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10-26 notes

by: Isaiah Hicks

10-26 notes 2300

Isaiah Hicks
GPA 3.5
Cultural Geography
Karen Johnson-Webb

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About this Document

Distibution of National territory notes
Cultural Geography
Karen Johnson-Webb
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isaiah Hicks on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2300 at Bowling Green State University taught by Karen Johnson-Webb in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Cultural Geography in Geography at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
Distribution of National territory Theoretically the more compact the territory the easier is national governance 0 Brazil and France are examples of states that approximate this compactness Enclave A piece of territory surrounded by but not part of a country ex Lesotho Exclave A piece of national territory separated from the main body of a country by the territory of another country ex Pakistan Pakistan is an example of an exclave created in 1947 as two bodies of territory separated by almost 1000 mi 1600 km Peneenclave An intrusive piece of territory with only the smallest of outlets Boundaries in History Buffer state an independent but small and weak country lying between two powerful potentially belligerent countries ex Uruguay Georgia 0 Satellite state a small weak country dominated by one powerful neighbor to the extent that some or much of its independence is lost ex Ukraine Modern boundaries 0 Natural follows some features of the natural environment such as a river or mountain ridge Ethnographic follows some cultural border such as a linguistic or religious border Geometric drawn in a regular geometric manner often a straight line without regard for environment or cultural patterns Relic no longer functions as a boundary Spatial organization of territory Unitary state concentrates power in the central government and grants little authority to the provinces ex France and China 0 Federal States gives considerable powers and even autonomy to its constituent parts the United States and Australia Centrifugal and Centripetal forces Centrifugal force any factor that disrupts the internal unity of a country Centripetal force any factor that supports the internal unity of a country Nationalism Territorial Fission Territorial ssion occurs when an ethnic or linguistic minority population seeks to succeed Physical boundaries in Cyberspace How can countries impose their laws and boundaries in the computer age Restrict citizens39 access to technological hardware Allow citizens access to the web but control the ow of information they receive Supranational Political bodies Supranationalism EG UN OPEC CIS EU WTO Regional trading blocs The European Union EU 0 The EU is the most powerful ambitions and successful supranational organization present membership of 28 countries Electoral Geographical regions Electoral geography the study of the interactions among space place and region and the conduct and results of elections Gerrymandering the vote Gerrymandering The drawing of electoral district boundaries in an awkward pattern to enhance the voting impact of one consistency at the expense of another Done by quotPackingquot drawing district boundaries to draw all of the district boundaries into one district quotCrackingquot draw boundaries to divide the districts The core and periphery Core area the territorial nucleus from which a country grows in area and over time 0 Peripheral areas generally display selfconscious regionality and can provide settings for succession movements Mobility Diffusion and Political innovation 0 Consequences new patterns of mobility among conquered populations Cadres of educated native39s population Sent abroad Fomenters of revolution 0 Political innovations also spread within independent countries ex the spread of suffrage for women


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