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Week 7 Lecture Notes

by: Rk18370p

Week 7 Lecture Notes PSY 277

Marketplace > Pace University > Psychlogy > PSY 277 > Week 7 Lecture Notes
GPA 3.81
Evolutionary Psychology
Robert Keegan

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About this Document

Notes from 10/27
Evolutionary Psychology
Robert Keegan
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rk18370p on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 277 at Pace University taught by Robert Keegan in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Evolutionary Psychology in Psychlogy at Pace University.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Week 7 Lecture Notes Moon Illusion 0 Moon looks closer and bigger when it s at the horizon then it does at zenith position overhead 0 The moon is always the same distance from us 0 How is it explained 0 Depth how we read it 0 We think things are closer when they are above us and farther away when they are on the horizon 0 Size Constancy 0 If the teacher moves back he gets smaller 0 If he moves closer he gets bigger 0 We think objects are the same size no matter how far away they are I He doesn t shrink or become a giant I We have good visual processing because we have modules for it Foundational Ideas in Evolutionary Psychology 1 In our evolutionary psychology history for millions of years we were Nomads a We only settled down 10000 years ago 2 Men specialized as hunters evolved traits to make them better Women specialized as gatherers evolved traits to make them better 3 Natural Selection a Adaptable traits become a part of our species b There must be gender differences between men and women i If all this is true then there must be gender differences 1 100 meter run a Difference of 10 2 400 meter run a Difference of 10 3 800 meter run a Difference of 12 4 1600 meter run 1 mile a Difference of 13 5 262 mile run a Difference of 10 ii Men were faster but top marathon runners are usually women iii We are specialized to move around 1 Men and women are quite close in how they move a Weightlifting i 40 difference b Javelin Throw i 36 difference 2 If men are going to be good hunters you re going to need speed and accuracy Week 7 Lecture Notes 3 They are a better hunter and better warrior a This benefits hunters Spatial Abilities 0 Gender stereotypes 0 Women will ask for directions and men won t 0 Women know what is around the house 0 Empirical Evidence 0 Reading Maps I Men 0 Learning Mazes I Men 0 Mental rotation tasks I Men 0 Intentional Memory Task I Bring person into a room there are objects in this room you tell the person to memorize the location of the objects in the room I Women 0 Incidental Memory Tasks I People go into a room and they don t know that they are supposed to memorize the objects and their placement I Women 0 Reading Maps Learning Mazes and Mental rotation tasks supports ideas of hunters I Way better than men in this area by a lot 0 Intentional memory task and incidental memory tasks supports ideas of gatherers I Main sources of food probably came from gathering Race 0 Are racial differences real 0 Charles Darwin talked about this in Descent of Man 1871 I What is the value of race 0 Direct action of the environment climate NO I Africaners tribe in south Africa 0 They are white descent from Dutch 0 Been in south Africa for 300 years 0 Their skin did not darken over time 0 Lamarck s idea of the inheritance of acquired characteristics NO 0 Correlation something is related to something else but doesn t necessarily cause NO I Skin color I Survived because they were resistant to parasite Week 7 Lecture Notes I Immunity increased change of survival 0 Trait that would be selected link to genetic trait skin color 0 Natural Selection racetraits selected that produce different races NO I Increases chances of survival 0 Sexual Selection proposed in Descent of Man 23 of book YES 0 Modern Biology on Race 0 Tyrosinase master enzyme in producing skin color I Albinos don t have it 0 White Skin I Part of Tyrosinase is inactive in the body I Tyrosinase inhibitors 0 Black Skin I Active Without inhibitors Some traits are because of natural selection Light skin adaptive I Sunlight isn t as strong 00 I Evolutionary Psychology on Race 0 No such thing as race 0 They focus on architecture of brain 0 Not been enough time to produce different brains 0 We all have the same brain skin is just a visual difference


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