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Organic Chemistry II

by: Marianne Rippin I

Organic Chemistry II CHEM 2320

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Marianne Rippin I
The U
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marianne Rippin I on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 2320 at University of Utah taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/230034/chem-2320-university-of-utah in Chemistry at University of Utah.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY CHEM 2320 Course Syllabus Spring Semester 2006 Course website address course information lecture notes handouts review questions tests extra homework and answers httpwebctutahedu Instructor Bub Carlson Office HEB 1340 Phone please use email Email mcarlsonchemutahedu Office Hours I am normally on campus from 8 7 4 and you are welcome anytime after 930 My class schedule is on my door You can sign up for an appointment on my door or just stop by Class Times MWRF 835925 am room HEB 2008 Quizzes and hour exams will normally be given alternate Thursdays For extra time on hour exams work can begin as early as 730 am Wednesday class periods before tests will be review sessions Thursday class periods with no scheduled tests will be discussion sessions T 835925 am HEB 2004 extra weekly help session Bub Carlson There will also be three additional supplemental instruction sessions per week by SI instructor at times to be determined after the first week of class SI instructor Mark Darnmann markdammann2hotmail com The Supplemental Instruction Program called SI for short is offered in this course to provide organized study sessions These sessions are free and open to all students in the course and are led by an undergraduate who has done well in this subject area Your SI leader will be attending classes reading the material and doing any relevant assignments to be prepared for the SI sessions The purpose of SI is to see that each of you has the opportunity to do as well as you would like to in this course In SI sessions we will review organize and clarify the material from lectures teach you ways to develop effective study skills for this course and help you prepare for exams Your SI leader will schedule 3 meetings per week convenient to the majority of your schedules Attendance is voluntary and you may attend as many or as few sessions as you like To help us determine the best times to offer SI and to assess your learning goals for SI please complete the 5 minute online survey in the next couple of days The online survey can be accessed at www 39 html It is important for the effectiveness of SI that you complete the survey Even if you are uncertain whether you will use SIa please complete the survey in case you decide to use SI later in the semester At the end of the semester please complete the postsurvey also accessed at www J 39 39 39 html to provide us with feedback on your experience with SI Your comments are valued and important to our ability to provide you with effective SI sessions that meet your needs Let us know what worked well and what you would change Prerequisites No students should take Chem 2320 without a C or better in Chem 2310 Texts Organic Chemistry eighth edition by Solomons and Fryhle Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry eighth edition by Solomons Fryhle and Johnson Lecture Topic and Test Schedule and Reading Assignments Date Lecture Topic Reading Assignment Jan 9 Introduction infrared spectroscopy theory 7987 1 1 irexamples 12 nmrtheory chemical shift integration 383397 13 nmrcoupling 397406 18 nmranalysis and sample spectra 13C nmr 406418 19 Discussion session 20 Mass spectroscopy 418439 23 A11y1ic substitution Dienes 577596 25 Review session 26 Quiz 1 chaps 216 9 27 Visibleultraviolet spectroscopy 596603 30 the DielsAlder reaction Conjugate addition 604616 Feb 1 Aromatic compounds 622653 2 Discussion session 3 Electrophilic aromatic substitution 664678 6 Substituent effects on EAS 679692 8 Review session 9 Quiz 2 chaps 131511 10 Arene diazonium replacement reactions 963972 Mar Apr 13 15 16 17 17 19 20 21 24 26 Aromatic sidechain reactions Review session Hour Exam I chaps 9 131511 207209 Aldehydes and ketones Nomenclature Synthesis of aldehydes and ketones Discussion session Acetals and hemiacetals Imines and enamines Review session Quiz 3 chap 1512716 1617 Cyanohydrins the Wittig reaction Acidity of xhydrogens the Aldol condensation Enolate reactions the Robinson annulation Discussion session Carboxylic acids Nomenclature Acidity Acid preparations Nucleophilic acyl substitution Review session Hour Exam II chaps 151216 1617 Acyl chlorides anhydrides Esters Lactones Amides Lactams Discussion session Proteins Derivatives of carbonic acid the Claisen condensation Review session Quiz 4 Ch 18 Alkylations of 0Lcarbons the Stork Enamine Reaction Amines Basicity Hormones and neurotransmitters Preparation of amines Discussion session Classi cation tests of amines Reactions of amines alkaloids Review session Hour exam III chaps 1821 Carbohydrates Polysaccharides enzymes Review session 693709 716720 720731 731738 738743 743761 769790 791804 813823 823828 829832 832838 838845 846877 878885 885912 940954 954961 962976 977999 10721102 1102111112001208 28 Final Exam 8001000 scheduled can work 7001100 Chaps 216 9 1325 Important Dates Last day to dropdelete class Jan 19 Last day to withdraw Feb 4 Homework assignments Solomons and Fryhle Organic Chemistry Answers to these problems will be found in the Study Guide and Solutions Manual Supplemental homework and reView questions will also be handed out in class and some will be only posted on the web answers to these will be posted on the web and placed in the library Jan 13 912 8 31 23 133 4 30 131115 24 29 31 9 10 36 33 opt 34 opt Feb 1 144 5 16 ah 1828 3 153 5 6 7ac 6 15914 26 27 10 1519 29 ae hk 31 32 201114 26 a c f m 31 ap 13 1515 17 18 19 29 ae hk 31 32 17 1623 22 163 4 omit c e 29 ac 30 24 16911 Mar 3 1617 6 172 3 79 8 1713 19 21 22 2426 28 omit d l g 29 omit d l h 30 omit b h 31 a b 36 ac 10 172426 181 20 186 7 24 182024 omit b 27 1825 26 10 11 29 1829 14 15 16a 2931 Apr 3 1916 7 198 15 26 omit a 27 22 10 2021 omit e f i l o 22 omit f g m n 1 12 204 5 7 8 23 24 14 2027 a c 28 29 32 17 2015 16 18 20 30 ah Point distribution for course Quizzes 7 4 25 100 Hour exams 7 3 100 300 Final exam m 600 Examination Policy There are no makeup quizzes or exams Under certain circumstances students may take tests early or late All tests will be given on Thursdays and returned the following Monday in class Any student taking a test late must do so before they are returned in class Come to HEB 1340 Friday or before 815 Monday morning to take the missed test Any student who misses a test will receive a 0 Errors unfortunately do occur on grading of tests Always carefully check your test with the key located on the course website or on reserve in the library Questions about grading of an exam or quiz should be submitted before the next quiz or exam Do not write on the test or it may not be acceptable for regarding Anyone caught cheating on an exam or quiz will be referred to the Dean for disciplinary action and should expect to receive an F in the course Final grade distribution by percentage of total points Deals 90100 A 50619 C 85899 A 45499 C 80849 B 40449 D 75799 B 35399 D 70749 B 30349 D 62699 C below 30 F At the end of the semester students can make a deal to drop w scorean hour exam a quiz or the quiz totalinot any more The purpose of the deal is to help students who may have had one uncharacteristically low test and to motivate students to study harder for the nal Students can select which score is to be dropped and should hand in their deal on a piece of paper on Monday April 24 when the last hour exam is returned but before 5 pm on Wednesday April 26 the last day of class Keep all your old tests because you will need the scores to make your deal After the score you select is removed calculate a percentage of total remaining points If you earn this percent or better on the nal exam that score is dropped If you fail to earn this percent or better on the nal exam then no score is dropped There is no penalty for failing to achieve the deal The dealpaper you hand in should include your grades the grade dropped and the target percent Also include your email address legible please in case there is an error in your proposed deal Here is an example of the calculation Suppose the following are your test scores and you choose to drop your quiz total Q Q Q Tot HEI HEII HEIII Total Pts 00 Entering Final 10 20 21 14 60 80 71 84 295400 738B 10 20 21 14 x 80 71 84 235300 783B Thus you must get 78 or better on the nal 200 pts to make your deal You may further improve your grade with the nal if you score higher than your deal goal For example suppose the student in the example above gets 81 on the nal a 162 a B This gives 235 162 397 total points or 397500 794 Since 80 is the BB cutoff and the final exam percent was more above the cutoff 1 than the total average was below the cutoff 06 the student will be given the higher grade a B Teaching philosophy and study strategy To do well students should attend class and take very detailed notes You should rely on your lecture notes rather than the text as your primary study resource Lecture notes will be posted on the course website this may not occur for several days after the lecture The topics covered in lectures will follow the same order as the text The lectures will focus on the most important aspects of the material with more emphasis given to the most important points Examples used in lecture will be different from those in the text You will be responsible for everything covered in lecture but not responsible for material that is covered in the text but not in lecture It is not possible to cover all the topics in the text To get most out of the lectures it is recommended you read the text before lecture then reread the text in more detail after the lecture to make sure your understand all concepts The lectures move quite rapidly so reading the text before lecture will improve your comprehension Always go over your lecture notes within a day of the lecture Any reactions covered in Chem 2310 which you need to use in Chem 2320 will be re introduced You are not automatically responsible for all reactions covered in Chem 2310 Be sure to do all the assigned problems and check your answers carefully Before you do any problems rst go over the concept involved and make sure you understand the concept and method for solving the problem Always check the answer to each problem before you go on to the next so that you don t learn and repeat incorrect methods Pay attention to small details because they may be a clue that you don t understand some concepts The answers to text problems are in the study guide and answers to handouts will be both in the library Marriott reserve and on the web Although test questions will be different from assigned problems and lecture examples they will involve the same concepts It is not suf cient to look over examples of solved problems you must practice solving problems yourself Rework any problems you did not get correct on the first attempt before the test It is imperative that you not get behind in the material General chemistry was a review of high school chemistry and covered many different topics which could be approached in any order Organic chemistry is all new material and builds on itself like a foreign language or calculus If you do not understand the basic concepts thoroughly it eventually becomes necessary to compensate by memorizing and there is too much material covered in the course to learn it through memorization If you did not learn the basic material in Chem 2310 you should repeat the course before taking Chem 2320 Do not consider taking chem 2320 with a grade below C in Chem 2310 People who do well in this class are the ones who commit to spending many hours a week necessary to master the material If you find you cannot make the necessary time commitment to get the grade you want you might consider withdrawing from the course and taking it another semester when you can spend more time on it It is recommended you organize the material to facilitate learning The best way to be able to predict products from a set of reaction conditions is to make note cards with reactant written in a general form and conditions on one side and preferred product on the other side The best way to prepare for synthesis problems is to make up preparation sheets organized by functional groups with the same general reactions which were on the note cards A good way to organize mechanisms written in general form is to put similar mechanisms on the same sheet those involving carbocations or in acidic conditions those involving carbanions or in basic conditions and those involving free radicals Many students have been successful in studying with a partner or in a group You can compare class notes with a study partner and come up with an improved set of lecture notes you can discuss homework problems and create additional problems for each other There will be review sessions the day before every test The review discussion and supplementary instruction sessions are an ideal time to clear up any questions you have about the lecture material and homework problems To get the most out of these sessions you should have tried to work all problems beforehand If these sessions do not answer your questions I will be happy to meet with you personally if you are having difficulty and my goal is to help the maximum number of you finish this course with a good grade The Department of Chemistry office HEB 2020 also has a list of students who are willing to work as tutors should you feel you want additional help Supplementary problems will be handed out periodically as well as review questions before every quiz and exam Old tests will also be made available for practice Tests and answers to them will be on reserve in the library and posted on the web Other important points You are responsible for all information and announcements made in lecture If you miss a lecture get notes and all announcements from another student Please do not call your professor with questions about announcements made in class Lectures go fast so be prepared You can read the text in advance of lectures so it will be easier to comprehend concepts Each organic course must cover a standard number of chapters each semester so it is not possible to slow down the lecture pace Fifty minutes will be allotted for quizzes although they should not take more than twenty five minutes to complete Hour exams will be fair but long If you want extra time you can begin as early as 730 It will be necessary to know the material well to be able move quickly and accurately through all the exam questions in a limited amount of time Any student who does not do well on hour exam I is advised to withdraw from the course and to begin again another semester The material on hour exam I is typical of all the concepts which follow It is far preferable to have a W on your transcript than a D or an F Hour exam I will be returned before the deadline for withdrawal The University of Utah seeks to provide equal access to its programs services and activities for people with disabilities If you will need accommodations in the class reasonable prior notice needs to be given to the Center for Disability Services 162 Olpin Union Building 5815020 VTDD CDS will work with you and the instructor to make arrangements for accommodations


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