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ENG 2320 Tennyson

by: Marissa

ENG 2320 Tennyson 2320

Texas State
GPA 3.3
British Literature 1785 +
Susan Tilka

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About this Document

Notes discussing the life and literary works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson
British Literature 1785 +
Susan Tilka
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marissa on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2320 at Texas State University taught by Susan Tilka in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see British Literature 1785 + in Foreign Language at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
ENG 2320 Tennyson Alfred Lord Tennyson was the most famous poet of the 19th century and lives for the entire century 18091892 He becomes a Lord then Baron then Poet Laureate following Wordsworth in 1850 Signal event death of Hallam Lyric qualities quotFinest earof any English poet Auden Influenced by Keats Overall mood melancholy expressed the anxieties and aspirations of the age 0 Melancholy isolation romantic dreaming He tells what s wrong with people and how to selfhelp A typical Victorian he is a set of contradictions From a family of 11 children depression and mental illness were prominent in the family Homeschooled goes to college at age 15 was a shy country boy very tall Joins a club called quotThe Apostles they write poetry argue about the news these things stimulate his mind His roommate and close friend dies at age 18 Tennyson writes the poem In Memorium for his friend who gave him the confidence to be a poet Courts his roommate s sister is engaged to her for 14 years he couldn t get the money to marry since he was taking care of his family Wore costumes to poetry readings was dramatic In Memorium was published when Prince Albert died 0 Discusses how to deal with suffering and loss becomes very popular Believes success is based on hard work his audience is the middle class Romantic emotional not intellectual Poetry can t be separated from song dance gesture rhythm or sound 0 Can t separate the reaction your body has to the lyric whether its to sing or dance English speakers like visuals and scenery helps the reader seehear what they re reading 0 Linked scenery to a state of mind a painterly poet Keatsian Suffered onoff depression melancholy isolated worried about everything Black humor and irony beneath his poems Nature poet nature is healing and comforts him he makes connections to it Champion of the middle class its values and voice Where are the great leaders Look to the past 0 Odysseus men work and take care of their family Victorian hero 0 Arthurian legends value of the past The Lady of Shalott Lady lives in a tower on an island outside Camelot No one knows who s there but towers are usually cursed 0 People think the lady in the tower is a fairy but they don t really know who she is She is stuck in her tower cursed and can t stop working or something bad will happen 0 Doesn t know why she is cursed She works at a loom mirror is placed at the end to show the pattern so she can check her work In the mirror she sees the reflection of the world outside 0 Not allowed to look directly at Camelot can only look in the mirror 0 Shadow world she only sees through the mirror is disconnected from the world Sometimes she sees knights in the mirror she has no lover people want love a companion People like their work she likes to weave She hears young lovers whispering she longs for life and love life is passing her by One day she sees the most handsome man in the mirror love at first sight what she s been waiting for She stops working jumps up from the loom to look out the window at him The loom explodes and the mirror cracks the curse begins She runs out of the tower and finds a boat writes her name on the prow 0 People need an identity but are afraid to take risks She starts to freeze to death in the boat lays down Nature takes the boat to shore to Camelot She sings a song people hear a voice coming from the mist They find the frozen body of a beautiful woman Knights come out from a party but everyone is too scared to approach the boat Lancelot is bravest and steps forward sees her name remarks that she has a lovely face A sign of what could ve been people are afraid to take risks never stop working 0 Message take a risk its worth it Many lessons for middle class people they isolate themselves with work and fear The LotusEaters Ulysses Victorians want to escape but don t know how they need to keep moving and working Looking to the past nostalgia finds models for behavior from Odyssey Odysseus imagination helps them win the war with the Trojan Horse 0 His family is waiting he needs to go home and do his duty 0 Gods place obstacles in his way creates a 20 year longjourney Island of the LotusEaters is beautiful and sensual melancholy Soldiers are mesmerized just as opium is a problem in England o It makes everything go in slow motion responsibilities are gone and you feel good The men are seduced by the lure of the lotus flowers not interested in going home 0 Odysseus wakes up drags the men back onto the boat 0 Leaders figure it out do what needs to be done Language of the poem makes you read it slowly The sun is always setting The soldiers are changed by the drugs 0 They have no purpose won t row anymore Victorians must have a purpose 0 Some people succumb become addicted and give up Odysseus Roman name returns home and restores order No one remembers him he s so old Just because you re physically old doesn t mean you can t do anything He cannot rest from travel he has been moving so much and still has things to do There is a result of everything you do you are part of everyone you come in contact with He can go beyond human thought with his imagination He loves his son Telemachus will be a just king and citizen but he is ordinary He and his men will go on one last adventure they re not as strong as they used to be but they have strong hearts 0 Strive seek find don t yield Victorian values how to live The woman s cause is the man s Women want civil rights the middleclass women that fight for it are later called suffragettes Equality education women and men want the same thing A prince and princess fall in love they want equality in their marriage The king tells the princess how to behave and exerts control over her 0 She breaks the engagement with the prince 0 Runs away and opens a school for girls The king sends military force to close the school and forces her to marry his son If women don t grow men won t either women help men The prince wants to help the princess explains his view of women 0 He knows women are different than men but they want the same goals o It doesn t matter who has which qualities The woman interrupts saying none of this will happen 0 He says they ll show others how to do it the way things should be She tells him those aren t his ideas he got them from a woman she doesn t believe him is bitter Some men say they re sympathetic but they re privileged The Charge of the Light Brigade Crimean War with Russia and Germany covered by journalists in the battlefield 600 boys died in one battle British are in a valley Russians are on mountains Brits are easy targets Generals keep sending boys in with swords against machine guns The boys follow orders and walk to their death soldiers don t question authority they just die The world wondered what was wrong with Britain Tennyson says England can t do anything all they can do is honor the men Crossing the Bar Tennyson looks at the ocean a tear forms in his eye and he suddenly feels grief His view of dying is a metaphor of a ship going to sea Once free of the sand bar the ship is in deep ocean People will eventually be put out to sea He hopes that after he gets over the bar he hopes there is a god


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