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ProbabStatistic for P

by: Luz Huels

ProbabStatistic for P MATH 4713

Luz Huels

GPA 3.71

Sheila Rivera

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About this Document

Sheila Rivera
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Luz Huels on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 4713 at University of West Georgia taught by Sheila Rivera in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/230221/math-4713-university-of-west-georgia in Mathematics (M) at University of West Georgia.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Probability and Statistics Journal Entries 1 Read the Fathom paper given to you and write a thorough response Do not summarize the article Your response should include the following Your reaction to the content of the paper What would this lesson have looked like had Fathom not been used How might it have been different without the technology How did Fathom help to make this an effective lesson 2 Suppose you randomly stopped schoolaged children as they entered WalMart and asked What grade are you in What type of variable does this question represent Explain your reasoning What are the observational units Suppose you gathered the data below Use this information to create a circle graph lGradeI K 1 2 3 4 5 lNumberl 10 20 45 90 10 5 3 Recently a researcher asked students to provide the number of minutes they spent reading the night before In addition the students reported their grade level The data are reported below Create a sidebyside stemplot for the data What statistical tendency is being exhibited Why might this statistical tendency exist What is a statistical tendency IGrade5577755777 ITime28I30I20202231I33191816 IGrade5577775577 Time34322429221828321723 4 Dr Rivera believes that teachers who were taught as children using manipulative are more inclined to use manipulatives in their own classrooms To test this she surveyed 50 teachers and asked them the following 0 When you were a child did your teachers use manipulatives in order to teach mathematical concepts to you 0 Do you use manipulatives to teach mathematics concepts to your students Of the 40 teachers replying yes to question 1 25 answered yes to question 2 Of the remaining 10 teachers 6 answered yes to question 2 0 Use the data provided to create a twoway table 0 Use the information to create and answer a question that represents marginal information 0 Use the information to create and answer a question that represents conditional information V39 0 gt1 9 0 Explain how to use snapcubes and the levelingoff procedure to solve the following problem On the first three quizzes Mary scored 6 9 and 7 points How many points must she score on the fourth quiz in order to have an average of 8 points Explain in your own words what is meant by the phrase The mean is the balance point of a distribution Include with your explanation a sample data set and an explanation of how the mean balances that particular data set Suppose that you are given the following data set 0 214225332l Find two different numbers that can be added to the given data set that change the median but not the mean Explain how you chose these two numbers Note The two numbers do not have to be integers a Create a box plot for the data set below Describe the process you use in identifying the 5 numbers used in creating the box plot Also describe how these 5 numbers are identified on the box plot 0 19 50 23 5 21 23 20 4 9 7 b Describe how you could use the length of the box in your box plot to estimate visually whether or not 50 represents an outlier a In your own words describe what it means if a person s test score is within one standard deviation of the mean b Suppose that for a set of test scores the mean is 78 and the standard deviation is 43 What would be the score of a person who scored 25 standard deviations above the mean Explain your reasoning a In your own words explain what it means for two variables to be positively associated Provide an example of a pair of variables that would be positively associated b In your own words explain what it means for two variables to be negatively associated Provide an example of a pair of variable that would be negatively associated Note Your examples should be different from those used in the text or discussed in class Suppose that your experiment is to ip a coin and then roll a die When asked to provide an example of a compound event Janie replied Getting heads on the coin and a 4 on the die This is a compound even because it contains information on both the coin and the die Explain to Janie why this actually represents a simple event Be sure to include an actual example of a compound event and why this event is a compound event 12 What is the difference if any between experimental and theoretical probability Explain your reasoning Suppose that 100 teachers at a local school were surveyed as to whether or not they used manipulatives in their mathematics classroom These teachers were also classi ed according to what grade level they taught The results of the hypothetical survey are given below Grades K 2 Grades 3 5 Uses 45 10 1 E Does not use 15 30 If one teacher is selected at random from this group of teachers nd the two probabilities below Explain how you arrived at your answer a Puses manipulatives 1 Grades K2 teacher b PGrades K2 teacher 1 uses manipulatives James has a map of the continental United States on his wall While wearing a blindfold he is going to throw a dart at the map He will then remove his blindfold and record what state his date hits Note You may assume that James will hit a state and not miss the map Sara believes that the probability of James hitting Georgia is 148 because Georgia is one state out of a possible 48 states What is wrong with Sara s idea What information is needed in order to actually compute the theoretical probability of James hitting Georgia 5 UI a Explain why The Sum Game is not a fair game Include with your 1 39 quot the quot quot 39 r 39 39 quotquot of Player 1 and Player 2 winning b Write a new set of rules for The Sum Game so that it is now a fair game Explain how you know that the game is now fair 9 a Based on the data contained in Journal Entry 13 is it true that the probability that a person uses manipulatives depends on whether or not they teach in Grades K2 or in Grades 35 Justify your response b In part a you should have show that the events uses manipulatives and gradelevel were dependent Reconstruct the twoway table in Journal Entry 13 so that it describes independent events You only need to change the numbersinot the columnrow headings Verify that the numbers in your two way table are representative of independent events 17 Consider the following problem You are going to randomly select two people from a group of 100 people You know that there are 25 teachers in this group What is the probability that the two people selected are teachers


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