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Week 9 &10

by: Emily Smith

Week 9 &10 SPMGT 101

Emily Smith
GPA 3.0
Sports and Popular Culture:Trends and Issues
Dr. Tammy Crawford

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About this Document

So this is just some of the key points from this week and some information about what could be on the quiz on Thursday.
Sports and Popular Culture:Trends and Issues
Dr. Tammy Crawford
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Smith on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPMGT 101 at Washington State University taught by Dr. Tammy Crawford in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Sports and Popular Culture:Trends and Issues in Physical Education at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Week 9 and 10 Sports are a huge platform for making political statements South Park has made an episode talking about using the redskins names James Brown a sports caster has used his air time to talk about domestic violence and the abuse on women James B has a captive audience during the football games and South Park usually airs after football games on Sundays Muhammad Ali talking about not signing up for the draft and it cost him sponsorships and a lot of money however he did gain respect from people and peace of mind The 16th Man This was a movie that was about South Africa in a time when whites had a majority of time Nelson Mandela became the focus of the movie A man wrongfully detained for 27 years He used rugby to win the hearts of a nation He promise them that they would be able to hold the national rugby championships He used sports to integrate people An influential man to this day and well known for what he has done used sports to build a na on Public Funding VS Private funding m Bringing in more jobs more revenue more money for hotels Sin taxes on cars money brought from game would have been spent anyways 1015 increased proportions of financial gains being promised Today 102715 We watched a movie about South Korea and how they used sports to rebuild after loosing everything duringafter the Korean war They have a population of 49 million 13 Trillion for economics 13th largest Economy LG Samsung KIA Asiana Airlines and a few others Kee Jong Sohn was a Korean man that competed under Japanese in order to participate in the 1936 Berlin Olympics he protested the Japanese flag on the front of his shirt with the flowers he got for winning the Gold Remember Michael Jordan and Reebok debate Russia China North Korea and the United States signed a cease fire to stop the Korean War but South Korea never signed it They wanted to rule as a dynasty and not as a Communist government Olympic Committee refused to let them host the Olympics due to the hostile environment near the boarder where the games would have been held They did however get the 88 summer games Because they took pride in hosting and building a new stadium they have kept up the stadium and use it frequently They will host the 2018 winter Olympics One last thing we talked about today was playing Video games South Korea encourages it and they are seen as a sport They draw millions of people whenever tournaments are taking place Most of these games are played using a keyboard and a mouse because Sony and Nintendo were banned in South Korea until the late 2000 s Stadiums are used to host these tournamentschampionships were people sit and watch others play video games and compete against one another


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