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Week 3 Notes

by: Emma Newbegin

Week 3 Notes KRN 151

Emma Newbegin
Intro to Korean CInema
Prof. Dong Hoon Kim

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About this Document

This is the note for 10/13/2015, A screening of Madame Freedom
Intro to Korean CInema
Prof. Dong Hoon Kim
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Newbegin on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KRN 151 at University of Oregon taught by Prof. Dong Hoon Kim in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Colonialism Nationalism 65 Korean Cinema 10132015 Recap of Wk 2 A39 slow development of early film culture 19105 Modern Experience in Korea 0 1 p0itica context 0 becomingbeing modern for koreans I Korea39s deayed modernization I the transformation development industrialization isolation policy eXCltemeht the new I unstable political economic sites I the colonial occupation and o 2 Cultural Context exploitation l the laCk 0t theatrical tradltleh I colonial experience is integral part of I insufficient film exhibition sites koreais version of modernity O SOC39alconteXt I Colonial modernexperienceof I clashes between the traditional amp Korea mOdem 0 Imperial aggressions Colonial Occupation 19101945 c nationalist aspirations 0 Japanese Empire the sole Asian Imperial 0 Western lhluehehCe power187051945 o traditiona confucian values 0 Korea became part of Japanese Empire Challenged 1910 Film Culture in Colonial Korea A South Korea picked 1 as first film A39 1 1920s film became an important part of O celebrate as national mm day urban culture the beginning of film 0 North Korea picked 2 as first film 0 Some South Korean Film Historians pick 3 Defining Korea s first film 0 Japanese staff was involved in all three production A39 2 1930s the most popular influential form of culture amp entertainment 3 1940s a propaganda machine 0 Commercial feature of movies were gone The first Korean film 0 korea s film industry early 1920s films 0 lesserJapaneseInfluencegtmore authentically Korean 0 pure Korean Film I Colonial cinema of Korea 0 What is the first authentically korean unav0Idable Japanese Intervention film 0 1 Loyal Vengeance 1919 Kim Dosan o The Vow made under the Moon 1928 Yoon Baeknam o O 3 The Border 1923 Kim Dosan redeem 39tS C0l0nal past I Then why Koreans tried to supress it o a nationalist impulse to Rise of Korean Nationalism 1 Response to imperial threats 0 Japan s colonial racismquot Koreans amp Japanese were of common origin but the former always subordinate from the ancient time 0 Korean nationalism responded to it by asserting their unique national heritage in its attempt to define Korean identity 2 EthnicityNation 0 Korean nationalismzmore to do wKorean ethnicity 0 based on a bloodline korean ethnic Nationalism o koreans are wout a doubt a unitary nation in blood and culturequot Ethnic Nationalism Racialized Nationalism o a national identity based on shared bloodline From Benshi to Byeonsa Japanese influence Arirang 1926 amp Byeonsa 0 early stage drama film theater culture 0 Arirang by Na Ungyu 19021937 Benshi a film narrator gt Byeonsa in Korea I a breakthrough film commercial success I contributions to the expansion of film culture I advancing colonial film aesthetics resonated with Korean s nationalist sentiments the role of byeonsa I when narrating the film byeonsa often made references to Korea s colonial situation 0 a silent film practice Japan Korea Taiwan US 0 narrated and commented on events that O 0 occurred onscreen o earliest movie stars Western In uences film culture as a threat to traditional values 0 movies amp movies theaters I promotion of dangerous western thoughts liberalism I Fllm fans often labeled as mindless consumers 0 gender segregation in movie theaters Sweet Dream 1936 amp the discourse of new woman 0 I a political figure who opposed oppressive social gender norms social male anxieties surrounding the figure of a new woman a negative social connotation I modern girl flapper etc I obsessed wconsumption sexually promiscuous immoral selfish and so on filmic expression of social anxieties I a cautionary tale propaganda women s mobility I still ambivalent about modern women I propaganda commissioned by police about automotives Propaganda Films Japanese empires total war 0 O the 2nd SinoJapanese War 1937 Japanese amp US Collision in the Pacific WWII Film censorship introduced since the late 1930s onward O O monopoly of film stocks any film production must be approved by the authorities compulsory screening of propaganda movies Hollywood filmsbanned films function reduced to a propaganda vehicle The End of Empire 0 O 1945 end of Japanese Empire Korea under trusteeship 174548 US amp USSR establishment pf 2 Korean states 1948 Republic of Korea S Korea Democratic People s REpublic of Korea N Korea A39 Korean War 19501953 June 25th 1950 Madam Freedom 1956 O O Persisting amp new social issues Korean war amp post civil war S Korean society WesternAmerican Influence anxieties about collapse of traditional customs social climate of post war S Korean society


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