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HIST 102

by: jcriollo Notetaker

HIST 102 102

jcriollo Notetaker
GPA 3.624

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About this Document

This week's notes focus on Symbolism and the effects it had within the community of people. It is important to note that there are many artists that developed thorughout this time and that created ...
Evol Wst Idea/Inst Sn 17C
David Dennis
Class Notes
History Symbolism
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by jcriollo Notetaker on Friday March 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 102 at Loyola University Chicago taught by David Dennis in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Evol Wst Idea/Inst Sn 17C in History at Loyola University Chicago.


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Date Created: 03/25/16
A piece called “Steps in Snow” is able to clearly symbolize the journey of going through the snow because of the way Debussy musically portrayed it. Debussy was given an impressionist label and he felt insulted by it. He felt that people didn’t think he was original when writing his music. His goal was to replicate what he heard and translate it into his music. He believed he was doing something more and instead of being part of Impressionism, he associated himself with Symbolism. His music included times from the Revolution of the impressionists while also including some aspects of the Romanticism Age which allowed the audience to fully get the experience of nature once again. He was interested in both poetry and art and focused on capturing the feelings behind these pieces rather than the whole picture. The Father of the new Symbolist movement was Baudelaire. His mother re-married to a French military officer, who he didn’t get along with, which eventually led conflict to increase. His stepfather wanted him to go to law-school or have a career that would lead him to be fully successful, but Baudelaire decided to immerse himself in the arts instead. He had a love towards Romanticism and was art critiquing it, but then he discovered Realism and socialist politics which led him to change his focus. He became very interested in painting men in a Realist style and when Impressionism emerged he was able to fully grasp it. He decided to combine all aspects of Realism, Impressionism, and Romanticism together in order to better understand his soul and focus more on his surroundings. Because he does this, he creates the Symbolism movement. His work mainly focuses on modern imagery and he looks for symbols that will correspond to the human soul. He believed that artificial things better represented humans since they were able to manipulate it to make them look beautiful. For example, he was very fascinated by the make-up women used and how they were able to transform themselves to look more beautiful, which eventually led him to use make-up on himself. Not only that, but he mixed classical metaphors in order to fully embody himself in the Symbolism movement. He was much more free with material and was always thinking of ways to use symbols to communicate with different set of emotions. His way of thinking shares a Freudian psychology and begins sharing on deep self-analysis by drawing on imagery. He wanted to shock the bourgeoisie and he was able to do so by the amount of openness he had towards emotions. He created a dandy personality for himself and held the stereotypical “artist” look and characteristics. He dressed in scarves in bright colors and had green hair which allowed him to portray a typical Rococo thrift shop. He meditated and wrote poetry on his free time just like the Romantics would. Since he was a symbolist, he did things that would allow him to stand out and have a complete psychological rebellion to the middle-class life. Nadar, a photographer, took many photographs of famous artists and also took pictures of the patterns of skulls. He became even more known, when he went in a balloon and took an aerial view on the views of the city. He wanted to show the city in a bizarre way and wanted to show the night life in the city. Photographs of Baudelaire were also taken by him which led him to become even more popular. Nadar became involved in many affairs with woman of color and prostitutes. He believed he was able to escape the normal state of mind by doing drugs and alcohol which would lead him to write in a clearer manner and also understand himself a lot better. He concluded, that by taking part in drugs and alcohol, it just led his mind to become cloudy and disoriented. The term “mad artist” came into place and was given to all the artists that were very talented. Artists like Schuman and Wilde, end up going mad when their career further develops and leads them to stop creating artwork altogether, even with the great talent they held. A famous French poet, Rimbaud, was very troubled at a young age but did his most famous pieces when he was in the ages of 15 through 18. Reflection: A lot of the artwork during this time was very amazing and was able to clearly portray the things that were going around people’s surrounding during the time. A particular painting 08-Symbol_Beardsley_Salome-Climax.jpg was able to show a very intricate pattern and demonstrated very distinct ways of people being affectionate with one another. People who took part of this artwork were very popular and appreciated for the type of artwork they did. This artwork showed some sort of symbolism, while others were stranger. The piece 08-symbol_Redon_Smiling-Spider.jpg was very interesting to see, but it didn’t seem to hold a type of meaning. Different types of artwork are appreciated by different types of people, however because this artwork, Baudelaire was able to evolve himself and other people while making them appreciate the artwork. Photography started becoming more popular during this time and I believe that the introduction of this was great because it allowed other people to fully immerse themselves in the beauty around them. Questions: Were people against that Nadar wanted to capture the aerial view of the city? If so, what did people do to show this? Was Symbolism still involved with the Impressionist ways of thinking or was it no longer part of it? Were artists mad that they were given the phrase “mad artist”? FORUM #15B The poetry Baudelaire wrote was differently structured and the rules his poetry held were more flexible, therefore making it more hard to follow. Correspondence, was his most famous poem and was revolved around the history of European literature. Free-verses began with this poem. This poem began by describing pillars and temples and the last words of this line gave off a positive vibe which led to a change of structure in the poem. The break through of Science is mentioned within the first two lines and also gives off an interest in how the mind works and how it can be irrational at times. By doing this, hints of the Romanticism Age are given off. As it continues, the poem starts interpreting how we gather information from our personal lives. It is interpreted that usually our memories are very cloudy and unclear. It concludes by displaying ways in which information can be gathered and how sometimes the gathered information is not enough and needs to be thought into more. This poem gives us the idea that we have to do things on our own without following a path that has been taken before. Another famous poem is To the Reader. This poem mainly focuses on how men are working and judging others depending on the amount of women they sleep with at night. Baudelaire makes sure to accuse them for hypocrisy and for not taking responsibility for the things they have done, and for not realizing that they also have impulses. Baudelaire wants us to realize that all of us have this personality and that we hold a certain instinct when we are faced with impulses. Baudelaire wrote a poem that applies to the Realist which was Hymn to Beauty. He emphasizes on how beauty needs to be redefined and how he wants to find words in order to describe how images describe states of mind. Extreme words are put together within this poem and because of this we are able to see what artists are trying to strive for, which is beauty. Baudelaire only cares if things are beautiful or not and focuses on the things around him in order for his boredom not to take place. There were hidden emotions within his poems and it usually revolved around people suffering. His poems faced censorship and was even sued for blasphemy because of non-openness of sexuality within the society. A Martyr, was the poem that particularly got him in trouble due tot the amount of violence and sexuality it held. He believed that his poetry needed to address situations that would lead people to take extremes. By not reaching this drive, he believed people would become suppressed and have issues that would torment their souls. The poem The Flower of Evil was sued for blasphemy and Baudelaire even had to leave the country. He uses symbols in order to further describe the situation of the poem and he is able to amazingly give some good imagery when doing this. Jewels was another poem that focused on sexual arousal and then he focused on using symbols once again in order to describe his feelings. Another poem called Twilight: Daybreak, was able to illustrate the type of pain and emotions people go through when they are faced with harsh situations. He provides a combination of the type of smells, sights, and sounds he goes through in order to give a good perspective towards the reader and also give a dark feeling when using his words. A lot of Baudelaire’s poems discuss emotions people go through and usually focus on the motives men and women have that has lead them to act in certain ways. He believes that if we are not open about our sexual drive it will lead us to become both violent and oppressed. He would sometimes write in a dark and gloomy manner while other times he would write in a cheery manner. Symbolism within his poetry is not as clear anymore since it is not referring to the city anymore. Artists would paint things in the real- world because it psychologically connected them to their minds. A painting called Ophellia done by Verdon portrayed how she, herself, lost her mind and how because of love she was driven to suicide. Other painitngs were similar to illustrate negative things going on around their surroundings just like Verdon did. Reflection: I found it quite interesting to see that any people were neutral about the creation of poetry. It is great to see how poetry developed and how different symbols are being added within in order to make it more meaningful. I think it is important to realize that this triggered the creation of poetry and how people were able to describe their feelings within their writing by using intricate meanings or using the senses in order to bring meaning to their poem. A lot of the poetry Baudelaire wrote was very sexual and sometimes even violent. He wasn’t so straight up and didn't describe it in a negative way, but instead described it as something enjoyable. He hit on different emotions one might feel when going through negative emotions and I think this was quite clever of him. I loved how he was so adventurous on the amount of things he added within his poem and I really like the amount of symbols he was able to include in his poem. Questions: Did people react negatively to the poetry Baudelaire wrote? Were people inspired by the type of poetry Baudelaire wrote or were they disgusted? Did this poetry allow people to have a change of mindset of what their likes and dislikes were?


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