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HTW 403 Oct 26 Notes

by: Alyson Forman

HTW 403 Oct 26 Notes HTW 402

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Public Health > HTW 402 > HTW 403 Oct 26 Notes
Alyson Forman
Implem & Eval of Health Programs
L. Narine

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About this Document

Dr. Narine's class notes
Implem & Eval of Health Programs
L. Narine
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyson Forman on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HTW 402 at Syracuse University taught by L. Narine in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Implem & Eval of Health Programs in Public Health at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Public vs Private Policymaking D Public Policy a Policy that is established by the federal state and local levels of government D Private Policy a Policy that is established by private organizations For example MCOs and JCAHO Forms of Health Policies D There are five main forms of health policies v Laws 0 RulesRegulations 0 Operational Decisions 0 Judicial Decisions Macro Policies Sources of Law D Constitution Establish government and delineate fundamental rights and obligations of individuals and governments o Statutes Created by legislatures at all levels of government 39 State Ie islatures have greater scope to use statutes than federal egislatures Regulations 39 Created by government agencies to implement statutes and clarify their ambiguities gt Common Law 39 Court opinions interpreting and applying law to specific cases Laws D A rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority D Enacted by any level of government D Can also be referred to as a program a For example the Medicare program RulesRegulations D Designed to guide the implementation of laws D Can be made in the executive branch by the organizations and agencies responsible for implementing laws Operational Decisions i Operational decisions are made by the executive branch of the government as a part of the implementation of a law D Normally these decisions consist of protocols and procedures that follow the implementation of a new law D These decisions tend to be less permanent than rules or regulations Judicial Decisions These are policies that are created as a result of a decision made in the court system Constitutional v Roe versus Wade Affordable Care Act D ClVll Malpractice Criminal AlDSHNlnfection 39 Bioterrorism Judicial Decisions about Operational Decisions Administrative Law s For example an opinion listed in 1992 by a DHHS administrative law 39ud e stated that a hospital was in violation of the Re abi itation Act Amendments of l974 Judicial Decisions D Administrative Law D Judicial decisions about operational decisions 0 Have Adjudicatory and Enforcement Powers 0 Focus of a lot of health law and policy activity at all levels of government D At Federal Level follows Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 APA Macro Policies i Macro policies are broad and expansive and help shape a society s pursuit of health in fundamental ways Almost all of these have some basis in law D Example 0 AntiTobacco Laws Categories of Public Health Policies Public health policies are grouped into two categories a Allocative o Regulatory Allocative Policies Designed to provide net benefits to some distinct group oi class of individuals or organizations at the expense of others in order to ensure that public objectives are met r In general allocative policies come in the form of subsidies D Examples Medicare and Medicaid policies Federal aid to medical schools Regulatory Policies D Policies designed to influence the actions behaviors and decisions of others to ensure that public objectives are met D Five main categories of regulatory policies Social regulations Quality controls on the provision of health services Marketentry decisions Rate or pricesetting controls on health service providers Marketpreserving controls Social Regulations D These regulations are established in order to achieve socially desirable outcomes and to reduce socially undesirable outcomes D Examples Environmental protection Childhood immunization requirements Mental health parity laws Market preservmg controls Social Regulations D Targeted or Broad 0 Targeted laws towards a specific population that may be at increased risk or vulnerable or to whom we eel protective Age or condition leg chad salety seat laws or pregnancy Behavror or risk drug abusers39 or persons with HlVi Ale c As a means to QDJOV a 399ood re Educational requirements eg vaccination requirements lor child care and school attendance D Broadbased policies Communitywide interventions eg water uoridation smoking bans and laws Quality Controls b These regulations are intended to ensure that health services providers adhere to acceptable levels of quality in the services they provide and that producers of health related products meet safety and ef cacy standards D Example o FDA regulation of pharmaceuticals 0 New Pay for Performance P4P regulations Marketentry Restrictions gt These regulations focus on licensing of practitioners and organizations Example 0 Health Professional Licensing Quality Control o Physician credentialing Hospital privileges Rate or Pricesetting Controls D These regulations are designed to control the growth of prices i Example 0 The federal government39s control of the rates of reimbursement to hospitals that participate in the Medicare program


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