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Surv World HistCivil II

by: Sheila Haley

Surv World HistCivil II HIST 1112

Marketplace > University of West Georgia > History > HIST 1112 > Surv World HistCivil II
Sheila Haley

GPA 3.58

Jonathan Goldstein

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About this Document

Jonathan Goldstein
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sheila Haley on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1112 at University of West Georgia taught by Jonathan Goldstein in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/230206/hist-1112-university-of-west-georgia in History at University of West Georgia.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
French Revolution and NAP 2quotd example of impact of Enlightenment ideas Bottom up Why France No release valve Why 1789 39 subject to the lords the first that collected taxes were the roman catholic the bishop would take a tithe of the goods which was 10 then the lord would come by and he could take as much as he wanted too and if there was a bad harvest the peasant would go into debt the RC had the most land landless creature Louis XVI 7 why the state s general Holds a parliament party then blames them for the spending Marie Antoinette king Louis 16Lh wife 39t them eat cake Versailles the castle Marquis De Lafayette Marseille 2quotd largest city in France Les Marseilles the people of Versailles Emaciation Prclamation of J French citi 7 sica 1769 St Helena 1821 and Buried in Lew Invalides Cathedral Paris starts om off the coast of Italy the boondocks of France lower class family had physical ele m6quot ts under 5ft tall he shock but he was a military genius Battle of Valmy 1792 French Alps Hessians only in it to get a paycheck they knew how to protect their necks the French had moral willingness to die for a cause 1795 1799 there is turmoil so the national assembly invites the general to take over the goals of the French revolution and he is there until 1815 when he is defeated in waterloo Emperor of the French or Consul War and Peace Biography on Napoleon Victory diesis was that he couldn t quit while he was ahead one set of laws for the up class and on for the lower tied to post and whipped a set amount of times and done in public peasants would get the morning off and the individual had to stay awake if a woman is engaged to someone and the lord took a fancy to her the lord was allowed to sleep with her before her husband the hope was the lord would impregnate her and the child would have better blood The reforms of Napoleon l Napoleonic code made everyone equal 2 National Education 7 established a totally free public education meals books everything is free 3 Church istate relations with the pope Napoleon proposes the concordat of 1802 live and let live peace treaty each party agree to certain things and gain a few things the pope is guaranteed the safety of the onomic Reforms Bank of France national treasury and king treasury was the same preNa milquot on 5 Commer Canning 1795 offered Appert in 1809 a to preserve food this land from Napoleon and that bailed him 0 t Spain and puts his brother Joseph in as the le i Czar Alex the first grandmot er didn t e A Congress of Vienna 18 fquot e central location to figure out what to do with the land and Napoleon Mettemich quotlquot of the Conference but the power head was Talleyrand who represent France what to do with Napoleon Talleyrand what do you think the reaction would be from the people from France there would be an up rise they exile him to Elba after a couple months he escapes and starts getting the army back the closest army to him was Great Britain so they both met at Waterloo in Belgium canons and artillery and this knock Napoleon out again they decided to exile him St Helena aka the middle of nowhere dabbles in botany and makes a potato that grows well in this island Mettemich Austria host Castleraugh G B AleX the First Talleyrand France Key Principles 1 legitimacy 2 containment 3 compensation Legitimacy A Restored Monarchs France Bourbon Paris Spain Madrid Sicilia Naples 1 I A 1 VA 4 1 l I 39 England Windsor London Russia Romanoff s St Petersb Austria Hubbubs Vienna Prussia Holtton Zollerns Monaco B Containment Lands along Rhine n 7 Prussia Belgium Austria Lombardy Venetia Austria C Compensation Malta Ceylon Cape of Good Hope Great Britain Finland Bessarabia 13 of Poland iRussia Dalmatia Galicia Lombardy Venetia Austria Poland and the regular man Nationalism grouping together a group of people with similar beliefs and languages on a certain piece of land have strong bonds with country men under same government all under same government don t like foreign rulers Geoffrey Chancre s Canterbury tales 1387 in English and Protestant Reformation early 1500 s Martin Luther nails his pamphlet on the front door 7 National Churches Henry 8Lh of England booted the pope out took over the land and got his divorce Liberalism freeing of the individual from government restrain in line with the ideas of enlightenment can be nationalism and liberalism Socialism Karl The Secret Societies Failure of Liberation quot 2 France 3 Austria 1 Russia Catherine Paul Ale er l poet Alexander Pushkin lead a eaceful re public demonstration Romanovs B interregn he period between the funeral and the coronation of the other Goose es book were in by a English man so those books are metry the La ilitary was learning this helps to the person to think what are the nces of the December revolt 48 Restored the Bourbons Louis Philippe the Bourbon guards stop a revolt and kill a bunch of innocent people and this is the last straw for Philippe he gets out of France Louis Blonk he head government only until the elections are held one of the runners were Louis Napoleon Bonaparte the neigh of Napoleon and he wins and slowly a few bad sings show up his opponents are rounded up and some are put in jail and the rest were exiled to Algeria These people are called the black feet next he but big boulevards after this he declares himself Emperor So he sends telegrams to all the monarchs that he can t help the name he was given and if he changed his name that he was still napoleons neigh and that would make the European powers more worries but he assures his turning France into a bulwark of bureaucracy and his putting his money where his mouth is and I help you if you have any problems with revolutionaries LNB is a smart guy and the French people suffer Austria Germany 24 Huns 14 Italians 10 Slavs 51 Jews 1 1848 the revolt that happened in France has spread throw Europe and it went almost instantly in Austria Francis the 151 Manirnik rule and change nothing when this revolt happened he gives the throne to his son Manimik gets out and he calls up Nicholas L V 4 V 5 E 5 B quotd quot1 O S B O D V C B Q D quot1 quotd O 13 D L C V a T A Hungary B Italian Provinces under Austria they wanted a uni ed Ital thrown out of one of his p democratic state Pius call daughter the family go I ney started with 8 hr work days classes Then in the late 1840 s immigrants came in to t e picture and they just want a job Worldwide Effect of IR 1 Diffusion Japan James Brunton lighthouses 2 Population Increases in Europe 3X 17501814this is impressive due to the fact that millions are immigrating to other places Italian 1861 resurgions bring back to life and Germany 1871 uni es historical Background compare and contrast the Italian uni cation vs German Italy Pius 9m Garbadi s Count Camillo Di Cavour he was head of arm of the king leads a war to unify Italy PM of the Kingdom of Piedmont under Prince Victor Emmanuel 2quotd He would be the head and the Count was under him Red shirts Plebiscites referendum voting on ideas for Italy what time of government Uni ed Italy or not Vatican city and San Marino technically not part of Italy the Pope is the ruler of the Vatican about the size of West Ga the Lantern Treaty pope and Italy in 1920 San Marino 18000 people size of Carol County major source of income stamps Germany 1871 outsiders looking in they don t need there on country because they had to strong countries Austria and Prussia but what about the Germanys themselves Felt they s d have their own ountry but the south want one and the north wanted a deferent way to mpeting Junkers 39 luerien Hanseatic League Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck 18 War against Denmark 1864 Austria 1866 English inventors 1 Darby 7 Iron 2 Wedgwood Pottery 3 Arkwright and Hargreaves Spinn n chines 4 Macadam Tar roads feed up with the J i 1al revolution left the cities and set up farms or lived in a cabin by himself if e worker in every factor did what they did the industrial revolution the factors would shut down Luddistes Geo LuddiEng he was a factory worker that the root of the problem are the machines you have to go into a factory and destroy the machines and this caught on like wildfire George Hegel The Dialectic 17701831 KM used this for his basis for communist manifesto Sit and wait L V Fascism expansionism its rise in Italy Mussolini 1920 and Germany Hitler 1933 Scienti c Revolution 1600 1800 Revolution means a turning up side of society Material condition of life the what of history Buildings were made from stone and cement log cabins everything stay as they did in pre 1500 times horse and wagon travel in ocean ship how a room was light torches and oil lamps metallurgy The why of History Why did this happen in the last 300 yrs Science Religion 7 1500 science was for religion Theocracy governed by religion pre sci rev William Harvey eng 15781657 personal doc to Charles the first he was compares to Albert Einstein Known as the Father of Anatomy and Physiology had body snuck to him and he would cut them up and he drew pictures of the body and organs then shortly before his death he started publishing books Gregor Mendel Austrian Monk Genetics Agro business Roman Catholic Church had the most land they farmed commercially pea plants fathers of genetics Then was called to experiment with hogs to produce bigger pigs Then started on eye color in humans and was shut up by the church 1600 s James the 1 Charles the 1 and the James the 2 and Charles the 2 Sci Rev stimulated by need for new water routes discovery and exploration spices and crusades Crusades English Kings take over Jerusalem cut off the supply of spices off due to this This produced a famine Portugal Prince Henry the navigator 1394 1460 comes up with a plan to get spices by means of science very religious man build ships and maps and describe the things they did see on this travels started an academy with his own money Segres Academy where people went to learn how to be sailors He learned the best map makers were the Arabs and he paid him to come and teach The best navigators were the Dams and he is brought to this academy and Genoa best in sailing in the medertrainan and he comes 1498 38 yrs after the prince s death Vasco da Gama makes the first trip around Africa to India and back he made a 3000 profit This all jump starts the scientific revolution Secular role Engi Charles 2 1662 He was respectful of parliament and had a very open mind towards science Reaches into his pocket sets up a foundation the Royal Society was to improve natural knowledge was to go beyond navigation Funds scientific experiments Not church ran not having to look over shoulder given freedom to do science Courageous individual Scientists Geocentric 7 Earth is the center of the universe everything else routed a around the Earth Copernicus 14731543 taught in a roman catholic university started to doubt the geocentric theory Wrote a book in 1543 on the revolutions of heavenly spears started to believe that everything went around the sun dedicates the book to the pope People start thinking heliocentrically Tycho Brahe Dane 15461601 geocentric in his believe but was good at making lens Galileo 15641642 used the microscope and turns it upside down and it became a telescope He is also a lens grinder He then observes the sky He writes publicly and was condemned by the RCC and tortured He was put on trial for heresy and was just pardoned in the 1980 s Sir Isaac Newton 1642 1727 Mathematic Principles Member of Parliament and was knighted member of the royal society and master of the mint one of the highest scientist calculates the weight of the object and the distance and force And it s the same pull with the sun and earth He is also highly honored and validates heliocentrically refers to the universe as automobile Also discovers natural laws Pneumatics how gases expand and tract Heron Alexandria BC he was an Egyptian model of steam engine Thomas Newton En 1663 1729 pulled water out of coal mines steam engine Jason Watt scot 17361819 perfects the steam engine Antoine Lavoiser 1743 1794 took a beaker of water and poured it into a kettle and put re under the kettle steam came out it was thought that the steam was nothing but Lavoiser put a lid on the container and it drips down to anther beaker and ends up with the same amount of water that he started with The amount of mass doesn t go away He develops chemistry and is the father of modern chemistry And the law of conservation of mass Challenged that god created the earth Scientific revolution Astronomy physics astro physics Pneumatics chemistry Biology anthropology Charles Darwin English 18091882 immutability The origin of species 1859 founder of anthropology Natural law Newton Natural selection Darwin survival of the fittest the beagle was a ship that Darwin sailed on for two year first to produce hard evidence Fossil an impression of an animal or foot print of leaf White bird against white sand survival of fittest Humans not the center of the universe Had lots of people upset The Enlightenment France 1689 1789 Supernatural ideas divine right that a god or goddess could put a king or queen on earth and made them smart enough to rule Caused religious wars due to intolerance EX 100 yr war between England and France A against divine right but not given an alternative B Paul Holbach French 17231789 The encyclolpedistes man made god up C Tom Paine refers to god and rst cause Ben Franklin Thomas Jefferson came up with watchmaker after god started everything up he just left it alone John Locke Great watchmaker rational god what he does on earth is how he is treated in the afterlife God started everything then left us alone Natural law no point in churches and pray find evidence spend time not pray but out there doing research Bible is full of superstition should be replaced with science D Baruch Spinoza Dutch 16321677 raised in an orthodox Jewish home Jewish bible but be literally wants to still be Jewish but I can t believe this kind of stuff happened treat this things that happened in the bible such as miracleseX Moses and the red seaas metaphors he was considered as a hieratic and not even buried in the Jewish cemetery Moses Mendelssohn German 17291786 started off as a translator ofbiblical Hebrew bible we need to est a branch of Judaism based on ethics and moral teaches of Baruch Spinoza for reformed Judaism And German Jews let this movement take off and today this is one of the largest of the 3 branches of Judaism Government Social compact values human liberty and life thought the English civil war was a good thing ask what is government and then comes up with 7 an agreement between governed and the government If people put them up there people can bring them down if they abuse their power Locke made a few things vague and the others clari ed bothered by a social compact a compact can be verbal or a hand shake Rousseau was bothered by this it needs to be but in writing or a legal agreement eX deed to car Social CONTRACT read lots of books on the Chinese empire made a list of all the emperors and let s see how they became king and he concluded that humans but them in power Yu was the first emperor of china do to his ood control ideas And reinstated that people put people into power The Sprit of Laws 1748 Economics An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes of the Wealth of Nations he outs mercantilism under attack Laissez Faire let do Invisible hand of government mercantilism and this will cause a war so causes endless trade wars Frowns upon the red tape Felt that merchants are confined to their shop eX the government puts bars on business Refers to this as the invisible hand Kings no nothing about economy kings cause waste Kings are the greatest spenders Professor of moral philosophy University of Glusgow author of an Inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations 1776 Smith really frowns down on the French monarch Government should protect society upon outside invasion and they have to get taxes for this protection government must have law enforcement should provide public works from which profits will never accrue ie road and bridges toll bridges The Enlightened Monarchs benevolent monarchs ruled for 34 yrs like Voltaire she bought Kepler s library and had it brought to her at first she didn t accept the enlightenment ideas felt her son was a lost cause but her grandson was given an education in the enlightenment ideas starts off as a tyrant but then feels like Russia should have a written code she was very interested in education nobles and military their children and family ruled almost as long as Catherine he was very energetic died of enema due to strain always behind a plow in his pictures wanted to help the serfs ruled 46 yrs Napoleon France The problem with these monarchs is heredity Paul undid what his mother did then Napoleon invaded and Alexander became ante French and west Europe and then Nicholas made his own mothers writing illegal and closed her schools American Revolution as a product of enlightened ideals The seven years war first world war fought between Britain and the French and the allies of the Indians and it was fought in Europe and the Ohio valley and the Indian Ocean Britain won this war even though they won the English treasury was broke decide to get the colonies to pay taxes Pitt said wait the system is not broke let s try not to mess with it the one thing we don t want to do I taX these colonies and if you do this they will rebel a stamp tax it was a taX on official documents ie a deed 1768 vote for a stamp act to go back to the British and the merchants held a stamp act congress they meet in New York and voted to boycott British goods until this act was removed So British parliament pulls the stamp act had to give supplies and house British soldiers it was a tricky tax these taxes result in the CC in 1774 each ofthe 13 colonies sent an elected delegate they set up another boycott vote to est an army and navy they end the meeting to see what the British are going to do Olive branch petition said we are your loyalist subjects we love you and your doing us an unjust and the king needs to but policies back to the way things were before then French and Indian war 7 inalienable rights natural rights rights that cannot be taking away family were Quakers no formal education was suppose to be a ladies Taylor for corsets he taught himself to read and write buys a ticket to Philadelphia becomes editor of a magazine the Pennsylvania mag He gets involved in 3 issues slavery status of women issues between British and United States Small audience is the CO The large audience is each person in the colonies He felt that kings came in on armed horses and est themselves as kings by lot elected or stealing the thrown says the island shouldn t governed a continent got this from Newton this violates the laws of nature Tis time to part combines the scientific writing and political writings that CO shouldn t be moaning but plow ahead and start a new country 6 mths after published independence is declared had to be reprinted 56 times Tomas Paine Revolutionary America scholar Eric Foner Popularizer Howard Fast 2quotd CC Natural law Musical 1776 In uent of Newton and Locke Revolutionary War 1776 1781 Aid from France signed a military alliance provided the first battleship to the navy give lots of money send 1000 s of trained soldiers to help train the minute men Marquis de Lafayette and Mirabeau and Rochambeau Spain and Morocco Laws Passed in 50 yrs after American Revolution in independence US Bearing the imprint of Enlightenment Ideas 1 how land is passed on Charlemagne starts feudalism puts the land into sections and then had a lord in each sections and he gets all rights and he has to defend that section and pass it on intact to the next male heir or it has to go back to the king cant divide up and has to go to the next male heir Jefferson felt that they had to abolish entail and primogeniture and they did get rid of it 2 Movement toward expansion of Franchise synonym is suffrage or the right to vote decided on locally had to own property over the age of 21 until 50 yrs after the war then they didn t have to own land this first election was the one Andrew Jackson won Stimulation of anteslavery Esp nw ordinance 1787 north west territories band slavery in these areas due to cotton not being prosperous until Eli Whitney made the L V cotton gin this made cotton and slavery prosperous 4 Greater religious freedom Est churches publicly tax supported churches Virginia had the Episcopalian church that received public tax support Thomas Jefferson felt that it was unjust for one church to get public taxes he set up the Virginia statute of


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