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Instr Strat for Basic Business

by: Isaiah Walter

Instr Strat for Basic Business ABED 6128

Isaiah Walter

GPA 3.93

Sunil Hazari

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About this Document

Sunil Hazari
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isaiah Walter on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ABED 6128 at University of West Georgia taught by Sunil Hazari in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/230238/abed-6128-university-of-west-georgia in Business Administration at University of West Georgia.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Perceptions of Business Education Students39 Feature Requirements in Educational Web Sites Sunil Hazari EdD Associate Professor Richards College of Business State University of West Georgia W Wu DPE National Conference November 18 7 20 Washington DC ll Agenda Need for this research Literature Review Methodology Analysis amp Results QampA q Purpose of commercial webs Develop brand reputation Transaction based ecommerce Public relations Intranetportals 5 Hand 3 West ue 39 a 1 Characteristics of Eduwebs Instructional websites should have Intended learning goals Instructional strategies sequencing of events and activities Learning materials and activities Learner assessment and feedback 5mm szlindaleel 2i 5 am 0 WWW Wesloeog a mm mm m um um be my g l m lmwmmlw IV m M u Mun n W mm w VEIL OMI lemmxmmn mlr l39 W m I W WM w WWW h w mm W 1 wwwmym WNW mm WWWWWW mquot m EUMhwlw zw39xwmmmnu a mi 5 Vv39estGeo Gullle nan Timmy Iquot BudgeLlng Mm m munMm 1 mm mm m mm rtwmamdyvuml W hm wwmmmemul luwcyww rmmywmmn arm m m m m m mmmim u m mm mm a hm mm w mm Mum umm vcvmul 1min m 1 HM mm mm m u mm mm w my u mu mm my mum m um um mums mmmmm em mm m u m mm m mummnxmm mu m mnmmm w mum m WWW Mm EInI mm mum mm um w W WW mm mum mumm mm mm m n mmmmm mm 5 u m mm M w W mm M W m y m r mm kw W umm m s Hznxi W tbeor l 394 WWW mm 1 n Du m m Tn 50m l Web based instruction Web sites should actively engage students in activities using relevant curricular content Use a combination of usability instructional design learning theory cognitive psychology Active sites vs passive sites Interactivity positively influences learning outcomes website satisfaction and time on task Web development is not an exact science I Objectives of this study Identify important fmmrs of educational webs Explore selfreferent perception of human subjectivity Identify commonly shared attituds or perspectives Build framework to provide understandin educators39 interaction with eduwebs Discuss theoretical and practical implications of ndings amp directions for future resarc 5 Hand 9 Vestbeor a Factors USABILITV 1 Ease of Havigahoi i through Webste 2 Visual appeal ofweb pages 3 Consistency of design between web pages b ectives and instructions of instructional conmnt 5 Good interactivity such as Quizzes sirrulations LEARNABILITV 4 Clearly stated 0 J ah TECHNICAL FUNCTIONALITY 7 Miltimedia elemehe such as audioVideo 8 Web page downloadrefres time 9 Cross browser such as E Neecape functionality as I Statements 1 Ease of Navigation through website NAVI 2 Visual appeal of web pags VISU 3 Consistency of design between web pages CONS 4 Clarly stated objectives and instructions OBJT 5 Quality of instructional content CONT 6 Good Interactivity such as Quizzes simulations INTR 7 Multimedia elements such as audiovideo MUL 8 Web page download or refrsh time REFR 9 Compatibility with all Web browsers COMP g E ii Netscape 5 Hand r Vest eo I Research Design Extraction ofvariabls from literature review Subjects 58 Businss Education Graduate Students enrolled in ABED6128 during Fall 2003 and Fall 2004 WebQ instrument used Subgects rank ordered 9 feature statements NA VISU cons OBJT com lNTR MULT REFR cow Q sorts from subjects were correlated and factor analyzed to obtain clusters of subjects with consensus QSort Analysis Variation of Factor analysis where subjects rather than variables are grouped Technique for studying human subjectivity Stephenson 1953 Brown 1980 Forces subjects to conform to certain expectations Helps place respondents into clusters based on consensus or conflict Ideal for self referent perception study 13 sort instrument in Q a o i gums en ar s Hind M if ib lhl i Preliminary Rankings g Features order of importance Mean 5 Mustlrmmant 1Laasurmmant 5 gum is Wes39meo a ii Pearson Correlation Lwcmdanm inmates High cease Dfirdwmdmte betwem staiHnmt varieties Eigenvalues Amount of varianoe in the original variable associated with the factor Mean Eigenvalue 633 I 3 Factors with Eigenvalues gt Mean subjected to PCA with Varimax rotation s Hazari mu lay ulum39 17 West beer 1 Rank statement totals with each factor S Hazari m mman 15 West Georgia Factor Characteristics Hunt 5 19 Distinguishing statements Group 1 Quality of content clear objectives good interactivity Group 2 Compatible with browsers web page download time multimedia Group 3 Clear objectives web page download time consistency of design 3 31quot 2n WestGeohfm


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