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by: Vazna Notetaker
Vazna Notetaker

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vazna Notetaker on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to at Arizona State University taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
AST 111 Lecture 14Mercury Venus and Mars Mercury is cratered like the Moon 0 Nearly everything known about Mercury has been learned using two spacecraft o Mariner 10 made 3 flybys of the plaet in 19741975 and photographed 45 of the planet s surface 0 The Messenger mission made 3 flybys before entering in to orbit in March 2011 It was intentionally crashed in to Mercury on April 30 2015 Each flyby also orbitied the sun every 176 days so its orbit aligned with Mercury s solar days so it always looked the same 0 What did they find 0 Mercury is very heavily cratered much like the moon 0 It is a very ancient surface 0 Instead of maria Mercury has low lying lava plains 0 Mercury has Scarps A scarp is a long clifflike feature Thought to be formed by the cooling and cracking of the planet s surface 0 Shown because the angles of the scarps are consistent with shnnkage o The Caloris Basin A bullseye shaped impact crater with rings of mountain ranges surrounding it The hottest portion of Mercury when it is nearest the sun On the opposite side of Mercury there is hilly terrain probably formed when seismic waves from the impact that formed the basin spread through the center of the planet 0 Water on Mercury Hidden in deep craters at the poles 0 Magnetic field Very weak about 1 that of the Earth s It does have a working dynamo Lots of iron it has a similar density to the Earth Weak because of the slow spin of the planet it rotates once every 59 days It is very variable The center of the field is not in the center of the planet 0 The interior Thought to have an immense iron core and a very small mantle with a thick crust o MANY questions remain The first mission to Venus and Mars demolished decades of speculations about those planets Venus 0 Used to be called Earth s twin Similar sized and masses Similar densities Is Venus habitable NO 0 Observations in the 60 s and 70 s showed The atmosphere is very dry and very hot Consists mostly of C02 Virtually NO WATER VAPOR runaway greenhouse effect IS VERY HOT 8GOD F 4600C Mars 0 At first impression seems to possess some Earthlike properties Reinforced when observers reported the dark areas took on a green color 0 That might have been a trick of the eye 0 Similar effects make the dull brown of the planet look pink or red Slight changes in coloration also are caused by seasonal DUST STORMS Both Venus and Mars have terrestrial terrains Venus is very flat 0 Covered by volcanoes Venus Volcanoes They are similar to Earth s hot spot volcanoes 0 Have Coronae as well Are collapsed volcanic domes No Earth equivalent 0 Not too much plate tectonics o It does have craters Some of them are deformed by geological activity About 1000 big craters


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