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Princ of Accounting II

by: Alberta Murazik

Princ of Accounting II ACCT 2102

Alberta Murazik

GPA 3.88

Christine Haynes

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About this Document

Christine Haynes
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alberta Murazik on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACCT 2102 at University of West Georgia taught by Christine Haynes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/230251/acct-2102-university-of-west-georgia in Accounting at University of West Georgia.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
ACCT 2102 Principles of Accounting II Honors Expanded Course Outline Monday and Wednesday 1230 145 Spring 2009 Instructor Christine Haynes PhD Of ce Hours M W 330530 Phone 6788394814 T 300600 Fax 6788395040 F 200500 Of ce Adamson Hall 202B Email chameswestgaedu The policy of the University of West Georgia is that each student is responsible for checking hisher mywestgaedu email account on a regular basis I will often email messages to students This is the only address I II III IV I will use and may be the only noti cation given Catalog Description The determination of cost in a manufacturing concern and the use and analysis of cost accounting information in planning and controlling operations Required Background or Experience A Prerequisites ACCT 2101 GPA 20 B Prerequisite Justi cation Knowledge of the basic accounting model is reguired for successful completion of ACCT 2102 C General Education Core Contributions To complete assignments critical thinking abilities developed in mathematics will be utilized Learning Goals A Apply basic quantitative skills to business problems LG 2 B Possess a basic knowledge of accounting economics finance the legal environment of business management and marketing LG 4 C Recognize how ethical decision making and globalization affect organizations LG 5 D Utilize general and managementspeci c knowledge and skills in the analysis of business and economic problems LG 6 E Understand the principles and practices common to the major forms of accounting LG 7 Reading Materials Required text 7 Noreen Brewer Garrison Managerial Accounting for Managers McGraw HillIrwin 2008 ISBN 0073526975 Required 7 Problems Answer Packet Optional Student Study Guide and Workbook ISBN 0073368547 NOTE Included with your text is a web site authorization number This site has resources that are designed to help you with the course Please try out the site V Special or Unique Student Materials 0 A basic fourfunction pocket calculator is required for this course I This is the only type of calculator that may be used on testsiabsolutely no graphic calculators are allowed to be used on tests VI Special or Unique University Facilities 0 None VII Expanded Description of the Course and Instructional Method A Expanded Description of the Course 0 The emphasis of this course is on uses of accounting and nancial data internal to the firm how the numbers are developed and what they mean The course first introduces students to product and service costing techniques Second techniques for business planning and control are introduced The primary setting for the course is the manufacturing environment The concepts and methodologies introduced are transferable to other forms of business and nonbusiness organizations B Instructional Methods 0 Lecture and Problem Solving Product costing planning and control models are presented and appropriate problems are worked to illustrate concepts and procedures VIII Methods of Evaluating Outcome A Evaluation Tools Points Research Paper 50 Test 1 100 Test 2 100 Test 3 100 Test 4 100 Final Examination E Total 550 Missed Test Please contact me beforehand if you are going to miss an exam If an emergency occurs immediately before the exam contact me as soon as possible Failure to contact me within a reasonable amount of time could result in a zero for the exam B Learning Domains 1 cognitive knowledge comprehension application analysis synthesis evaluation 2 affective receiving responding valuing organization C This course covers the following AACSB perspectives IX 1 ethics 2 written communications 3 oral communications This course covers the following teaching objectives 1 analytical thinking skills 2 integration of functional business areas 3 interpersonal skills Other Imponant Miscellaneous Information A Extra credit 0 There is no extra credit in this course beyond that explicitly stated in the course syllabus Work from other courses 0 Work submitted for credit in other courses will not be accepted for credit in this course American Disabilities Act 0 It is the policy of UWG to accommodate students with disabilities pursuant to federal state law and UWG s commitment to equal educational opportunities Please contact Disability Services for more information 272 Parker Hall 678 8396428 Academic Integrity o The following is an excerpt from the UWG Student Handbook Honor Code At the University of West Georgia we believe that academic and personal integrity are based upon honesty trust fairness respect and responsibility Students at West Georgia assume responsibility for upholding the honor code West Georgia students pledge to refrain from engaging in acts that do not maintain academic and personal integrity These include but are not limited to plagiarism cheating fabrication aid of academic dishonesty lying bribery or threats and stealing Definitions Cheating using or attempting to use unauthorized materials information or study aids Fabrication falsification or unauthorized invention of any information or citation Plagiarism representing the words or ideas of another as one s own Direct quotations must be indicated and ideas of another must be appropriately acknowledged Itake the Honor Code ver seriousllg Anyone caught violating the Honor Code will be subjected to the harshest punishment allowed by University guidelines 3 Instructor Comments A Out of respect for the class there are to be no pagers cell phones musical calculators or other noisemakers in use during class Ifyou are expecting an important call please make arrangements to receive it outside of class Note It is inappropriate for you to leave class to take a phone call or answer a page I consider it rude and disruptive behavior for a student to play with a cell phone ipod etc or to use headphones during class Please keep these items turned if and put away during class I expect you to be on time A tardy may count as an absence Academic dishonesty will result in dismissal from the class with the grade of F IMPORTANT I expect you to attend class After m 4 absences for m reason your nal grade be decreased by one letter grade for absence after four 4 Be wise and don t use up your 4 free absences for just sleeping late or skipping All absences excused or unexcused count Remember 7 I do not give grades you earn them Having said that Iwill help you in any way possible to succeed in this class Please take advantage of my of ce hours and the review sessions that will be held before each exam Also I hope you will let me know ifI can do anything else to help you short of giving you the test answers


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