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History Notes (Oct 22-27)

by: Valeria Quintana

History Notes (Oct 22-27) HIST 1311-010

Valeria Quintana
GPA 3.5
US history to 1865
Prof. Stephanie Cole

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About this Document

Okay, so these are the last set of notes that we have covered in class before the test. Hope they help.
US history to 1865
Prof. Stephanie Cole
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valeria Quintana on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1311-010 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Prof. Stephanie Cole in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see US history to 1865 in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
October 22 2015 During the 1820 s man that didn t have land started to vote and wanted a government that could help them 0 Ordinary men saw the bank as an institution that helped the rich when in reality it stabilized the economy 0 Gender changes in roles happened 0 Women s rights conference however there were different spheres in which they operated different from men 0 Marriages now were an emotional partnership I However also seen as a contract 0 Divorce possible in the North again 0 Custody of kids to mothers 0 People that lived in the city started to have fewer children 0 There were tight family bonds The perception of women during this time 0 They were seen as moral they were designed by god like that 0 Could be an advantage 0 Seen as submissive to god s will 0 Middle class women could write sentimental novels 0 Unlike working class women New York City video Had many ethnic diversities Contrast of wealth and diversity in a compact area What are 3 ways the opening of the Erie Canal changed life in NYC 0 United New York with Europe trade and immigrants 0 Irish famine driven 0 Mass poverty 0 Elites and lower class had more power penny press modern journalism 0 Newspapers used to be in the middle class and elite too 0 This class split was also seen in the arte I MacBeth for middle upper class I Edwin Forest for the lower and new culture that was rivalry with the established actors Did middle class and elites have MORE in uence or less Modern journalism New York Harold 0 Covered what readers wanted to know People can move up the class and these people wanted but didn t have language to express their upper class status 0 In the theater the audience participated and the architecture made it possible for everyone even if they were separated o All classes attended the theater democracy in Theater I 1 800 1830 0 Shakespeare popular across class and region 0 Involved audience participation if they made mistakes they would throw food 0 Happened because the market revolution opened up this culture 0 Elites and middle class don t like this development in the theatre put a dress code and hiked up the price of tickets 0 For lower class they saw it as a snob move of the upper classes I Astor Place Opera House 0 The 1849 riot when MacReady preformed in opening night working class people showed up and start to shout and throw rocks 0 Militia comes and it escalates until they fire and kill 20 people and arrest 80 0 Working class people blamed the upper class 0 This riot happened because of class inequalities I For example the development of etiquette to differentiate for classes 0 Manner books how to tip hats these are popular because a lot of people move up from being pour to the upper classes 0 There was a code and upper classes wanted to keep the line clear 0 The Dunkard was popular with working class and middle class October 27 2015 The rapid social change in the Market Revolution was characterized by growing numbers of cities more contact with people you don t know social and geographical mobility and not needing to own property to be able to vote 0 The etiquette standards shows how the country was open to social upward mobility and at the same time the barriers there were o The social change creates an environment and the second great awakening creates a ripe environment for the religious movement that would happen I Humans should work towards perfection for the coming of Christ 0 Sylvester Graham believed that people had got to excited and lustiness too much masturbation and this tenseness could be corrected by a better diet caffeine and red meats leave them and creates a graham cracker the whole food kind I Kellogg was also created to temper lustiness and be healthier I People also had their head s read for bump reading for their signi cance 0 People in the 1840 s were crazy individual and social reform 0 Benefits revival churches and social messages of culture the rhetoric tells them women are more moral I Women take to making men stop going to bars I Middle women has more time in their hands and were supposed to create better husbands and educated kids 0 Lower class women shared this idea too I Slavery was under scrutiny I Seneca Falls women s rights I Labor reforms working class rights I Sabbath Movement no mail on Sunday I Cleaning asylums and prisons 0 Temperance monitoring alcohol consumption got them to voluntarily temper their drinking 0 Some was because water wasn t drinkable o The Irish migrants were seen as drunks and people needed to change this 0 Factory employers were interested in having their employees sober I Wanted a more productive labor force 0 Worker injury productivity etc Utopian Societies social experiments 0 Model society in a community society and rethink modern society choosing rules and then transform the rules in the rest of America 0 2nd GA Perfectionism o Showed fears of industrialization o Concerned of new ideas about gender and families I Mormons I Mother Ann Lee lost children 0 Read the bible 0 Live by gods rules on earth 0 Calls people to live in these communities Shaker communities 0 Kentucky 0 They had a shaker dance 0 Men and women lived together side by side and no sex 0 Women and men shared the work according o Invented the Flat broom made money very clean and simplistic o Helped both sides 0 Adopted children 0 They did really well until the civil war I The argument fell away because of the war s destruction 0 Oneida community John Humphrey Noyes I He was already morally perfect and believed to reorganize sex I Perfectionism I complex sex should not claim on women 0 All men and women were married to everyone I Have sex to make children but it should not intervene I Male continence males made the requests 0 Early eugenicists moral people breed other people 0 Consanguinal stirpicture blood related people from moral families 0 Had an orgy in the last several months 0 Made money from making steel tracks newspaper made better children had community children 0 18481880 0 Radical view in a way


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