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SDC Notes Architecture: The Detailed View

by: Gisselle Fernandez

SDC Notes Architecture: The Detailed View SDC 100

Marketplace > Washington State University > Architecture > SDC 100 > SDC Notes Architecture The Detailed View
Gisselle Fernandez
World of Design and Construction
Alexander Wolfe

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About this Document

Hope this is helpful. Enjoy!
World of Design and Construction
Alexander Wolfe
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gisselle Fernandez on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SDC 100 at Washington State University taught by Alexander Wolfe in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see World of Design and Construction in Architecture at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
SDC Notes 102015 Architecture The Detailed View Pro ling Architectural Practice Example Seattle Central Library OMA Of ce for Metropolitan Architecture 19992004 1692 million Rem Koolhaas architect Bets gures and the profession of Architecture 0 Licensure is the highest form of professional regulation and all fty states require an individual to be licensed in order to call him or herself an architect An architecture school professor who used the phrase quotas an architect Iquot in a newspaper article she wrote received a ceaseanddesist order no penalty lowa1997 Each state establishes its own professional standards for architect licenses and architecture registration boards in all fty states the District of Columbia and four US Territories require that candidates satisfy those standards for education training and examination The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards N CARB estimates the number of architects licensed in the United States at 105847 Just over 83000 784 are members of the American institute of architects AIA Today 17 of all AIA members are female 9 in 2000 Ethic minorities represent 10 of all AIA members 7 in 2000 Of AIA members 0 74 practice in Architecture rms 1 practice in universitiescollegesassociations 2 practice in government 2 practice in the corporate sector 1 practice in construction 96 96 96 20 are in unknown practice 0 In 2011 the 17500 architecture rms owned by AIA members grossed billing of 26 billion 0 Nationally of architects39 revenue 53 is new construction 47 is renovations rehabilitation additions and historic preservation Sole practitioners make up just over onequarter of rms 26 0 About threequarters of rms have 2 to 49 employees Firms With 50 to 99 employees make up 2 of rms and 1 of rms have 100 or more employees Architecture rms employ approximately 158000 people in the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics 36 of employees are licensed architects Architectural Registration Exam ARE 0 Cost of the ARE seven divisions 1470 0 Individual divisions 210 0 Retake 210 Optional addition costs study guides and courses EXAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONS W 11 12 Ah awner plans a single tamiin residence at send square feet is an arehiteetis seal required an the design decrements submitted illl39l the alpplieatieh tier uilding permit Min Any structure at any size that is tn he use for single family residene does not require an architeer seal an the dneuments submitted liar its building permit HEW 180841 Didi An earner weuld like te build buildings en a farm preperty39 that will heuse tracters and animate Will an arehiteetlis see he required an the deeuments submitted fer a building permit his A farm building er a structure used in sunneetidn with er ausilianlr tn sueh larm building sushi as a garage barn shed at shelter tier animals er thanltirieryr tides net require an arehiteet39s seal en the easements submitted ier a building permit HQttLtDEsii i Ari ewner weuld like he renevate twe areas at 25 square test each in an existing building Will an arehteet s seai he required an the deeumenrts submitted fer a building permit ties The limit at the cumulative sis ell sittempt prejeets within an existing building is send square test HEW ile dei riti An ewner plans a multie t amily residence at send square test with dwelling units is an arehiteetls seal required an the design deeuments submitted in the alppliieastieh tier building perm it il Nip Any structure at any size that is tn be usel tor a residential building all up is and ineiudihg 39leur dwelling units dees net require an arehiteet s seal an the deeuments submitted tier its building permit Are there penalties tier taeilitatine the unlleenlsed praetiee ef arehiteeture er ether uielatiens airline leastI res Aiding er abetting an unlieensed parsen is premise er aperate a business er prefessidn when a liesnse is required is against the law 113235130in Intern Development Program IDP Aspiring architects must acquire 3740 hours to satisfy the intern development program39s IDP experience requirement Three Types of Practices 1 Business Type 2 Service Type 3 ArtistPhilosopher Type Example Jonathan Segal The ArchitectDeveloper Model 1 The Business Practice Fashioned around a business model Where the value is in the exchange and not so much the product this practice offers little design and more delivery 2 The Service Practice Seeks to promote good design and build an attractive setting but not necessarily provoke new ground Prides itself on good client relation and repeat commissions OFFICE CULTURE 0 Service practices invest time and money on rst impression this is because they rely on marketing their values and developing client relations There is Hierarchy at the Service Firm between Designer Manager and Principle etc but no Superstar Icon Collaborative in nature no genius figure heaa although there is usually a lead designer Type QfPeoplePrqfessioncLLs More than just architects service practices can include interior designers engineers graphic designers etc this diversity is included to support the main mission of the rm Type of Projects and Level of Design Service Practices tend to specialize in a certain building type and build their portfolio with it Sometimes this is based on market forces and sometimes on local talents Weber Thompson Our philosophy at Weber Thompson is quite simple we seek to understand our client39s vision to excel at teamwork and believe that our success with projects that create value for them their audience and the earth A Commitment to Interior Design Given their market target which is housing and urban living Weber Thompson has realized that a good part of their value stems from developing quality interior Lan dscape Architecture Also given their commitment to urban living and design Weber Thompson has decided that their architecture is based not so much on the shape of a building but on the quality of both interior and exterior making landscape architecture an equally important component in their design strategies NBBJ is a different kind of design practice one that helps our clients drive innovation by creating highly productive sustainable spaces that free people to live learn work and play as they were meant to NBBJ Inside The Office Valuing transparency and open exchange of ideas especially between the young and tech savvy and the more experienced members of the firm Valuing sociability as creativity transcending boundaries Priding itself on being global and ethically diverse NBBJ has created an office and a setting that blurs the boundaries between spaces and also between on building and the next Global Practice Exploring the Potential of advance technology NBBJ has made a reputation for itself as a practice that is not afraid to incorporate emerging technologies including building information modeling parametrics augmented realities and more NBBJ uses its global clout and inhouse talent to explore fresh new ideas The artistphilosopher practice 0 Frank Lloyd Wright 0 Peter Eisenman o Rem Koolhaas ArtistPhilosopher Practitioner Onefoot in practice and one in mdemim FL Wright I Guggenheim Museum New York 2 Taliesin West Scottsdale Arizona 3 F allingwater As a philosopher artist Wright sought to nd forms and spaces that would best express the American spirit which he thought resided in the country and not the city He was highly in uenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson and his essays on Nature and the Poet Peter Eisenman I University of Cincinnati School of Architecture Peter Eisenman is an architect who has devoted his life to the pursuit of exploring the misalignment between actual space and psychological space and searching for forms that would best bridge that gap Daniel Libeskind I Jewish Museum Berlin Germany 2 De ing Gravity Born to holocaust survivor parents Libeskind has always been sensitive to easy access to meanings His designs tend to be less buildings per se and more an expression of struggle with meanings Prismatic forms reminiscent of shards of glass indicative of a perception of a world as an entity that was once whole but which has now become broken WW39s Projects Founders Sarah Whiting and Ron Witte John Patkau example Articulation 1 Newton Library Surrey British Columbia Patkau Architects 2 Strawberry Vale School Victoria B C To articulate is to heighten awareness of a certain connection bringing attention and visual joy to an intervention Examples 1 NADAAA PEOPLE 2 Samuel Mockbee amp Auburn Rural Studio Bryant House Hale County Alabama 1994 3 Paul Hirzel The Canyon House Clearwater River Canyon Idaho Rem Koolhaas 1 Dutch Embassy Berlin Germany 2 Seattle Public Library Koolhaas throughout has been fascinated by cultural emergencies especially capitalist productions and how architecture can express transformations wrought by these emergences OMA the main objective of any design exercise executed within the rm is to provide the client with new original concepts and a practical architecture with occasionally visionary ambitions In all projects OMA strives to go beyond the standard solution and is consequently able to rede ne typologies Our strategy to tackle projects is based on two fundamental principles research and collaboration Koolhaas seeks architectural expression to exemplify political and social development around the world sometimes using advanced engineering to do so including the way certain movements in culture triumph over others


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