 39 I A 39 A4 v A3 39 HighshimI avvspin39statesyuransuion metals 1 I ExamhlieofFezd6confi9urationin a cryst lfielq quot 4 small crystal fie39ldaHund s gtS22 T T 39 f tum gt quot 39arg quotVS tquot elds ail 129 states are filled quot I 39 high spin 99 b 39 mm 13t Hunws ruieyfis 1 l LeeWei CV 4 75 70M K We WW lucrf c KamaQ emWomwri BC MATcu WmuaW39km oi L Tzz O bume M PCJJ W ml CM39 I mW shwme 7wm0L Ts gwgih uz 0 40L MY 7Wer PHI4 s W of 47W 78 go 7m 404 30340 wage L E Laura05 u va 7LDW015 VueLs m rmarw m meg 5 M Wag a imam agmg ma WWW fig mafiaQ9 gel 0 T 7 le amp r I 7 A 3 J Z 2 OC l leaQ 3AMI YOUij W M We QAMr LawMd le g7fj El g Q w g zw l EA fz an Va 7 N m I SW9 Stny gt W r2 k LIZ k szzyz 2 AW Sa anzkp r 77 a 77 4V sm wagef39 Aquot WL F Wig W 1 2 42 3 Via y2gt y r 2 639yquot g L 2quot 2 NE zwz 3Q W L 39 W V A V V V ElSNQ CmIQOmV T 51 25 W M rt 3512 0 yi quot 5 Z zquoty2 75 6 0 W H 66729 t Z 222X2y V46 V l5 3 39 swam 3w L W 2 Fl 39 Hag rfr4ve e39 3 U 46 Environments V s39 5 M Fig 31 The angular distribution of the s p and d orbitals The dz and dx2y2 levels are grouped together and called the e g levels The dxy39 dxz and dyz levels are grouped together and called the tzg levels The dzz orbital is sometimes referred fo as d3z2r2 Fig 32 A metal atom M in an a octahedral and b tetrahedralenvironment The octahe dral environment is found in many transition 39 metal oxides where oxygen anions sit on the 39 corners of an octahedron with the metal atom 39 at the centre The tetrahedral environment can be conveniently described by considering alternate comers of a cube as shown H I To VIZw WIN LL Ma paw Wt AXE Mow601 9 ixlvng 7 My cg m MM W4 4 away Cem xcbzr Mic p4 wlumyzS W CLO WMJSeCf 0M r iOMOIO Oi40 MAJ 00ik J a V 1 wlnuz t B Maguan Gama JcLa waijrtk w K V W V 20 0 00 LAAVDM 5 Vrw t 39 I I V i tueo SQLixgtz taz21 W JIQJCQieF I 2X rt 25 r2 191 l2h 2 4 2 r1 1 gt YZ 7 73 quot HAL r39 may Series1Sqrtl 2x xquot2 y z zquot21S 391rt1 2x x 2 yquot2 39zquot2 L 1Sqrt1 2y xquot2 y 2 2A2 1Sqrt1 2y xquot2 yAz 2421 lSqrtl 22 2 2 yquot2 zquot2 1Sqrt1 22 xquot2 y 2 2 2 x 0 4 y 0 4 2 O 4 FullSimplifyHt amp Normal Expand 7x4 21 x2172 45x4 2 7y4 45 x2 3465 24 21 x2 z2 gt 2 2 8 2 e 22 2 45 x4 2 21 y2 22 135 45 y4 2 20 475 7 24 45 x2 4 y2 22 X4 4 z2 2 2 8 32 2 8 3465 x4 24 45 y2 20 475 2 4 3465y4 z4 20475 4 4 155 925 4 y z y z y 24 3 32 2 32 32 6 g ugw H ltX231X1LUzzgt 00 owns 6 j 5V 039mm MAJ Q14 3221gtLE val 39X 75 72V ZXZJZ I 2XZ272 L 7 2amp6 Xzalwb xZ 21 3172 g H Ly 27gt 0 V 6EQH3V2U v33 31quot QV3V2 gt C ilgt 437144 v rL W 2 f J XHUV2 V39 21 V9 2 ig vay29 ra I 7 3 f 393 21 0r mmwaa cg Mg mi W L e many H f r o 0L Ms Ts pmM palman WM 3 Mwy ywws 9i waxy CV MJA w MW In M WTWS W39s VCT BM ms u k may w k VCVWCD 6V3Yi Pf r9 me obzr Vlr a whv a4 w w ALWVLC J Zwos 04L Mai0m L 2 3 g JWVRJ E WWWM q X7772V rl gg wm PWF 5 1439 97 9 i e WqLe W L 5 46779 3 a V5 Qg So a 6 6l wefw XML9 39 Wm 41mm 4 301 was walz ymwib WWW 591 32 6 gt2 9H0 Viz IS iiz P z 3 v i 9ft 6 I A 4 r N gt mvl7L guy Law 2 mt5P IW L69 M j gj 9 i2 w x i 1 7 in t 2 5M9 6 310 Emz EE30394 27 9 Mama Mb 232 gtZ K4235 7 a 9k E m we i2gt alw 7 l s 32 M 6676i k k A 42er H gt 39 E W e f uk 10gt w wzm Hivb L2 uwe ks 6W4 Mg m i dgt gtgt IJ Z W Fm T5 6443 v10 560 New v Agerww39wm 5 WM I WWW QT 5 490 7w 49 a M gt lt11IJgt N S a My 5 5e J quot m am r P i4 ogt lt 1Vl i2 4 L gt 79 Z 2 WI lt21V 2gt lt2vzgt up Vzrz SAM rquot 43 ME IN 9amp9 39rlqu M l mllgs lt4 VG l in HM sixmmw Eur i lV wmd Mdquot fw ziQU z WLW MW0 90050 V 1 9 0 WWW 2 e 00 N in 739 4 gaglt9 2 we 2 jpirrquot 125 jaw delSmg mg 0 0 Wmh r 0 Mi m can we cx aiiL F law W var Bit sm 92m sz 1 7ft 319 we WW 6 k3 V z L 3 30 P6 ll53 8 0 9 e 3quot 7 449 gam fl9 39 2247 5 I Llquot 39 29 I l 2 VA1 5dr r r izlr 3 5A grAggMB 451M2 j mq984gt3 3934 Vow Sm w 3121 9 SOTKP flame m291gtz gmqam99 0o 5 01V r E22 ED 1 we Lowe W wakcggt a H Dme 9a VZVLZMZ QL 0lt 2771 Z E I V414 V 44 12 1029 In 2 OZ 2 23 15 4 LEE Vivi W 31 oz 2w gag Hi DewL MS Mew 1V2 2 2104 gt5147 Lu Mfume jg 0M0 45 4 m QWVM Me 1 139 14 aefuwmua 7244 3MJ IUM UWUAMSI J 634me 6gt 131 14gt 14gt 102 gym I 5A 4394 QA vim L5A llquot MWJFC UeZs W m 34194 EfZIYL g7 eEme 3 3V Maw 53 WB of Bz Z BW w V A 2 0 a 0 5A 7 8V O 44Lx O o o WLFJZ for Mi 6A B 2 g 0 444 LM 5A 0 0 0 A 2A 5 x f twvwamp q M fv 31 0 I A2L 0 0 0 5397 39 I 0 LIAEv D 0 O 1 1 Ir 39 9 o 0 m 0 o uLx ex42 L 1gtv 414 0 524 g g 0 A zLgt Z nr gt r 5A 0 iA39HV D o o 0 614 v 2 L 0 b o WokL H z LY 3quotNvMA 5A o o 0 WM 1 SA AAZVL2 LAVA 2S4 614 6A EMMA MZ39HLZ 2971 G gt 4LZ2 A1 Z 7 quot 2amp1 Q 4 mm 4 M54 1 ma 213 54 LA 2 5 41 t M 7 6A j 0 LO LA39 14 bB L l s B 22 VQAquot2JB w 474 A 6rqu 17gt MEN L 2 69 qwuww AN 4 1w T44 A amp6 Cm ch mwal Kg Cazfew le scafkr 39 Cf am yum901 Way3w 04 M 011 I 71 4 4 390 Noll C 94w WT T gtgt4 r76 94 L 52 TQM 0 i4 ampampCF7Wa cj does o 3A5 L W 7 7 N quot 2A5 s A r E A free I 235 free 3135 on quotquotquot I VI quotquotquot I h 4 tzg 10H 69 V I r I gt 39 I l x 39 v 39 Fig 34 The crystal eld in an a octahedral octahedral 39 quot 39 39 tetrahedral and b tetrahedral envirohment OwQH WQ qmm A WYLSW o4 3 Hm 0rqu FL 0 mg WW CF gtgt SW oma Mk w HOME 94 a was mu W HI 9 onvwwaaoQ m g 39Tws SJ 913 8ampMMIC RevMa Lu L Z al9w v7laxe quotshite 014 4 JLVJUM m Wm may Wu up We gay 9439 SWWMQ WM MOIf a 393 h L 2 i 1 0214 2 am A AJL W3 aLc JSJMLC as ml 3H dquLe I I 1X 5 33 are wageded 7 69 40111 Wf z La HMS ang cMS J J 43 39L3y eg 4 mgr 9 Myawm Wadi4 L30 sJ J c W61 Li Lv rm ga z X22 cm MIL Le st wmd U111 nggz 513 fa WHFH ML IMF4x Jwaluwlr m mom J7L7LLL frme 9quotan 75 va a g Mak 65 WW 061M KL M wad1W gt75 LVWVTlcm 1 rLag WI W 7 FM 7 WWW s myI M 25 WE Jr f WV iw xfM 75 Faan MaWU 77 YILI gt 0 3 6395 812574731 Jxe 8L 43 2 L PS Q P A 1501A 7 are w WW rQrJWQ m W Iuw 3 queue Led y H w m W l I 3 C h UP39inigvtdthe Iat ti39c d39efdrmatiion39 lf39ofbita i graund Stat i degenerate then awying39 ergy by erstal distortia his possible 39 39 39 Exampl39i39eg electmn in a distorded cubic fi ebldiii T j J f U Tetragonal distortion remoVes the 39 39 SEW s 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h My 59 3 WE W C Z dag y M3 0 39 CL ero f E L 2 7 I Me 7 zwmzhquot i ii 395 LEiw WSCz 2 IMGLZW 2 7180 CLVL WWI V 39 V r d C 39 I 2 M EW 139 i 39 W A 1 I 3 3061 39 EV Elm 393H 3S H O 139 z gt A39 71 WT n n nf rmrwpprv 39 LQ H39 quoti j Uuafu v p SynLI 91quot 564951 6Py w 6 ac J gt 39 lquot6 Woa wes dearLuff I 63 9 mm M g M 2V Wooum LzrmUquot L 7 18 9 E L L 3 2r T In Mrg J o L gt a 1 g C Caz a a B i e L in 5 Moira gt Ma a145 a Majudm mwacfs Luz 44 Him939 4 gt any5 gt z I v g H o M39gtB L 2m 7 gt a gt M zi quot 5 5quot 27 3 975 1410quot Z pa 6 wgf lz A VIM 2rme 3 3 23quotquot 2V 7quot L Mi 57 B CAIM76 4L ame nub We 75 MVL WM39JVFA 1 own comea w ydfA quot W5 D racr 039 e a A quot7 39 339 L t r S L 261 For Lagdxboeyw jxw Awmzq f alum 6 301 Fear Wowwu lt mggt V F 643 LU Dew gt A V 2 1 30 hams aka quot W New 1er a ecz grain mst 439 a Mad69 MAM3912 WW 7 3 Q q q 4 B E XGU E 47 0F Ta l gvncfeoflvfc C A df0 19 aw gu e EXAM1 12 iv r I Y Ar 3 gt 3 39 E J VWL MVX FZL Av L V r 0739 Y 9 Wat F X 712quot M E L 75g Yquot H7 9 2 B 6 L m r3 M gt a 399 9 H I g i6 ngMm Coughk 69m MNK 9 9 W DAV 5 H50 1 0C Em A quot AA Sumx T ewe WotLs TIA Wlownmuw resec e WM 75 9 Mm wTHA We T MOP TM mug 4746 w39nLL g MA NOTE MLIgtgt 57 29 W202 Pg fst HSOQMZKJH 3 x4 e rh M 394 A Lita 91L WW W w Hbm w 6 0 394 S gkrMM w l JA I so Mai SI lt0 2 j Ls 1 AW IAgt ZZH i MWM 39 39 r11 5 1ng I 7 may quot7 H60 Z7 0 858 Z 9 413951 Z d 4 47 r 6Lhl W M 61 As t A M mhfgu JimmUVW an qTvw y em waa ZpxgepyLmu gm W h 4 11 MM 2 W 3 pr l VtVH t 34947 3 2 MS 1 gt I 39 3 Sb S R 091 W Mlth 237 m4q m Mm 7 f 0 939 0lt o quot HSO as 23 HMO Oz 1 OZ yy pawvm W W SM M 1 o4 291 D WTM AgtQ 5 12 93 W 6ng 5W H50 My r 0 Wise LSzo wwfe 950 Oam H quotMquot 7 Hwaa r750 ugt2t olt Z Jots ark H 7 WMamp W vLqwsnw Xaviwew A964 392 WM AAi i c Afann S 4 quot57 quot 9 4 S J S 3 Vb ZS 9 4 3 9 04 X 339 r S H50 25 5 29 L 5 Wm i lt o 0 A 5 MW 39 2g W 0 WWW Svlavle M 3 am i atW Ls gt0 gt 3 Ls hm 77X rM149 HUM 3V9 Vu I W T I L l 06w n 4 37 3quot IL er Vt 1 2 aha7 gar Mr www 40 7M Memu 75 ux 2 11 1 03 svwm 6 MD as W and Ag4 Asiawit Marvinx 9k ute Wynne 650 Chapter 31 Diamagnetism and Paramagnetism When a solid contains some ions with partially fi EiEectronic shel ls its magnetic behavior is very diiTerent Before we can apply the general result 3120 to this case we must review the basic facts about the lowlying states of such ions v cRoUND sTATE OF IONS WITH A P ARriALLY FILLED SHELL HUND S RULES 39 Suppose we have a free16 atom or ion in which all electronic shells are lled or empty except for one whose oneelectron levels are characterized by orbital an gular momentum I Since for given I there are 21 1 values I can have I I l I 2 l and two possible spin directions for each 2 such a shell will contain 221 l oneelectron levels Let n be the number of electrons in the shell with 0 lt it lt 221 1 If the electrons did not interactwith one another the ionic ground state Would be degenerate re ecting the large number of ways of putting it electrons into more than it levels Hov vevet this degeneracy is considerably though in general not completely lifted by electronelectron Coulomb interactions as well as by the electron spin orbit interaction Except for the very heaviest ions where spinorbit coupling is Very strong the lov yest lying levels after the degeneracy is lifted can be described by a simple set of rules justi ed both by complex calculations and by the analysis of atomic spectra Here we shall simply state the rules since we are more interested in their implications for the magnetic prOperties of solids than in their Underlying justi cation 7 l Russel Saunders Coupling To a good approximation13 the Hamiltonian of the atom or ion can be taken to commute with the total electronic spin and39orbital angular momenta S and L as well as with the total electronic angular momentum J L 8 Therefore the states of the ion can be described by quantum numbers L Li S S J and J2 indicating that they are eigenstates of the operators L2 L 2 32 J2 and J2 With eigenvalues LL 1 L1 SS 1 S2 JJ l and J2 respectively Since lled shells have zero orbital spin and total angular momentum these quantum numbers describe the electronic con guration of the partially lled shell as well as the ion as a whole 2 Hun d s First Rule Out of the many states one can form by placing n electrons into the 22l 1 levels of the partially lled shell those that lie lowest in energy have the largest total spin S that is consistent with the exclusion principle To see what that value is one notes that the largest Value S can have is equal to the largest magnitude that S can have if it lt21 1 all electrons can have parallel Spins without multiple occupation of any oneelectron leVel in the shell by assigning them levels with different values of 2 HenceS 41 when n S 21 1 When n 2l 4 1 15 We shall discuss how the behavior of the free atom or ion is modi ed by the crystalline environment on pages 656 659 17 The rules are discussed in most quantum mechanics texts See for example L D Landau and E M Lifshitz Quantum Mechanics Addison Wesley Reading Mass 1965 i 39 l 13 The total angular momentum J is always a good quantum number for an atom or ion but Land S are good quantum numbers only to the extent that spinorbit coupling is unimportant Hund s Rules 651 S has its maximum value 1 5 Since electrons after the Zl 39391th are required by 39 the exclusion principle to have their spins opposite to the spins of the rst 21 l S is reduced from its maximum value by hair a unit tor each electron atter the 21 1th 3 Huml s Second Rule The total orbital angular momentum Lof the lowest lying states has the largest value that is consistent with Hund s rst rule and with the exclusion principle To determine that value one notes that it is equal to the largest magnitude that szcan have Thus the rst electron in the shell will go into a level with lzl equal to its maximum Value I The second according to rule 2 must have the same spin as the rst and is therefore forbidden by the exclusion principle from having the same value of 2 The best it can do39is to have 1239 l 1 leading to a total L of l l 1 21 1 Continuing in this way if the shell is less than half lled we will have L l l l 39 i l n 1 When the shell is pre cisely half lled all Values of I must be assumed and therefore L 0 The second half of the shell is lled with electrons with spin opposite to those in the rst half 39 r and therefore the exclusion principle allows us again to go through the same series of values for L we traversed in lling the rst half 4 Hzmd s Third Rule The rst two rules determine the values of L and S assumed by the states of lowest energy This still leaves 2L lZS 1 possible states These can be further classi ed according to their total angular momentum J which according to the basic rules of angular momentum composition can take on all integral values between L S and L S The degeneracy of the set of 2L l2 1 states is lifted by the spinorbit coupling which within this set of states can be represented by a term in the Hamiltonian of the simple form ML 8 Spinorbit coupling will favor maximum J parallel orbital and spin angular momenta if A is negative and minimum J antiparallel orbital and spin angular momenta if xl is positive As it turns out A is positive for shells that are less than half lled and negative for shells that39are more than half lled As a result the value J assumes in 39 the states of lowest energy is 39 J IL SI nltt21 1 J L quotS It 2 21 l 3129 39 In magnetic problems one usually deals only with the set of 2L 1ZS 1 states determined by Hund s rst two rules all others lying so much higher in energy as to be of no interest Furthermore it is often enough to consider only the N 1 lowest lying of these speci ed by the third rule V v The rules are easier to apply than their description might suggest indeed in determining the lowest lying Jmultiplet known as a term for ions in a solid one really encounters only 22 cases of interest I to 9 electrons in a l shell l 2 or 1 toll3 electrons in an f shell l 319 For unfortunate historical reasons the groundstate multiplet in these cases is not describedby the simple triad of numbers 9 Partially llecl pshclls contain valence electrons and invariably broaden into bands in the solid Thus the con guration of the electrons they contain in the solid is in no sense a slight distortion of the Con guration in the free atom and the analysis of this chapter is inapplicable 39 iii if its a r39 if at 3511 652 Ch a pter 3 l Diam agnetismandllaramagnetism 39 v SLJ Instead the orbital angular momentum L is given39by a letter according to I the hallowed spectroscopic Code 0123456 XSPDFGHI The spin is speci ed by af xing the number ZS 1 known as the multiplicity to the letter as asuperpre x and only J is given as the number J af xed as a right subscript Thus the lowest lying J multiplet is described by the symbol 23 Xi The cases of major interest for the study of magnetism in solidsare given in Table 312 Table 312 I v f I GROUND STATES OF iONS WITH FAR l iALLY FILLEB 1 OR jLSH39EL39LS As CONsTR UCTED39 FROM HUNb s RULES 3130 when i 2 4 n I 39 39 I L 21 QwaNomwww l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 f Shell z 3 b H T2 12 0 1 2e3 K1 lt lt lt m 1T 1 it it LT lt1lt gt gt lt lt Ommaammcmmmmmw SSS gt y gt gt lt lt Squ he quotT spin spin s EBA MAME 3Q V EC MM Pa CO M 22 34 H52 3amp1Lisz 30154 3M BdgllABd QS Wslgdi qg LJJq cWtsz H V K t l Mk amp OM30 Let L Mo gal Luz 9K Edatil Qm 32 0LVMQ 62 0 55 35 L zed j gaugo J 1 2 0 2 K 1 4 LT 392quot 2 97 2932 W 1 F 3 FILM Z 3F2 3 If T T 52 3 32 232 Lt IT T T F 2 2 0 EDD L 3 Ir 4 T 7 I 572 0 92 697 2 A N T T T 2 2 q SDLl 3r M M r T 3L 3 072 LIP Z 5 N N N F 1quot 4 3 LBS L 3 1 1 1 2 2052 to w M m M m o o 0 50 25 Yr 9re vceca39rc XI v X l Z EA f g L 5 WDNFQ H I Q 552 EwanCc Cem yumkow 1 462 231 ZIP 332 31 390 43 Ogt MM 5322 2 22 4 2e Lo H 2 m qu s Cw W WW mag MM m Cuz 9546 gt 3019 gtgt EE Tg 12 MN gm 73 m L20 gag nk Miro jugaw Ls 5 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