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GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psych of Gender Jan 15 Notes

by: Aaron Jin

GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psych of Gender Jan 15 Notes GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender

Aaron Jin
GPA 3.87
Psychology of Gender
Ann Voorhies

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About this Document

Daily Notes from lecture supplemented by relevant information from homework readings.
Psychology of Gender
Ann Voorhies
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Aaron Jin on Sunday January 18, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender at University of Washington taught by Ann Voorhies in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 250 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Gender in Women and Gender studies at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 01/18/15
GWSSPSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender Topic Critical thinking about gender studies 15 January 2015 Professor Notes for Reference PP 3 Psychological Research Also helpful Thinking Critically About Research on Sex and Gender Ch 1 2 3 Lecture Notes and Questions Psychological Research cont Effects of bias found in o Hypothesis how questions are asked hypotheses based on incorrect assumptions 0 Study design if purpose is revealed subject may respond to what they think the tester is looking for 0 Data needs to be fair and random to accurately represent the whole 0 Interpretation and conclusions assumptions and preconceptions influence how someone views and tries to justify results 0 Publication positive results showing sex difference bias especially if supports hypothesis and the popular consensus 0 Also research topics chosen variables compared and analysis of results How to deal 0 Feminist mindset epistemologies extreme opposite of current situation focusing solely on women in research 0 Feminist empiricist more balanced moderate approach Bias remains against females in research fields especially STEM fields 0 Social sciences not egalitarian more women than men in undergraduate levels but reverses in higher education and professional levels I Stereotype that females are good in English arts music males are good at math and sciences I What you are good at vs what you are expected to be good at cultural expectations and gender roles o Covert sexism is difficult to address and respond to as some people may be unaware of the sexism inherent in the societal structure Quick Vocab Review Correlative study shows the relationship between two variables the correlation The belief that all knowledge is the result of subjective processes is a constructionist view The belief that all traits are biologically determined is an essentialist view Critical Thinking Psychology vs pseudopsychology psychology is science based on empirical evidence Pseudopsychology is not based on scientific evidence 0 Signs of pseudopsychology plays on emotions agrees with popular beliefs and values offers simple explanations onesided consideration of information Gender is popular among pseudopsychological claims Why is that 0 Everyone has their own experience with gender and it can be a very personal subject 0 Relatively newunheard of scientific field for many people Tools for critical thinking 0 Scientific attitude focused on empirical facts and logic 0 Be curious and seek information I but be rational and skeptical evaluate sources and assumptions be wary of hidden agendas I Eg advertising capitalizes on cultural expectations to manipulate people into quotneedingquot products Guidelines for critical thinking taken from website notes 0 Define terms I Why use jargon Failure to know the audience and its capabilities or trying to establish a false sense of credibility with a gullible audience Examines the evidence and recognizes credibility and limitations Our own assumptions and biases about the source and vice versa Avoids emotional reasoning using logic and empirical evidence Does not oversimplify or deliberately omit important or contradicting details Considers other interpretations and limitations of results Tolerates uncertainty OOOOOO


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