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Chapter 8: Groups and Teams

by: Thao Duong

Chapter 8: Groups and Teams ORGB 300

Thao Duong
GPA 3.5
Organizational Behavior
Blythe Rosikiewicz

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About this Document

Organizational Behavior
Blythe Rosikiewicz
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Thao Duong on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ORGB 300 at Drexel University taught by Blythe Rosikiewicz in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Organizational Behavior in Humanities and Social Sciences at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
o The work is done it is time to move on to other things The return to independence can be eased by rituals celebrating quotthe endquot and quotnew beginningsquot Teams and the Power of Common Purpose Team a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose performance goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable ATeam is More Than a Group A group becomes a team when the following criteria are met 0 Leadership becomes a shared activity Accountability shifts from strictly individual to both individual and coHec ve The group develops its own purpose or mission 0 Problem solving becomes a way of life not a parttime activity 0 Effectiveness is measured by the group39s collective outcomes and products Social Loa ng the tendency for individual effort to decline as group size increases Guarding against loa ng Limit group size Assure equity of effort to mitigate the possibility that a member can say quotEveryone is goo ng off so why wouldn39t Iquot 0 Hold people accountable don39t allow members to feel that they are lost in the crowd and think quotwho caresquot Research showed that hybrid rewards those that include team and individual components reduced social loa ng and improved information sharing Hybrid rewards hold members accountable both as individuals and as a team Team Building Team building a host of techniques aimed at improving the internal functioning of work groups ROI for team building 0 Clear objectives 0 Validation Performance information How to build effective teams quickly 0 Break the ice 0 Don t reinvent the wheel ask team members what has worked in the past 0 Communicate a purpose and a plan 0 Play to strengths set individuals and the larger team up to win Match the individual members39 skills to responsibilities and goals of the team Clarify decision making 0 Information is essential make it ow Selfmanaged Teams Selfmanaged teams groups of workers who are given administrative oversight for their task domains Administrative oversights involve activities such as planning scheduling monitoring and staf ng Crossfunctionalism occurs when specialists from different areas are put on the same team d Virtual Teams Virtual teams work together overtime and distance via electronic media to combine effort and achieve common goals 4 Trust Building and Repair Essential Tools for Success Trust a reciprocal belief that another person will consider how his or her intentions and behaviors will affect you Three forms of trust Contractual trust Do people do what they say they are going to do 0 Communication trust How well do people share information and tell the truth Competence trust How effectively do people meet or perform their responsibilities and acknowledge other people39s skills and abilities Building Trust Repairing Trust 5 Keys to Team Effectiveness Characteristics of HighPerforming Teams Participative leadership Shared responsibility Aligned on purpose having a sense of common purpose about why the team exists and the function it serves High communication Future focused Focus on task Creative talents Rapid response b The 3 Cs of Effective Teams Charters and Strategies 0 Team charter describes how the team will operate such as processes for sharing information and decision making teamwork Team performance strategies deliberate plans that outline what exactly the team is to do such as goal setting and de ning particular member roles tasks and responsibilities Composition 0 Team composition describes a collection ofjobs personalities knowledge skills abilities and experiences of team members Capac y Team adaptive capacity is important to meet changing demands and to effectively transition members in and out c Effective Team Size 39 Q Teams range between 2 and 25 team members but effective teams have fewer than 10 members httbwwwmhearnsmartcomfow owswfhtm namesmartbookampsectiond52975541ampassiqnmentDueDate201510 21120000ampisEbookAccesstrueampisbn1259187772ampuserd13325325amproeSamp externaIProductIdA9L0141731ampkeyf0281b73f9abdecec24f73bf9dec933fampassign mentd1059664292ampastNameDuonqampebookLinkUrhttb3A2F 2Fconnectmheducationcom2Fconnect 2FhmEBookdoampemaidd59640drexeeduampisBackBoardUrtrueamptimeZone 40ampsectionNameLibra ryCourseamp rstNameThaoampsectionURLhttp3A2F 2Fconnectmheducationcom2Fconnect2FreturntoBBdo


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