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Music Appreciation

by: Justice Homenick

Music Appreciation MUSC 1100

Justice Homenick

GPA 3.59

Peter Mueller

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About this Document

Peter Mueller
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Justice Homenick on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSC 1100 at University of West Georgia taught by Peter Mueller in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/230212/musc-1100-university-of-west-georgia in Music at University of West Georgia.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
Renaissance means A Rebirth The musical center of the beginning of the Renaissance period was A Burgundy Renaissance melodies are primarily A conjunct Which of the following is a Renaissance composer A Dufay A fourth voice added to songs by Burgundian composers was the A Bass Renaissance texture was primarily A Polyphonic A unique type of Renaissance cadence is called the cadence A Landini Fauxbourdon involved doubling the melody at the interval of a below the melody A Sixth u Fauxbourdon means llfalse A Bass One Burgundian song style was called the A Chanson All of the people on this list lived during the Renaissance period except A Christopher Columbus Chansons use secular texts while motets use texts A Sacred Which of the following is not a contrapuntal technique A Layering A contrapuntal technique in which note values are lengthened is called A Augmentatiom One composer who wrote during the Counter Reformation was Giovanni da A Vinci Gregorian Chant developed during the period AMedieval An Italian Renaissance song form was called the A Frottola TwoPart Inventions and Musical Offering were written by A Bach Which language is used in a motet A Latin A Renaissance form with one voice per part was called a A Madrigal Viols are played similar to the way one would play a A Cello A keyboard instrument whose keys cause strings to be plucked is an A Harpischord On a regal organ one person played the keyboard while the other pumped the A Bellows Which of the following is a Renaissance composer A Bach An instrumental transcription ofa motet is called a A ricercar Which of the following is not a Renaissance dance form A Motet A system that tunes octaves to exact frequencies and adjusts other intervals is called equal A Temperament Which of the following is not a Baroque composer A C Monteverdi Which of the following is not type of ornamentation A Fortissimo A Baroque form with more than one soloist with orchestra is called a concerto A grosso Movement from one tonal center to another is called A Modulation Senza battuta means without A Rhythm The texture that features a soprano solo cello on a bass line and harpsichord for harmony is called basso A continuo The symbol that defines metric patterns of strong and weak beats is called the time A signature Using musical elements to portray emotions is called the Doctrine of the A Affections The correct order of musical periods is A Medieval Renaissance Baroque In a basso continuo group the harpsichord player must realize the bass A figured You hear a composition as llexpressive of a peaceful trust in a divine beingquot Which of the following best describes the composition A The primarily polyphonic composition ended with all voices in unison A serious opera based on mythology was called opera A Seria Operas usually begin with an instrumental work called an A Overture A Baroque opera composer was Claudio A Monteverdi An oratorio that follows crucifixion of Christ as told in the biblical gospels is called an A Passion Which of the following is not a Baroque composer A Giovanni da Palestrin Handel s Messiah is an A Oratorio Which of the following is not a Baroque dance form A Passacaglia Which of the following dance forms has a slow tempo A Sarabande In the trio sonata the cello often plays the bass line while the harpsichord serves as the A Continuo An improvisatory virtuosic keyboard Baroque form is the A toccata A major composer during the Baroque period was Johann Sebastian A Bach A collection of danceinspired movements during the Baroque is called an A Suite The classical period was called the Age of A Enlightenment A classical composer born in 1685 was A Scarlatti I In Three famous piano sonatas by quot were Pathetique and AMoonlight Instruments during the classical period were better able to perform diminuendo and A Crescendo An involves playing chords melodically A arpeggio The abbreviation tpquot in an orchestral list stands for ATimpani What keyboard instrument dominated the classical period Apiano Which of the following is not a classical form Afrottola The composer who added trombones to the symphony orchestra was A Beethoven A piano can do all the following except A be carried in a piano How many clarinet players are in the following orchestral list 2332 2200 tp str A two A standard string quartet consists of 2 violins one cello and one A viola Eine kleine Nachtmusik is a


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