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Lecture 15 | Chapter 11 | Cell Division 1

by: Mia Michael

Lecture 15 | Chapter 11 | Cell Division 1 Lecture

Marketplace > University of Toledo > Natural Sciences and Mathematics > Lecture > Lecture 15 Chapter 11 Cell Division 1
Mia Michael
Fund of Life Science Bio Cells

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About this Document

These are the notes from the lecture and from a few tutoring sessions I attended afterwards! I did not draw all of the figures but I did give the names so that you can look them up in the book! Bio...
Fund of Life Science Bio Cells
Class Notes
Biology, how life works, cell division, Mitosis, Meiosis, interphase, cell cycles, Science
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mia Michael on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Lecture at University of Toledo taught by Steven,R in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Fund of Life Science Bio Cells in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Toledo.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
WJn1 2na ca Lenore Hslccu mvmdn Y We genes 09 evems mm The Eunqrxgonc 6 Cycle towe pxace m cemcadmg w uS dwsswo mo we can MOMS 9 39tne ceu ncrpha h Wstquot at The nee ot between dwmon s mmrphosc has 3 sunohuses 39 e 139 139 oe39rwuquot end 0 mxxow 2 beq mmg 0 g Phase v S phusti DNA VCQMCCM39QS one ChromgsOMP bi comes 1w O 6 S39rtv Chrom om C Mad 63139 C IOLDZ H V Q CAT15 baf vw quotHf0amp5 Fug x M 93qu he gnaw m quot rm a PM 2 lMItoit vol t cus Than odw dmon a 1mg eukar lo cc CV6 cykomnxz ox achrcw I X ex39 heavens muse cam hquot quot xquot woxc we 7 aquot QquotHGP mutwu v NPr SWH L o 5 H 0quot 39 qr U ChrowSamq gt5 0 4 St 3 039quot roman1d 7 0 F q A DNR cshca 0m Agnew 5 wt Lhromoum e j 5 5g 5 GM Chwmw c enwOMCrG 1 the mo denhcw shew45 9 mm doubu ngtlx m 0L c up CL JAFDMOS ome xi HHer DNA GCMCmCS H S Ommexw W DVOiCUOS To Ofm GCOSC new memer DUan mn os xsn he conesim s rcmovm U voV I j Cnmsowmggwl wmm DNA repucmes am EnTrommc CQubeg j39 made 0 WO Cm ows g mxcvombuw quun1tnq ccnxcr 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q M WutOSLg quot 0 meHM 04 me on E vamw 0 me ms W i A 1 E Pro vcss of eukaryo c cc cV 5 0h quot re Sons m quot 0 new dem39xtcu Lem WC We Saw oq LCWWSomc KWquot amorcs ahaem 1 SV M V Pnd t FOVMS L Wcrow ovscs Shc r Cn s 3 50 Chroma Squawk L m ove ro OYOOSHP nde V39 Chm Mosom cs S rCJp momma S Md WC P quot Wuucs down a A e x PrommOJ39 S V WKW0 3 MMquot Dx crcmes39 510 w upxmd cc quot 4 i x M 08 s hbhgknaus pours amt qu CfOHmQ ov rcwqr Sm l I wxe up m mekkphw 0 0 Thanh ms 1Cn6hc stersuy 93 s 1 hean 9V de 35 a OYHV r 3939 3 Chm Vat d ovn AUM Mk quot6quot Mom o mer V2 9quot mid 11 He noun3 a L Moxd39va H 7v quotms mp Z k u0md3A 4 900 9 SS0A3 g 0 5 0 I39D S sm Jhg mun be 3mm thA 0030 ng Vibuxqmo 3 J Guide to Chapter Ten Cell Form and Function Important TermsConcepts 1 Types of cytoskeletal elements their characteristics and functions 2 Types of cell junctions their components and functions 3 Motor proteins what do they bind to and what direction do they move 4 Extracellular matrix components and their functions Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 Neutrophil migration video 2 Experiment with cytochalasin and amoeba Guide to Chapter 11 Cell Division Important TermsConcepts Binary fission mitosis and meiosis 1 a Similarities b Differences c Major characteristics of each stage 2 Kinetochores 3 Sister and nonsister chromatids when do they separate and how many are there for a particular chromosome at each stage of cell division 4 Cell cycle 5 Synapsis 6 Haploid vs Diploid Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 Cohesion 2 Segregation of organelles 3 Somatic vs germ cells 4 p21 5 Factors initiating cell division growth factors for eukaryotes Discussed in Lecture 16 Don t worry about these details for Exam 3 1 Sections 114 and 115 will be covered on Exam 4


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