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Week 5 Notes

by: Skylar Evans

Week 5 Notes Anth 165

Skylar Evans
GPA 4.0
Anthropology 165
Angela Montague

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About this Document

A detailed overview of week 5 notes, lecture, and movie. Includes vocabulary words and definitions, a summary of the required film, and important points from each of the readings. This set of notes...
Anthropology 165
Angela Montague
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Skylar Evans on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anth 165 at University of Oregon taught by Angela Montague in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Anthropology 165 in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
ANTH 165 WEEK 5 NOTES LGBTQ Lesbian a woman whose primary attraction is toward other women Gay refers to men who are attracted to other men Bisexual a man or woman attracted to both men and women equally Transgender an umbrella term often used to include those whose gender identity is opposite than that normally assigned to that individual s birth sex Queer an alternative term that may reference all LGBT people It can be derogatory or empowering Mummybaby institutionalized friendships between younger and older girls and women that became popular throughout much of Black southern Africa starting in the 1950s Tomboi a female acting in the manner of men Mati women who have sexual relationships with men and with women Berdache a Native American male who partially or completely adopts the culturally defined role of a woman Twospirit gays and lesbians who see themselves as womenmen and menwomen Gender variance the opportunity for individuals to change gender roles and identities over the course of their life times Homosexuality a term that was coined in the late 19th century Homogender based on gender rather than on characteristics of biological sex and anatomy Queer theory sexuality is socially constructed categories are socialcultural queer is rational ideas about sexuality change there is no stable category or identity heteronormativity is questioned Homophobia the fear or hatred of gay men lesbians bisexuals and the same gender attractions to ones self Same sex relationship in the Native American Culture Men as Women Women as Men Womenmen males who adopt the role of women Menwomen women who adopt the role of men same sex relationships are not talked about on reservations sexuality does relate to identity alientated by white lesbian communities and definitions A Jihad for Love Summary This lm is a documentary on the coexistence of Islam and homosexuality The lm is directed by Parvez Sharma a Muslim gay lmmaker who explores the response of the Muslim community to homosexuality In the documentary gay and lesbian Muslims struggle to reconcile their sexual orientation to their devotion to Allah and their commitment to their faith tradition Parvez Sharma has done a remarkable job conveying the suffering and the struggle of gay Muslims to keep their faith alive in the face of bigotry repression hatred and persecution Early on in the film a Muslim man and his two daughters are enjoying a drive along the coast in South Africa To the audience it39s a happy scene yet it is brought to terms the hardship this family has endured The man Mushin Hendricks is a former imam is an Islamic leadership position It is most commonly in the context of worship leader of a mosque and Muslim community by Sunni Muslims who was cast out by his community when he declared his homosexuality The girls39 mother has since remarried and when Hendricks asks them what they would do if he were arrested the answer comes without hesitation The elder child combining love with the lessons of her Islamic education says she would ask that officials spare him a protracted death by stoning and kill him with the first rock Mazen was one of the Cairo 52 a group arrested in May 2001 aboard a oating gay nightclub on the Nile He was beaten forced to stand trial twice on quothabitual debaucheryquot charges and sentenced to a total of four years in prison where he was raped He eventually moved to Paris where we see him no longer afraid to reveal his face making friends and calling his mother in Egypt to say he misses her Maryam is a Moroccan lesbian in Paris whose lover lives in Egypt The teachings of her faith mean she still believes she deserves to be punished for her sexuality and it was only recently that she was able to use the term quotlesbianquot for the first time The term jihad While the media says the term jihad means holy war the film try to portray a different of jihad more along the lines of to maintain religion In Arabic the word Jihad means to strive to apply oneself to struggle and to persevere Important points from the Reading CS pg 202 Lesbians Men women and Two spirits by Sabine Lang the self identity of present day two spirit people is shaped by a variety of factors including the tribal traditions of gender variance in uences from the western urban lesbian gay communities the experience of being Native American and homosexual as opposed to gay and lesbian from other ethnic groups and the homophobia within the Indian communities Pg 202 females in a man s role have long been viewed as examples of culturally institutionalized homosexuality a homosexuality that was often considered innate or was categorized under Western culture s psychiatric concepts of deviance and perversion apart from gender constructions the roles and statuses of individuals who neither men nor women in Native American cultures are embedded within worldviews that emphasize and appreciate transformation and change Within systems of multiple genders native definitions on homosexuality were based on the gender rather than the physical sex of the people involved and also took into account such factors as visionary experiences The issues of identity and the roles of men and women and what jobs within cultures are masculine and feminine are changing The issue of white concepts and Christianity in uence gender variance and homosexual behavior on reservations people either adopt white attitudes and values or do not wish to see their culture criticized Connection of motherhood and the role of Lesbians CS pg 273 Culture and Women s Sexualities by Evelyn Blackwood social construction theory which argues that sexuality depends on the cultural context for its meaning general sexual potential is constructed into particular desires meanings and behaviors by culture Mummy baby relationships are constructed from a number of received cultural sources 1 Initiation school where young girls receive training for adult practices 2 Ideologies of sexuality 3 The motsoalle a special affective gist exchange partnership practice The importance of sisterhoods and the development of the institution of girls houses beliefs about ancestors and sibling marriage order within the sisterhoods Gender ideologies create different sexual roles behaviors meanings and desires for men and women Gender ideologies create different possibilities for men s or women s understanding of their desires and their access to sexual partners The way sexuality is constructed has everything to do with concepts of gender selfhood kinships and marriage CS pg 285 Redirecting Sexual Orientation by Timothy Murphy Types of Reorientation Behavioral therapy some of the earliest forms of reorientation looked to redirect sexual orientation by effecting behavioral changes such as exercise and outdoor activities Psychodynamic interventions dissolving specific fears reducing anxieties bringing certain sexual desires from latency even altering sexual fantasy and stimulus response patterns Drug and Hormone Therapy Surgery forms of surgery such as the scalpel and castration have been used against homoeroticism Skeptics about reorientation


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