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Topics in Hebrew

by: Miss Pamela Nolan

Topics in Hebrew HEBR ST 238

Miss Pamela Nolan
GPA 3.84

Timothy Crain

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About this Document

Timothy Crain
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Pamela Nolan on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HEBR ST 238 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Timothy Crain in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/230266/hebr-st-238-university-of-wisconsin-milwaukee in Hebrew at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
HebrStud 092209 Moses in the desert he who isn t circumcised shall be cut off from his people 393 80 Years old Moses amp Aaron go to pharaoh s palace to ask to allow for the Israelites to go into the wilderness to pray pharaoh refused pharaoh requested for the brothers to perform a wonderquot magic so Aaron took his staff threw it onto the ground amp the staff became a serpent pharaoh wasn t impressed so he had his court magicians enter the room amp also produce snakes the snake Aaron produced began to eat the Egyptian court magicians pharaoh wasn t impressed So began the first of 10 plagues plague I Water to blood water across Egyptian civilization turned to blood pharaoh wasn t impressed amp boasted his magicians could do the same so began the second plague plague 2 Frogsgtgt Moses made sure frogs covered all of Egyptian civilization rivers canals etc pharaoh told the brothers his magicians could do the samebut pharaoh told Moses that he d let the Israelites gofrogs disappeared pharaoh changed his mind plague 3 Gnatsgtgt attacked all of Egypt as well as all beasts throughout the land pharaoh ordered his magicians to display their skills to Moses amp do the same magicians failed Magicians told the pharaoh that this was the finger of god at work pharaoh didn t respond plague 4 Fliesgtgt pharaoh told Moses take your people amp go pray to your god but do so in Egypt not in the wilderness plague S Pestilence all Egyptian cattle died but Israelite cattle was spared no response from pharaoh plague 6 Boilsgtgt Moses took a handful of dirt amp threw it up into the air while the pharaoh watched amp the Egyptians were covered in boils plague 7 Hailgtgt recorded in Exodus as worst hail ever amp it killed great deal of livestock plague 8 Locustsgtgt devoured all vegetation in Egypt amp cleared out whatever hail hadn t destroyed pharaoh ignored the brothers plague 9 Darknessgtgt settled on Egypt amp extinguished all forms of light not even candles could be lit only Israelites could light anything pharaoh showed remorse amp told Moses that he d allowthe Hebrews formally go amp daylight finally came onto Egypt once there was light pharaoh changed his mind pharaoh demanded that he never again wanted to see his face Moses agreed God informed Moses that after the final plague the pharaoh would finally let Hebrews go plague 10 Death to all firstbornsgtgt Angel of Death would go from house to house to strike down any firstborn from a mother could be child elderly middleaged etc unless the Israelites paint their door over with lamb blood so Angel would pass over which brought about Passover pharaoh s own son also died amp pharaoh tells Moses to be gone one chapter covers Moses life completely next 7 chapters are devoted entirely to the 10 plagues 10m plague leads to moral dilemma collective punishmentgtgt the punishing of all Egyptians for the sins of the pharaoh but it was unleashed for all the cruelties towards the Israelites over the course of previous centuries as Moses is leading lsraelites out of Egypt there were 600000 men heads of family not women or children estimated that Moses could ve been leading as many as 25million people Moses wandering for 40 years in the desert which in this day would take 1012 days of walking which is impossible even after 10m plague in a fit of rage pharaoh decides to send 600 chariots after the Israelites to overwhelm them amp bring them back into slavery amp lsraelites say that Moses took them to the wilderness to die amp it d better to die in slavery than somewhere in the wilderness 6 armed Egyptians could take on 6000 armed Hebrews Moses says the lord will fight for you amp he shall hold your peacequot God sends a massive cloud with the Israelites on one side amp Egyptians on the other with the Egyptians in dark while the Israelites will be surrounded by a tremendous bright light lightdark goodevil God instructed Moses to divide water in the Sea of Reeds which describes the same scene differently which might hint at different authors of the Bible Yahwist version battle is between God amp the Egyptians while lsraelites just stand by amp watch God descends into area of complete darkness amp goes to war Egyptians are so frightened at seeing God that they ride their chariots off into the Sea of Reeds but nothing mentioned about parting of Sea of Reeds Priestly version written a few centuries after Yahwist version said that Moses used his staff as a magic wand to part the Sea of Reeds amp walk into Sea of Reeds while the ground is completely dry sand for the Israelites with a tunnel of water all around them but chariots couldn t follow since they were caught behind the wall God put up amp Egyptians went into the Sea of Reeds when the water crashed down upon them amp drowned them Elohist version similar to priestly version but it becomes more explained Moses parts Sea of Reeds but also everywhere in the world the water parted lsraelites walk along hallway of water with dry sand amp lsraelites could reach into the water amp pull out fruit Egyptians are able to pursue but the area turns into quicksandmuck Bible makes it clear that not one of the Egyptians survives rabbinical literature saw it as unthinkable that lsraelites would make a heroic stand against the Egyptian army that this is clearly the hand of God protecting the Israelites 1 Armed resistance was futile 2 Wisest course of action was for Hebrews to avoid violence since they were small amp weak 3 Only faith in God to deliver his people would be the correct path 1 God commanded death to all humanity by drowning except for Noah 2 God has sent down fire amp brimstone on the residents of Sodom amp Gomorrah 3 God s attempt at trying to kill Moses 4 God would awaken the Angel of Deathquot HebrStud 090809 Moses Jesus amp Mohammad Polytheism Sumerian 3200 BCE Egyptian 2200 BCE Greek 800300 BCE Roman 200476 CE Sumerians First introduced writing cuneiform Dynasty of Kish modern day Iraq 0 Also Ur Lagash What is the meaning of life Is there a religious meaning of life Polytheistic had chief deity Enlil Introduced wheel calendar writing Agriculturally concerned Ziggurais massive temples to the gods Egyptians Greeks Due to Nile s irrigation system very rarely going to experience famine Cut off from Mesopotamia Hieroglyphs were their writing system Obsessed with the afterlife Focused on the Cult of Osiris Osiris judge of the dead Isis mourner of the dead Seth descends into hell Horus becomes Sun god aka falcon god half falcon half pharaoh o If Osiris approves of your life you ll be sent to the afterlife where you ll hunt quail with great success forever if Osiris disapproves you descend into hell or simply disappear Humandivine gods amp goddesses Indifference to an afterlife Main gods Zeus god of gods Hera Zeus wife queen of heaven Poseidon son of Zeus amp Hera god of the seas Believed in the meaning of life but NOT the afterlife Aleutian fields Hades neither Heaven or Hell but rather Limbo Romans 0 Gods were divine o Revere the gods show respect 0 Indifference to afterlife o Jupiter god of gods Juno Jupiter s wife Neptune son of Jupiter amp Juno god of the seas 0 Religious meaning to life Yes Afterlife they didn t know Political Instability Sadducees Phansees Scnbes Essences Zedob RomannnMawrub Jesus of Nazareth 134 HebrStud 100809 Palestine 0 Historical documentation I Matthew s birth narration I Dead sea scrolls 1947 0 Gospels referred to as Synoptic gospels since they re very similar I Written for particular audiences Jewish roman etc I Mark 0 Considered most reliable on life amp times of Jesus since it directly influence gospels written aftenivards I Matthew 0 Written between 7580 CE I Luke 0 Written between 8090 CE 0 Best written one I John 0 Completely different from synoptic gospels more symbolic than anything else 0 Written between 95110 CE 0 Political 0 Lack of interest in biographical setting ofthe life amp times of Jesus 0 While other gospels say Jesus was cruci ed during Passover in john s account Jesus was cruci ed before Passover when lambs were taken off to be slaughtered amp John portrays Jesus as God s lamb being taken away to be slaughtered 0 Mary the Virgin was visited by the Angel Gabriel who told her she was chosen to give birth to the Son ofGod I While expecting Angel tells them that they need to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem since Caesar wanted them to register for the Roman census yet there s no Roman documentation of a census during this time I When arriving in Bethlehem Mary goes into labor amp gives birth in a manger OO O O I Matthew s gospel tells ofthe Magi or Wise Men bringing gifts to infant after following the bright star in the East they believed it was a sign that the king of the Jews had been born King Herod learns ofthis birth from the Wise Men sees him as a threat especially to his sons who were in line for the throne which begins the Slaughter ofthe Innocents all males under 2 years old were to be executed in Bethlehem but no mention ofthat in Roman sources Jesus believed he was Jewish throughout his entire life Historians I Bright star that still hasn t been figured out I 1947 dead sea scrolls were found in Jerusalem written by Asines o Asines would try to find God 0 Around time of Jesus Asines didn t mention him in name since they weren t interested but made mention to a Messiah who preached extensively throughout the region performed miracles attracted many followers I Would like to find pagan or other sources about Jesus Josephus I Wrote extensively about events in surrounding region of Palestine during roman empire but doesn t deal with Jesus just with the early followers of Jesus Jesus was a challenge because he never wrote anything down so all info on him is from 2nd hand sources eyewitnesses accounts or individual who knew someone who was a witness


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