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Music Appreciation

by: Justice Homenick

Music Appreciation MUSC 1100

Justice Homenick

GPA 3.59

Emily Hunt

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About this Document

Emily Hunt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Justice Homenick on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSC 1100 at University of West Georgia taught by Emily Hunt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/230211/musc-1100-university-of-west-georgia in Music at University of West Georgia.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
Music Appreciation Syllabus Fall 2011 MUSC 110002 TR 800915 TLC 1200 MUSC 110003 TR 1230l45 TLC 1200 MUSC 110004 TR 2003 15 TLC 1305 Instructor Ms Emily Hunt Office Hours TR 9301215 330500 by appointment Email ehuntwestgaedu however please use CourseDen for all class communication Phone 6788396516 Office HUM 115 Course Description A listener s guide to Western classical music styles through recordings through live performances and through other media This class meets Core Area C Humanities and Fine Arts requirement This course will discuss how music has affected society religion politics philosophy etc from the middle ages through the 20th century with an introduction to the elements of music The goal of this course is to help you develop listening skills that will hopefully lead to a greater appreciation of musical styles genres and forms as well as enlighten you on how music has developed over time Required Materials Musz39c An Appreciation 10111 edition by Roger Kamien includes set of 5 compact discs Students may choose to purchase the most recent 10Lh edition OR an older edition The class will be taught from the 101 edition so it will be imperative that students pay attention in class to know the differences CDs are optional however the majority of music examples given in class and on tests will be from the CD included with the book Students will be expected to listen and be able to recognize much ofthe music from these discs iClicker remote device available in the student bookstore This will be used for attendance and pop quizzes Intemet access to CourseDen Five exam scantron sheets form number for scantrons will be given in class Attendance Students are expected to attend class regularly Tests given are heavily based on material from the lecture notes Attendance will be taken with iClickers for the official attendance record Work presented andor completed in class for a grade may only be completed by those in attendance The use of multiple iClickers falsifying attendance records will result in an absence on the part of all those involved and any other disciplinary actions deemed necessary by the instructor The portion of your grade based on attendance will be calculated as follows for every day the student is absent from class one point will be deducted from their attendance score Behavior Students are expected to attend class and behave in an orderly manner Lectures will be presented each day provided there are no interruptions Interruptions include but are not limited to Students entering late Students talking or whispering during the lecture Students leaving class before it is dismissed Cell phones beepers or other electronics going off during class Upon interruption the instructor reserves the right to dismiss class during the lecture censure speci c class members lock the door to prevent late comers from entering class administer pop quizzes or any other measures as deemed appropriate Students are responsible for all material covered in the lecture regardless of whether or not they were in attendance A few extra notes Texting during class is strictly prohibited Computers may ONLY be used for taking notes in class and NOT used for any other reason playing games doing work for other classes etc Cell phones MUST be on silent throughout the class and will NOT be present during any test or quiz Sleeping in class will not be tolerated Failure to follow any of these instructions may result in dismissal from class Please remember you are responsible for any of the material covered if you are dismissed Additionally any missed work quiz test as a result of a dismissal due to poor behavior will result in zero credit for that assignment TestsQuizzes There will be ve regularly scheduled tests All students are expected to be present during the scheduled test time and date All tests will be 50 questions 2 pts per question total 100 point tests Test material will generally include listening examples presented in class material from class lectures and material from the book Students are responsible for all material covered in class and material from reading assignments that may not be discussed in class Additionally there will be 10 pop quizzes given throughout the semester Quizzes will cover material recently discussed in class and will correlate with questions that may appear on the tests Grading Your grade will be made up of several different components Tests 100 pointstest total of 500 points CourseDen Discussions 25 pointsdiscussion total of 125 points Concert Reports 75 pointsreport total of 225 points Attendance total of 50 points Pop Quizzes 10 pointsquiz total of 100 points Total points possible 1000 A9001000 points B800899 points C700799 points D600699 points F0599 points CourseDen Online Discussions UWG CourseDen will be used as a supplement for this class Announcement grades schedules and calendars will be posted on CourseDen Five course discussions will be held online and will be a portion of your grade Students are responsible for making sure they can access the site and are familiar with the way the site operates Instructions for using the discussion board will be covered in class Students are responsible for participating in and knowing the deadlines for each discussion Announcements will be made in class when each new discussion has begun Live Performances and Concert Reports Students are expected to attend THREE approved live performances throughout the semester Additionally they are to write a one page summary about the performance These summaries should be submitted electronically within 3 days of the performance a report for a concert on Monday is due by Thursday at midnight Any report submitted later than the three days will lose 5 of the total value for each day it is late example a report submitted 5 days after the recital will lose 10 from the total worth Only concerts that have been approved by the instructor will count for this portion of your grade A list of concerts that are automatically approved will be listed on CourseDen Other performances MUST HAVE PRIOR APPROVAL for credit though it is strongly recommended that you attend UWG sponsored concerts since they are typically free affordable for students and support your University Students must turn in either an attendance report or signed program on the next class meeting time after the concert This will be discussed more in class The guideline for concert reports and concert etiquette will be discussed in class Academic Integrity Academic honesty will be taken very seriously throughout this course Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated this includes the use of intemet sources copying another student s work using another person s iClicker or any other unoriginal work All work must be original Any plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment and possible dismissal from the course Extra Details Policies procedures information etc posed on CourseDen or announced in class are binding as an addendum to this syllabus If you have any questions concerning policies rules procedures etc please direct these to the instructor as soon as possible It is your responsibility to make sure you understand all information presented in this syllabus


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