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Intro to Instructional Technol

by: Devan Stokes III

Intro to Instructional Technol MEDT 2401

Marketplace > University of West Georgia > Media > MEDT 2401 > Intro to Instructional Technol
Devan Stokes III

GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Devan Stokes III on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MEDT 2401 at University of West Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/230258/medt-2401-university-of-west-georgia in Media at University of West Georgia.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
MEDT 2401 Skms Sets Word Excel PowerPoint Access and Internet Microsoft Word 2003 Skill Set Start Word 803 Open a document 804 Open a new document window 805 Use Word Help 806 Close a document and exit Word 807 Use the Smart Tag action button 808 Insert text 101 Cut and paste text 102 Copy and paste text 103 Use Paste Special 104 Move text 105 Find and replace text 106 Use AutoCorrect 107 Insert symbols 246 Using Word Wrap 687 Click and Type 688 Autoformat text as you type 689 Display formatting marks 690 Move to a specific location in a document 692 Select text 693 Use Undo and Redo buttons 694 Insert a symbol automatically 695 Use the Paste Options button 696 Collect and paste using the clipboard task pane 697 Insert a date with AutoCompIete 698 Create an AutoText entry 699 Zoom page width 700 Insert hidden text 943 Use Reading layout and otherviews 621 Adjust line spacing 702 Change font size 703 Change font 704 Italicize text 705 Check spelling 108 Use the Thesaurus 109 Check grammar 110 Applythe superscript font effect 121 Highlight text 124 Bold text 708 Apply a character style 127 Check Spelling and Grammar as You Type 1249 Select a line 1251 Underline a word 1252 Delete selected text from document 1255 Count words 1258 Recount words 1259 Select nonadjacent text 1261 Change color of text 1267 Insert an AutoText entry 1271 Cut text 1277 Apply a paragraph border 129 Apply shading to paragraphs 130 Indent paragraphs 131 Center a paragraph 711 Add a page border 714 Set Decimal tabs 132 Modify tabs 133 Add bullets 134 Add numbering 135 Create an outline 136 Hyphenate a document 715 Apply paragraph styles 137 Rightalign a paragraph 1250 Firstline indent paragraph 1257 Create a hanging indent 1260 Apply a paragraph border different from the default 1274 Justify a paragraph 1296 Create a document header 138 Modify a document footer 141 Apply columns 142 Modify text alignment in columns 143 Revise column layout 144 Insert page breaks 145 Insert page numbers 146 Modify page margins 147 Change the page orientation 148 Create tables 149 Apply AutoFormats to tables 151 Modify table borders 152 Insert rows in atable 154 Delete table columns 157 Modify cell formats 165 Enter data into a Word table 716 Sort table data 718 Use print preview 166 Print documents 167 Print envelopes 168 Print labels 169 Print using Reading Mode 941 Create document background colors and fill effects 950 Modify document background colors and fill effects 961 Print a draft 1253 Switch from insert to overtype mode 1254 Apply formatting using shortcut keys 1256 Use the Research task pane 1264 Zoom text width 1269 Clear formatting 1270 Insert a next page section break 1275 Insert Word document into open document 1276 Delete a page break 1278 Create a header different from previous section header 1279 Change page number format 1280 Rotate text in a table cell 1284 Insert a column break 1298 Create folders for document storage 170 Rename folders 945 Create a document from a template 171 Save a document 172 Use Save As 173 Insert Clip Art 720 Resize a graphic 721 Create a text box 723 Create WordArt 725 Create charts 175 Modify charts 176 Create diagrams 177 Modify diagrams 178 Add picture bullets to a list 1282 Insert a symbol 1293 Compare and merge documents 179 Insert comments 180 Delete comments 181 Save documents as web pages 183 Switch from one open Word document to another 1268 View HTML source associated with a Web page 1273 Edit a comment 1304 Print an outline 1306 Control Pagination 184 Set line breaks 185 Modify default font 952 Customize document properties 963 Format Sections 187 Verify paragraph formats 188 Clear formats 189 Use Page Setup options to format sections 250 Change character styles 191 Create paragraph styles 192 Change paragraph styles 193 Mark an index entry 194 Insert a table of contents 195 Create footnotes 198 Format footnotes 199 Edit footnotes 200 Create master documents with three or more subdocuments 204 Use bookmarks 205 Use Document Map for document navigation 206 Review and modify document summary 944 Summarize relevant content using automated tools eg AutoSummarize 948 Analyzing content readability using automated tools eg Readability Statistics 949 Insert a Checkbox 730 Apply a password to a document 1385 Modify table formats by merging table cells 213 Advanced Text Wrapping using Tables 847 Insert frames 951 Modify frames 962 Insert graphics in documents 216 Modify graphics 217 Crop and rotate graphics 946 Control image contrast and brightness 947 Insert hyperlinks 232 Modify hyperlinks 233 Email Word documents 735 Convert a hyperlink to regular text 736 Display the Web page associated with a hyperlink 737 MEDT 2401 Skms Sets Word Excel PowerPoint Access and Internet Microsoft Excel 2003 Skill Set PDF Insert a cell Delete selected cells 2 Merge cells 3 Split cells 4 Move cells 5 Insert columns and rows 622 Copy cells 373 Delete rows and columns 623 Center across selection 624 Use the Office Clipboard 625 Use the fill handle to copy a cell 626 Use the fill handle to create a series 627 Add records with the data form 629 Edit text in cells 6 Edit numbers in cells 7 Apply number formats currency and percent 8 Apply number formats dates and comma 9 Clear cell content 10 Clear cell formats 374 Check spelling in a worksheet 263 Use the Research task pane Thesaurus Dictionary 926 Use find and replace to change cell contents 264 Go to a specific cell 265 Find records in data form 630 Delete records in data form 631 Sort a list on one field 632 Sort a list on multiple fields 633 Filter lists using AutoFilter 267 Use Advanced Filter 634 Create a list range 920 Undo and Redo an entry 1179 Select a cell 1182 Enter numbers with format symbols 1187 Use the fill handle to copy multiple formulas to adjacent cells at one time 1188 Use the List button and Toggle Total Row button on the List toolbar 1206 Use wildcard characters in a query using a Data Form 1207 Drilling an entry through worksheets 1210 Locate and open existing workbooks 268 Use Save 376 Create a workbook from a template 270 Use Save As to store workbooks to different locationsunique namealternate file format 272 Save a custom view of a worksheet 636 Searching for workbooks 1217 Unprotecting a passwordprotected worksheet 1327 Changing the properties of a workbook 1333 Modify XML view options 1334 Add an XML map to a workbook 1335 Delete an XML map from a workbook 1337 Change fonts 637 Apply bold and italics 638 Change the font color 639 Add borders 640 Set cell color 641 Right align cells 643 lndent text 644 Wrap text 645 Rotate text 646 Hide rows and columns 276 Unhide columns 251 Freeze rows and columns 277 Modify row height 279 Modify column widths 280 Apply Styles 282 Create a style 648 Apply AutoFormats to worksheets 283 Format a worksheet background 649 Modify worksheet orientation 284 Add headers to worksheets 285 Change margins in Page Setup 650 Control page breaks 651 Set print areas 288 Print a worksheet 289 Printpreview a worksheet 290 Print nonadjacent selections of worksheets in a workbook 291 Display formula contents 654 Change zoom settings 655 Printpreview nonadjacent sections of a worksheet 854 Fit to Print 1185 Show a hidden toolbar and hide an active toolbar 1189 Move and dock a toolbar 1190 Add a drop shadowto a selection 1191 Select nonadjacent cells 1192 Format chart data labels 1193 Rotate and tilt a 3D Pie chart 1195 Split a window into panes 1197 Use Select All button to assign formats to the entire worksheet 1199 Formatting cells before entering data 1201 Center Across Selection using Alignment tab in Format Cells dialog box 1203 Formatting the Insert row in an Empty List 1204 Add fields to a list 1205 Center on page horizontally 1213 Printing all worksheets in a workbook 1214 Printing nonadjacent worksheets in a workbook 1215 Hiding page breaks 1216 Insert worksheets into a workbook 292 Delete a worksheet from a workbook 293 Hide worksheets in a workbook 924 Reposition worksheets in a workbook 294 Format worksheet tabs 295 Modify worksheet names 656 Hide workbooks 925 Create formulas using the formula bar 297 Edit a formula 298 Use absolute references 300 Use relative references 301 Create formulas using the SUM function 302 Create formulas using the MIN function 303 Create formulas using the MAX function 304 Create formulas using the DATE function 305 Create formulas using the NOW function 306 Create formulas using the PMT function 307 Create formulas using the IF function 308 Create formulas using the COUNTIF function 658 Create formulas using the SUMIF function 659 Create formulas using the EV function 660 Create formulas using the PV function 852 Create formulas using the TODAY function 1049 AVERAGE function 1183 Entering formulas using Point mode 1186 Use the ROUND function 1209 Create charts using the pie chart types 309 Create charts using column chart types 310 Format charts 311 Edit a chart 661 Position a chart 662 Printachart 663 Position graphics 314 Adding a chart title using the WordArt tool 1211 MEDT 2401 Skms Sets Word Excel PowerPoint Access and Internet Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Skill Set PDF Create presentations from a blank presentation 378 Create presentations using the AutoContent Wizard 379 Create presentations using Design templates 380 Delete slides from a presentation 382 Create a specified type of slide 441 Copy a slide from one presentation to another 448 Using Smart Tags 933 Add information to the Footer area of Slide Master 383 Add information to the DateTime area of Slide Master 384 Add information to the Number area of Slide Master 385 Remove a footer from the title slide 445 End a Show with a Black Slide 1220 Display a Presentation in Black and White 1221 Use the Notes and Handouts sheet to add headers and footers 1224 Change the Organization Chart Preset Design Scheme 1236 Create and Present a Custom Show 1237 Connect to the Microsoft Office Templates Web Site 1369 Locate and Download a Template 1370 Connect to the Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media Web Site 1371 Open a Word outline as a presentation 386 Edit text on slides 388 Format text in slides 389 Use pens highlighters arrows and pointers for emphasis 936 Use find and replace 449 Check Spelling 452 Using the Research Pane Thesaurus 931 Use the Format Painter 453 Add AutoNumber bullets 455 Add graphical bullets 456 Format a Table Cell 1235 Delete Title and Subtitle Text Placeholders 1238 Create tables on slides 390 Add Clip Art images to slides 391 Add charts to slides 392 Add a graphic image from a file 393 Modify a chart 458 Build an organization chart 459 Modify an organization chart 460 Add graphics to backgrounds 395 Create a text box 396 Modify a text box 397 Apply userdefined formats to tables 398 Change the Size of Clip Art 1223 Animate Clip Art 1225 Ungroup a Clip Art object 1231 Change the color of a PowerPoint object 1232 Regroup objects 1233 Create a WordArt Element 1239 Display the Grid and Guides and Position the WordArt Object 1240 Insert an AutoShape 1360 Apply a Motion Path Animation Effect to an AutoShape 1363 Format AutoShape Text 1364 Format a Venn Diagram 1366 Format slides differently in a single presentation 399 Modify presentation templates 400 Modify the format of slides independent of other slides 401 Apply more than one design template to presentations 402 Apply an animation scheme to a single slide 403 Apply an animation scheme to a group of slides 404 Apply an animation scheme to an entire presentation 405 Applytransition effects to a single slide 406 Applytransition effects to a group of slides 407 Applytransition effects to an entire presentation 408 Customize slides 409 Customize templates 410 Create multiple Slide Masters 411 Manage multiple Slide Masters 412 Format text on a Slide master 450 Rehearse presentations 413 Change the order of slides in a presentation 414 Change the layout of individual slides 415 Add hyperlinks to slides 416 Add an action button 457 Add and modify placeholders 934 Change the Viewto Slide Sorter View 1222 Change a Bullet Character and Color on the Slide Master 1234 Hide a Slide 1241 Adding Notes 1243 Change Ink Color 1244 Hide the Mouse Pointer and Slide Show Toolbar 1245 Set Slide Show Timings Manually 1367 Add and Format Slide Numbers on the Slide Master 1368 Print slides 417 Print handouts 418 Print Speaker Notes 419 Print comments pages 420 Change Print Preview options 935 Print an Outline 1226 Insert embedded Excel charts in slides 421 Insert Excel charts in slides as linked objects 422 Add streaming audio and video with media player 932 Insert embedded Word tables in slides 425 Insert Word tables in slides as linked objects 426 PowerPoint Help System Type a question for help box 1218 Set up presentations for delivery 428 Create folders for storing presentations 431 Save a presentation as HTML 433 Email a presentation from within PowerPoint 1227 Edit a Web Page through a Browser 1230 MEDT 2401 Skms Sets Word Excel PowerPoint Access and Internet Microsoft Access 2003 Skill Set PDF Stan Access 809 Create a new database 810 Open an existing database 811 Use Access Help 812 Close Access 814 Convert an Access 2000 database to 20022003 format 815 Use Undo and Redo 816 Work with Sman Tags 912 Create databases using the Database Wizard 461 Edit records from a table using a datasheet 481 Edit records from a table using a form 482 Delete records from a table using a datasheet 483 Work with the Task Pane 745 Open Access objects in the appropriate views 462 Open a query 746 Open a form 747 Use navigation controls to move among records in a form 543 Format a table or query datasheet for display 465 Apply a cell effect 466 Resize to Best Fit 846 Close the Language Bar 1143 Use the New Record button to add a record 1144 Previewthe Contents of a table 1145 Switch to Landscape Orientation 1146 Add field to table between other fields 1154 Specify a required field 1155 Specify a default value 1156 Order records in datasheet view 1157 Create a table using the Table wizard 467 Create one or more tables in Design View 749 Define text fields 753 Define number and currency fields 754 Define DateTime and YesNo fields 755 Specifythe Primary Key 758 Switch between form view and datasheet view 759 Use the Input Mask Wizard 468 Add a lookup field to a table using the Lookup Wizard 469 Change the data type 470 Modify field propenies for one or more tables in Table Design view 760 Change the format propeny of a field in Table Design View 761 Create Select queries using the Simple Query Wizard 471 Add a table to the Design View query grid 853 Create a crosstab query 765 Create a find duplicate query 1083 Create a find unmatched query 767 Sort a query on multiple fields in Design View 768 Create a top values query 108 Add a calculated field to a Select query 472 Format results displayed in a calculated field 473 Print the results of a query 771 Clear a query 773 Include all fields in a query 1149 Include criteria in query for field not in results 1150 Omit duplicates when sorting a query 1151 Restrict records in a join 1152 Create forms using the form Wizard 474 Create auto forms 475 Modify the properties of a form 476 Modify specific controls on a form 477 Align controls 776 Format controls 777 Move controls 778 Resize controls 779 Modify labels 780 Create mailing labels 784 Add combo box that selects values from list 1164 Add a title to a form 1165 Enter data in OLE fields 1166 Enter data in Hyperlink fields 1167 Change the size mode 1168 Change tab stops 1169 Create auto forms 1397 Modify a subform 1398 Enter records into a datasheet table 478 Delete a field from a table structure 787 Move a field in a table structure 788 Delete records from a table using a form 484 Add a field to a table structure 789 Create queries using Wizards 485 Create a query in design view 791 Sort records in a database 486 Filter datasheet by form 487 Filter datasheet by selection 488 Resize panes and field list in Query Design view 1148 Create a onetomany relationship using the Relationships window 489 Enforce referential integrity in a onetomany relationship 490 Create a report using Report Wizard 491 Add a field to a report 795 Add calculated controls to a report section 492 Preview a report 493 Print a report 494 Expand the contents of a text box vertically to fit the data in a field 1160 Align controls in a report 1162 Add a date to a report 1308 Add a page number to a report 1309 Add command button to add a record to a form 1310 Create a report using Report Wizard 1403 Import structured data into Access tables 495 Import a table from another Access database 798 Export data to Word 1134 Create data access pages using the Page Wizard 498 Link an Excel worksheet to an Access table 1158 Save a PivotChart to a Data Access page 1177 Specify data validation criteria for one or more fields 499 Specify validation text for one or more fields 500 Link tables between Access databases 501 Update linked tables using the Linked Table Manager 542 Create lookup fields 502 Create custom input masks 503 Use subdatasheets 1117 Create a form in Design view 504 Create Database Switchboards 505 Set startup options 506 Create the Macro group for Switchboards 802 Add a command button to a Switchboard page 819 Add option groups 850 Modify switchboard pages 11 11 View and test a switchboard 1112 Create a subform using queries 820 Modify a subform 822 Add a Combo box 823 Create a multitab form with a chart 851 Use a tab control to create a multipage form 1096 Use combo boxes 1098 Add a chart to a form 2004 Create a lookup wizard field 1086 Add controls to a form 1092 Add command buttons 1093 Add a list box to a form 1095 Use filters with forms 1097 Use memo fields in forms 1100 Use OLE fields in forms 1101 Use hyperlink fields in forms 1102 Use date and memo fields in a query 1103 Place a rectangle on a form 1312 Modify the add record button to set the focus 1313 Create queries with AND conditions 509 Use text data in critera for a query 824 Use a list of values in a query 826 Create calculated fields 849 Build summary queries 827 Use nonmatching values in a query 1087 Create an advanced filter in a table 511 Apply an existing advanced filter to a query 512 Use contextsensitive help for statements in SQL view 917 Create a single field index 828 Create multiple field indices 830 Join a table 831 Use an outer join 845 Create and run a parameter query 515 Create and run a Delete query 517 Create and run an Update query 545 Use the AVG function in a query 519 Use computed fields and sort the results 1088 Use aggregate functions in queries to peform calculations 1091 Create reports with at least three sections using Report Design view 522 Use filter by form 1136 Use AutoFormats 835 Insert a picture in a report 836 Print specific pages of a report 911 Define conditional formatting rules 1108 Add subreport controls to a report to display associated data 523 Set group and sorting options for reports 524 Check errors in a report 913 Change join properties 1105 Change field properties 1106 Assign a conditional value to a calculated field 1109


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