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Financial Reporting II

by: Alberta Murazik

Financial Reporting II ACCT 3213

Alberta Murazik

GPA 3.88

Christine Haynes

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About this Document

Christine Haynes
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alberta Murazik on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACCT 3213 at University of West Georgia taught by Christine Haynes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/230252/acct-3213-university-of-west-georgia in Accounting at University of West Georgia.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
ACCT 3213 FINANCIAL REPORTING II Expanded Course Outline Spring 2009 Instructor Dr Christine Haynes Classroom Adamson Hall 227 Of ce 202B Adamson Hall Class Time M W 530645 pm Phone 6788394814 Of ce Hrs M W 330530 pm Fax 6788395040 T 300600 pm E Mail chayneswestgaedu F 200500 pm I Catalog Description III A continuation of ACCT 3212 with emphasis on the measurement and reporting of depreciation intangibles liabilities contingencies corporate capital investments income income taxes and cash ows Required 39 or Fxnerience Prerequisites ACCT 3212 with a minimum grade of C Prerequisites Justi cation Basic knowledge of accounting and the accounting cycle is required including knowledge of deferrals and accruals An indepth knowledge of accounting for receivables inventories and xed assets is needed General Education Core Contribution This course uses the writing skills developed in English the oral skills developed in Speech and the critical thinking and analysis abilities developed in Mathematics The knowledge gained in Core Area IV courses of ACCT 21012102 CISM 2201 spreadsheets and BUSA 2106 are also used Expected Outcomes wwwwestoa edn Nacc n htm I An expanded mastery of computer applications and word processing skills through case based written assignments LG3 Learning Goal 3 Improve communication effectiveness in oral presentations and in writing LG1 Improve and display critical thinking and analytical abilities through problem solving and examinations LG2 LG6 LG7 Understand and apply the accounting principles underlying nancial presentation and valuation of major asset liabilities and stockholders equity categories LG2 LG7 Understand and apply the accounting principles underlying the determination of income and appropriate nancial disclosures LG2 LG7 V I Have a working knowledge of ethical political and legal considerations affecting external nancial reporting LG4 LGS Text and Materials REQUIRED Intermediate Accounting Nikolai Bazley amp Jones 103911 ed 2007 Thomson Southwestern Included with the 10Lh edition text is a Thomson NOW access card which is reguired This text will also be used for the subsequent Financial Reporting III course OPTIONAL Financial Accounting Exam Questions and Answers Gleim and Collins Gleim Publications Expanded Description of the Course N E 4 V39 0 The first module examines the accounting for depreciation and depletion including both the calculation of depreciation using various methods and the theoretical nature of depreciation and depletion and their impact on income determination This includes coverage of the accounting for intangible assets including both identi able intangibles and goodwill The second module examines the measurement and reporting problems associated with current liabilities longterm liabilities and longterm notes receivables Coverage of current liabilities includes determinable liabilities such as accounts payable refundable deposits payrollrelated liabilities as well as warranties and premiums Coverage of longterm liabilities includes accounting for bonds Coverage of longterm notes receivables include loan impairment The third module examines investments including trading availableforsale and heldtomaturity debt and equity securities Both the marktomarket and equity approaches are included Investment bond premium amortization is also included The fourth module examines accounting for corporate capital Contributed capital is addressed including stock issues under various conditions preferred stock transactions and treasury stock transactions This is followed by accounting for retained earnings including dividends stock splits and the appropriation of retained earnings Accounting for convertible securities and stock options and warrants is presented Finally the calculation of earnings per share is addressed The fifth module examines revenue recognition and the measurement of net assets This includes coverage of revenue recognition alternatives at the time of sale during production eg percentageofcompletion and at the time of cash receipt The sixth module examines accounting for income taxes Coverage consists of interperiod income tax allocation including both temporary and permanent differences between pretax financial income and taxable income recording and reporting deferred tax liabilities assets and operating loss calrybackscalryforwards The concept of intraperiod tax allocation is also covered 7 The nal module involves the preparation of the statement of cash ows using the indirect methods VI Instructional Methods Lecture amp Problem Solving Each chapter will be discussed but reading the material before you come to class is imperative for you to follow the class discussion and ask questions Online Quizzes Online quizzes are assigned for each chapter Each quiz will be opened the day that we begin the chapter and are due the rst day after we nished the chapter Each quiz will be closed and no longer unavailable a few minutes before class time on the day it is due Don t wait until the last minute to complete the quiz Group Assignments You will form groups of two or three to complete each Excel assignment Each group should turn in one group solution T he nal product must be the unique work of your group In other words DO NOT allow anyone to see your nal group project or let them copy it If I nd two or more projects that look very similar all students involved will receive a 10 deduction on their nal grades VI Methods of Evaluating Outcomes Evaluation Tools Exams 3 20 each 60 Final Exam 20 Quizzes 10 Excel Assignments 10 100 NOTE You will need a ScanTron for each exam VII Learning Domains I Cognitive Knowledge comprehension application analysis synthesis and evaluation I Affective Receiving responding valuing organization and characterization AACSB Perspectives I In uence of Political Issues I In uence of Legal and Regulatory Issues I Ethical Issues I Oral Communications I Written Communications Teaching Objectives I Interpersonal and group skills I Written and oral communications Analyticalcritical thinking skills Social responsibility Depth in the major Other quot but Imnortant Information Absences Class attendance is reguired Students are allowed four absences excused and unexcused For each absence after four a letter grade will be deducted from the student s nal grade Be smart Save your absences for true emergencies mywestgaedu The policy of the University of West Georgia is that each student is responsibility for checking hisher mywestgaedu email account on a regular basis Any announcements related to this class will be sent to your mywestgaedu account Extra Credit There is no extra credit in this course beyond that explicitly stated in the course syllabus Work from Other Classes Work submitted for credit in other courses will not be accepted for credit in this course Amelich Disabilities Act It is the policy of UWG to accommodate students with disabilities pursuant to federal state law and UWG s commitment to equal educational opportunities Please contact Disability Services for more information 272 Parker Hall 678 8396428 VIII Academic Integrity The following is an excerpt from the UWG Student Handbook Honor Code At the University of West Georgia we believe that academic and personal integrity are based upon honesty trust fairness respect and responsibility Students at West Georgia assume responsibility for upholding the honor code West Georgia students pledge to refrain from engaging in acts that do not maintain academic and personal integrity These include but are not limited to plagiarism cheating fabrication aid of academic dishonesty lying bribery or threats and stealing Definitions Cheating using or attempting to use unauthorized materials information or study aids Fabrication falsification or unauthorized invention of any information or citation Plagiarism representing the words or ideas of another as one s own Direct quotations must be indicated and ideas of another must be appropriately acknowledged Itake the Honor Code very seriousllg Anyone caught violating the Honor Code will be subjected to the harshest punishment allowed by University guidelines Instructor s Comments This class will move quickly The material covered in the class is essential to your success as an accountant and accordingly you will need to learn not memorize each module Remember 7 I do not give grades you earn them Having said that I will help you in any way possible to succeed in this class Please take advantage of my office hours Ihope you will let me know if I can do anything else to help you short of giving you the test answers N Course Schedule subject to change Chapter 13 M131 M 133 M136 M138 M13 Wednesday Jan 28 10 E1311 E1314 E1316 E1317 P131 P132 Chapter 14 LongTerm IMPORTANT Liabilities Review Present Value Concepts starting on 1314 2 1314 3 P148 part 1 onlyP1410P1412 ScanTron to Class for Exam Chapter 16 Contributed Capital COURSE SCHEDULE CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


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