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American Popular Music

by: Lukas Volkman DVM

American Popular Music MUSIC 102

Lukas Volkman DVM
GPA 3.77

Martin Rosenblum

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About this Document

Martin Rosenblum
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lukas Volkman DVM on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSIC 102 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Martin Rosenblum in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/230262/music-102-university-of-wisconsin-milwaukee in Music at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
Ear1y20t12 Cen turyPopuIar Musw byAfhcan Amerzcans Ragtime The Birth of Jazz Dixieland Ragtime kAuthentic piano ragtime 7 1890s kBased on an oompah straight left hand kRighthand melodies ragged the rhythm by syncopating offbeat accents Ahtt wwwscott39o linor biohtml kScott Joplin 1868 1917 was the bestknown ragtime artist Maple LeafRag by Scott Joplin AListen to Scott Joplin s Maple leaf g recorded on piano roll in 1916 and ll in the letters for each section MapIe LeafRag J elly Roll Morton 7tFerdinand Jelly Roll Morton 7 one of the most important early jazz piano gures kRecorded this version of Maple Leaf Rag in 1938 transforming it into New Orleans style kHow does the form differ from Scott Joplin s original Alaple LeafRag by Jelly Roll Morton Early Jazz 1910 28 AEarly jazz born in New Orleans kTypical EarlyDixieland band Trumpet clarinet trombone saxophone Piano banjo guitar String bass tubaSousaphone Drums kDixieland band format Dixieland Band History Intro whole band plays the read tune Solos by various instruments voice Whole band plays the read Dippcrmoutb B11163 1923 by King Oliver s Creole Jazz Band AAAB 12bar blues structure kBand members 7 recorded on Okeh Comet King Oliver Louis Armstrong Clarinet Johnny Dodds Trombone Honere Dutrey Piano Lil Hardin Banjo and vocal Bud Scott Drums Baby Dodds AhttpWWW 139 quot cnm kinoncih html ALouis Armstrong 19001970 hTrumpet comet player singer XGreatest jazz gure of the 20th century AModel for many jazz players and singers who followed M918joined King Oliver s band Chicago in 1922 New York in 1929 Strutiz39n with Some Barbeque by the Hot Five 1927 hLouis Armstrong comet Kid Ory trombone Johnny Dodds clarinet Lil Armstrong piano Johnny St Cyr banjo Mmportance of the haekheatin jazz Listen to the backbeat during Armstrong s cornet solo Hotter Man That HotFjve hLouis Armstrong cornet and vocal Kid Ory trombone Johnny Dodds clarinet Lil Armstrong piano Johnny St Cyr banjo Lonnie Johnson guitar hArmstrong sings scat nonsense syllables that imitate an instrumental Ahttptinpanfortunecitycomriffl l WestEndBIueS 1 928 Hot 5 hLouis Armstrong trumpet and vocal Fred Robinson trombone Jimmy Strong clarinet Earl Hines piano and vocal Mancy Cara banjo and vocal Zutty Singleton drums XSome of Armstrong s musical ideas and phrasing will later be picked up by jazz artists such as Charlie Parker hEarl Hines piano was a big in uence on Armstrong and others Dixieland When the Saints Go Marchin In kOh when the saints 011 When the saints Go marchin in go marehz39n 13911 Oh when the saints go marchin in go marehin in Oh Lord I want to be in that number When the saints go marchin in go marehz39n 13911 Men the Saints Go Alarchjn In Compare Three ExampIes XWhat is the instrumentation XDid they follow the usual Dixieland form Intro whole band plays the head tune Solos by various instruments voice Wh01e band ends by playing the bead Pete Fountain 7 Jimmy McPartland 8 Dukes of Dixieland 9


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