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09 OCT 14 Psych 105 Notes

by: Alexis Tomas

09 OCT 14 Psych 105 Notes 105

Marketplace > Washington State University > Psychlogy > 105 > 09 OCT 14 Psych 105 Notes
Alexis Tomas
GPA 3.2
Sydney Iverson

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About this Document

Sydney Iverson
One Day of Notes
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Alexis Tomas on Sunday January 18, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to 105 at Washington State University taught by Sydney Iverson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Psychology in Psychlogy at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 01/18/15
09 October 2014 Psychology 10510 Chapter 7 Thinking Language and Intelligence Thinking and Thoughts Cognition Mental process involved in acquiring processing and sorting knowledge 0 ex Learning memory perception Thinking Manipulation of mental representations of info Mental Images Mental image Mental representation of objectsevents not physically present We scanmanipulate mental images in same way we scanmanipulate visual images of actual objects 0 May be visual images or other senses Mental Rotation Process of rotating an object in a 2D or 3D mental space 0 Gender effects gt easier for men than women Concepts Concepts Mental category of objects or ideas based on shared properties Makes it easier to 1 Remember information 2 Learn new information Formal Concept Mental category formed by learning rules of features that de neit 0 Rigid rules Natural Concept Form as a result of real world experience 0 Rules of attributes that de ne natural concepts are not always sharply de ned Prototype Most typical instance of a particular concept Exemplars Individual instances of concept in our memory Problem Solving ProblemSolving Cognition used to reach a goal by thinkingbehaving in certain ways 0 Several Methods 0 Trial and Error Trying a variety of solutions and eliminating those that don39t work 0 Algorithm Using a speci c rule procedure or method that inevitably produces the correct solution 0 Heuristics Experience based techniques that nd a solution which is not guaranteed to be optimal but good enough for a given set of goals Insight Sudden Realization of how a problem can be solved 0 lntuition Coming to a conclusion or making a judgment without conscious awareness of the thought processes involved Guiding stage You perceive a pattern in information but not consciously Integrative stage A representation of pattern becomes conscious usually in form of a hunch O Obstacles to Solving Problems Thinking outside the box 0 Functional Fixedness Tendency to view objects as functioning only in their usual or customary way 0 Mental Set Tendency to persist in solving problems with solutions that have worked in the past Decision Making Strategies 0 Single Feature Model Make a decision by focusing on only one feature Additive Model Systematically evaluate the important features of each alternative Elimination by aspects model Rate choices based on features eliminate those that do not meet the desired criteria despite other desirable characteristics Decisions Involving Uncertainty Heuristics Mental shortcuts for making complexuncertain decisions 0 Availability Heuristic Judge probability of an event by how easily you can recall previous occurrences of that even Representativeness Heuristic Strategy we use to estimate the probability of one event based on how typical it is of another event Language 0 Language System for combining signals for the purpose of communication 0 Social species communication Evolutionary Process 0 Human Language Language ls Open Dynamic and free to change Symbolic No real connection between symbolssounds and meaningideas Elements of Language Syntax Rules for arranging words and symbols to form sentences 0 Grammar Entire set of rules for combining symbols and sounds 0 ex punctuation subjects very aggression


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