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U S History I (to 1865)

by: Sheila Haley

U S History I (to 1865) HIST 2111

Sheila Haley

GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sheila Haley on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2111 at University of West Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/230210/hist-2111-university-of-west-georgia in History at University of West Georgia.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
HIST 2111 United States History I to 1865 Spring 2010 University of West Georgia MW 700815 Pafford 206 Instructor Richard Primuth Office TLC 3103 Office Hours MW lllpm by Appt Email rprimuthwestgaedu Office phone 6788395348 What is it about history that makes some people dislike history classes so much The answer probably has a lot to do with misconceptions people have about what history is The British historian Arthur Toynbee said history is just one damn thing after another The famous Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes apparently agreed saying the literature of the past is a bore But any professional historian will tell you that history is about far more than the facts Names and dates are only the beginning Any fool can tell you what happened in the past the trick is to understand why Look around you Why is the United States of 2009 the way it is Why does it have the social cultural and political structures it does How did it get that way Why do you and I and our fellow citizens speak act and believe as we do The goal of HIST 2111 is to think about some possible answers Dr Brian A Doyle UGA Course Description This course is a broad survey of the growth and change within the United States from its earliest settlements through the Civil War Through lectures readings discussions and other activities we will examine political cultural and social themes in this nation s early history We begin with America s preColumbian civilizations con ict and colonization Colonial America move into the founding of a nation the growth of democracy and end with the American Civil War We will delve into such issues as race and slavery women s rights and popular culture The course is fairly light in reading but emphasizes development of writing skills Critical thinking and good analytical skills are essential in today s workplace and sharpening those skills will be a centerpiece of this course Course Objectives In addition to gaining a basic understanding of themes issues and events in American history to 1865 students will develop critical reading writing and thinking skills Students will come out of the course with a broader understanding of the United States place within a global context the nations diversity and the significance to their own lives Reguired Texts America A Concise History Vol 1 To 1877 4th edition by James A Henretta and David Brody BlackAmericans in the Revolutionary Era A Brief H istory with Documents by Woody Holton Course Reg uirements Movie Review You will need to write a 23 page review of a movie dealing with any topic in American history before 1865 After a short introduction and summary of the movie the paper should concentrate on the film s strengths and weaknesses Was it accurate Did it have a slanted viewpoint Was it good history Why or why not The paper needs an introduction argument with supporting evidence and a conclusion Movie suggestions include but are certainly not limited to Amistaal Glory The Crucible The Last of the M ohicans 1492 Conquest of Paradise The Patriot BlackRobe 1 776 A Woman C alleal Moses Drums Along the Mohawk Geronimo The New World Due January 27 Book essay Read and be ready to discuss BlackAmericans in the Revolutionary Era A Brief History with Documents on March 19 On that day there will also be a short essay 23 pages due Discuss the roles of African Americans in the Revolution Focus in one of three areas religion the ideals of freedom versus the reality or the differing viewpoints of black and white Americans You will need to develop an argument and use examples from the documents to bolster that argument Due March 17 Research Paper For this paper you may choose any topic in US history before 1865 In this 68 page work you will need to introduce your subject form a historical argument use evidence to support that argument and write a convincing conclusion A minimum of three sources of which at least half must be books are required the course text cannot be used as a source This paper will need footnotes and is expected to follow the Chicago documentation style We will discuss this in more detail during class Due April 14 Exams There will be three noncumulative exams given in the course These exams will be a mix of short identifications and essay questions You will need to bring your own blue books which can be purchased throughout campus February 10 March 8 TBA Class Participation This will determine a substantial portion of your grade and includes attendance and participation in class discussions Extra Credit You may write a short 23 pages review of a visit during the semester to a history museum exhibit or site for extra credit This needs to be a critical essay Did the site or exhibit seem to have an overall theme or message Were there historical inaccuracies What was done well and what was done poorly Please include a copy of your ticket or pass with a date attached to this paper Suggested sites include the Atlanta History Center Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site Andersonville West Georgia Museum of Tallapoosa Allatoona Pass Battlefield Pickett s Mill Battlefield New Echota State Historic Site Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History Kennesaw National Battlefield and the Tubman African American Museum in Macon Due anytime through April 28 Grading Grading Scale Movie Review 10 90 A Book Essay 10 80 B Research Paper 20 70 C Exam 1 15 60 D Exam 2 15 59 F Exam 3 20 Class Participation 10 Extra Credit up to 5 Writing Assistance This course has several writing assignments constituting 40 of your possible grade If you are struggling writing does not come easily to most people seek help sooner rather than later Suggestions include The UWG Library website includes citation and style guides as well as important history databases such as America History amp Life The Writing Center TLC 1201 College writing skills books many of these are quite good and can be found online for less than 100 wwwchicagomanualofstyleorg httpwwwbowdoineduwritingguides Peers having another pair of eyes proof your work is always a good idea Class Instructor I am happy to give any help that I can Class Rules Turn cell phones off during class this is common courtesy No food in class beverages are ne Attendance is expected and please be on time This is an academic environment show respect for others Academic honesty is expected Do not submit the work of others as your own Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and is not tolerated at this university For details see the Student Handbook appendix A and the history department statement on plagiarism http wwwwestgaeduNhistorystatementonplagiarismpdf See also httpwwwindianaeduNwtspamphletsplagiarismshtml Tentative Course Outline Week 1 January 68 Course IntroductionEarly Civilizations Week 2 January 11 15 Early North America to 1500 Read Henretta amp Brody chapter 1 Week 3 January 2022 no class Jan 18 Worlds Collide Read Henretta amp Brody chapter 2 Native Viewpoints on CourseDen Week 4 January 2529 Establishing Colonies Read Henretta amp Brody chapter 3 Women in Huron Society on CourseDen Due Movie Review January 27 Week 5 February 15 Colonial America Read Henretta amp Brody chapter 4 Week 6 February 812 The Approaching War for Independence Read Henretta amp Brody chapter 5 Exam 1 February 10


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