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American Art and Culture

by: Caleb Padberg

American Art and Culture ART 100

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee > Art > ART 100 > American Art and Culture
Caleb Padberg
GPA 3.99

Raoul Deal

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About this Document

Raoul Deal
Class Notes
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This 35 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caleb Padberg on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 100 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Raoul Deal in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/230275/art-100-university-of-wisconsin-milwaukee in Art at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
Art 100 Final Review Session Lecture 16 I HUAC 7 House UnAmerican Activities Committee a Before Cold War Hitler and Stalin suppressed modern art in favor of Social Realism b Many artists associate social realism w fascism and totalitarianism and modernist art with democracy Formed during the Cold War to evaluate whether or not individual actors artists musicians should be blacklisted d AntiAmerican movement both social realism and avantgarde abstract art was attributed to Marcel Duchamp i It used revolutionary forms of art Art that rejects conventional artistic standards altogether Alexander Calder a Inventor of the Mobile Calder s circus b Made out of wires bottle caps c Calder s circus led to performance media d Selected work C HI Universalist a lsamuNoguchi i Humpty Dumptyl945 ii Visible world is more than scientific truth as mountains lie w meaning iii Art is said to have world consciousness iv Used skills to make lives of those in Japanese camps better IV Narrative Realism a Andrew Wyeth i Selected work 1 Christiana s World 2 Winter Not exhortation in American Heartland different type of realism V Abstract Expressionist Movement a Two Categories i Gestural 7 action painting describing the action going on Color Field describes the color eld painters 1 Example 9 Day one mm mm Newman 10 Magenta BIacA Gesn an Orange mg Mm Rcmkn b Jackson Pollock 5s g g Started as realistic painter Featured in Life Magazine Participated in Siqueiros New York workshop 1 Siqueiros was a Mexican painter responsible for fresco 2 Spray painter 3 Was apolitical artist Work has personal symbols Teacher was great regionalist painter Thomas Benton 39 Notable work 1 Totem Lesson 11 2 Stenographic Figure 3 Work critics saw universalist present in prirnitivism Tied intuitive subconscious thoughts in to human culture Primitive Abstraction l Symbolism involved Selected Work Number 13 a 194839 Arabesque Jacksnn Pollack 4 Palock Painting Number 321950 Ed Harris made a lm made about his life titled Pollack x c Hale Woodru 1 5 lt 239 E g x i39 African American painter Made athreepanel work called the AmistadMutiny which is held at Talladega College in Alabama Born in Cairo Illinois in 1990 Spent time working as an art instructor Moved to Mexico in 1936 Studied under Diego Rivera as apprentice learning his fresco technique before becoming interested in portrayal of gures Applied his understanding of PostImpressionism and Cubism to painting for social advocacy after his return to the U S Work started off as narrative style Work was culturally signi cant Regionalist eye for abstraction Critics thought work was not signi cant Work has cultural symbols Notable Work 1 Landscape Selected work i s gap c 1932 Hare Wanamv 5 Celestial Gate Hale Wundnul d William De Kooning s s H S V1 p5 Liked to paint women and signs Was a gestural painter One of the most prominent and celebrated of Abstract Expressionist painters His pictures typify the vigorous gestural style of the movement Did more than his contemporaries to develop a radically different abstract style of painting fusing Cubism Surrealism and Expressionism 39 Work heavily in uenced by the Cubism of Picasso Le his work with a sense of incompletion Selected Work a Woman and Bicycle 7 Woman IV 195253 Wlllsm De meng 195253 wmam De mmng e Lee Krasner E H S S Jackson Pollock s wife Bitter that women along with her wasn t recognized Would cut apart her own drawings and paintings to create collages and at times revised or discarded an entire series Surviving work relatively small Signed her work with the genderless initials LK Frustrated with the public s reception of her identity both as awoman and as the wife of Pollock Selected Work 12 Unfi ed 1949 Les Krasnar l f Franz Kline 39 Paintings looked enormous and spontaneous Equot Painted small projects then made them bigger iii Paintings usually black iv Selected work 2 g Robert Rauschenberg Was given drawings by Kooning but then later erased them His early work anticipated the Pop Art Movement iii Known for his Combines of 1950 which nontraditional materials and innovative combinations were employed His combines were a combination of both photography and print making Work reminiscent of issues raised by Marcel Duchamp s the Fountain H 2 v Was sometimes called a Neo Dadaist a label he shared With Jasper Johns vi Selected Work 1 14 Interview 1955 Robert Rauschenbef 13 Bed 955 Robert 1 Rauschenberg h Jasper Johns 39 Brought symbols to paint targets 2quot Painter and printmaker iii Was the lover of Robert Rauschenberg iv Best known for his He painted a er having a dream ofthe American ag v Also described as a Neo Dadist vi Other selected work k w ht H 13511111 1 tit 15 Three Flags 1958 Jasper Johns 16 Target with Plaster Casts 1955 Jasper Johns i Barnette Newman i ii iii Color eld painter Quoted as saying 1 The problem of a painting is physical and metaphysical the same I think life is physical and metaphysical Zips 7 lines in Barnett s painting Dif cult to determine space Selected work 1 Eve 2 Adam j Arshile Gorky f 1 ad aquot 39 w A ml kg k Mark Rothko 1 ii39 iV i Work have a quality Where they Vibrate and glow Subtle use of color Chapel St Thomas University Houston Texas Magenta Black on green and orange V 1 Broken Obelisk 7 an Architecture he built and dedicated to MLK 1 Robert Mothervvell E H lt Youngest of small group Collages of small paintings Part of post 7WWI1 movement Quotes 1 quotEveryintelligent painter carries the Whole culture of modern painting in his head It is his real subject of Which everything he paints in both anhomage and a critique and everything he says is a loss Notable work 1 Western Air 2 Elegyto me Spanlsn Republlcquot Was an lllustranon ofapoem by Harold Rosenburg m Graee Hamgan I do not deslre art that ls abstractquot Parnang eornes out organlcally n Larry Rlves l ashmgton crosslng the Delawarequot n Return ofllnereallsnelrnage o Loulse Neyelson l Horderr collectedthlngs an putthem mto an work n Assemblages assernbly offound objects turnedto art nl t eol parnnngs to be seen only from one slde Pamtedln one eolor only Notable work p Marlsol l Amencanssubjectmatter n ssemblagelnherownform nl Notablework Lecture 17 Junk Art and Art of the Beat Generation 1 Assemblage artists a Joseph Cornell i American artist and sculptor who created layers of personal meaning ii Extremely shy and eccentric Was a recluse and rarely left state of New York Women found him to eccentric to talk to iii Devoted his life to caring for his younger brother who had cerebral palsy iv In uenced by the surrealist and an avant garde experimental lmmaker V Selected work I z e 391 391 All A 7 3 2417 fl l r 7 I g 1 1 1ch VA e h 5v a a quota all 2 Sun Bax 1955 Jnsaph Came 4N tr I 39 Vn Il in 1 l llnl 5 l r yin5 i im r i their TJUnli ed 1342 Joseph comell b John Chamberlain i Invented Junk Sculpture 3 Tarps 1951 John Chamberlain io isexcaimeswa n ii Best known for creating sculptures from old automobiles that bring the abstract expressionist style of painting into three dimensions He began by carving and modeling but turned to metal in 1952 While staying with painter Larry Rivers ii39 iv Altered Marcel Duchamp s notion of readymade and using the car as both a medium and tool c Robert Louis Frank i E E l d Diane Arbus t Was a photographer and a documentary lmmaker Most notable work is his book titled The Americans which focused on the nuanced outsider s view of American society 1 The book contains 83 carefully selected photographs outside of the 28000 shots he took while on a two year road trip 2 He saw American life as oftenbleak and lonely place a perspective that became evident in his later photography 3 Cuts photographs in unusual ways Claimed to write On the Road scroll in one setting 1 Scroll was 120ft long published in 1957 2 Purchased for 24 million from Jim Canary Selected work 5 Hobken New Jersey was 6 1 Robert Lauls Frank 953 Ruben Louis Frank Started off as a fashion photographer Noted for blackandwhite square photographs of deviant and marginal people dwarfs giants transgender people nudists circus performers or people whose normality seems ugly or surreal Believed a camera could be a little bit harsh but that scrutiny revealedthe truth the difference between what people wanted others to see and what they really did see Part of the Beat Generation A ctional account of her life was recounted in the lm titled Fur was made about her life in 2006 staring Nicole Kidrnan 39 Was awarded the Guggengheim Fellowship for a project on American rites manners and customs Selected Work l 7 Teenage Couple on Hudson 5 A Young Man in Curlers at street mm 1963 Disne Arbus Home on Wesr20m SL NYC 19 Diane Arbus e Edward Kienholz Was an installation artist and assemblage sculptor Work was highly critical of aspects of modern life Much of his work assembled in close collaboration with his artistic partner and fth wife Nancy ReddinKienholz iv Installation art because entire room work of art Interested in political themes 39 Throughout his life work was more appreciated in Europe than their native United States Selected Work E5 p 4 Es lt II Untrained Artists a William Edmonson i 1St African American to have a solo show at MOMAMuseum of Modern Art ii At age 59 b c divine inspiration began designing sculptures from old limestone iii Jack Johnson sculpture iv Work sometimes referred to as Degenerate Art v Selected work b SimonRodic i Created Watt s Tower 1 Nearly 100 ft tall 2 Took 33 years building tower which is set in concrete 3 Symbol of the environment 4 City tried to condenm the structure but it passed the stress test when the city tried to knock it down with crane The structure survived the test and broke the crane ii Picture of tower m A 4 x 1 12 Watts Towers 192154 Slmnn Rodin c Bill Taylor i From Alabama born a slave iii Moved to Montgomery Began drawing animals livestocks things he saw in the street iv White person named Shannon helped him personally and bought some of his work d Tressa Grandma Prisbrey 1 Untrained artist Stumbled upon a dump where she realized that bottles would be perfect to with build iii When she made it home she realized she had 1000015 bottles She began cementing them by hand and built her st bottle house by hand iv Selected work A 4 a 14 Battle Village law 195039 and 1950 5 blue homes In a headlamp ptantar Tressa Grandma F sbmy e James Hampton 1 lt African American janitor who secretly built an assemblage of religious art from scavenged material and is considered an outside artist Father was a gospel singer and a traveling Baptist preacher His work would be an example of folk or naive art Selected work 15 The Throne of the third heaven ofthe Nation 393 Millennium General Assembly 195064 3239 x 939 James Hampton f Ramirez H ii39 iv V vi i39 Maj or exhibition Most important outside painter Homeless City of Los Angeles thought he was crazy and committed him to psychiatric ward He was not crazy but couldn t speak English Born in Mexico Spoke no English and was homeless Draws on examination paper while in psychiatric ward Some drawings 18ft long g George McCormick 1 ii ii39 i lt From Milwaukee Had heavenly encounter Most of life re ects his conversion and criticizes his old life Notable Work Lecture 18 From Grandma Prisbrey t0 Grandma Moses 1 Frank Stella a First to scribe lines into paintings b Notable work Ill 2 Die Fahne Hoch Raise the Banner ngh mm m Horst Wessel Nazi when 1959 Frank smua 1 Kenneth Noland a Based paintings on sound b Cross fertilized art bW art With music 0 Notable work i Song David Smith a Abstractionist sculpture b Made use ofindustrial process 0 Master welder d Work demonstrated he paid attention to surface and how he brushed on the surface e Notable Work i Cubi XVII ii Robelt Motherwell Haulage to Smith77 1 Blue Green Red I 1965 Ellswarlh Kelly usmg Industrial fabrreauor techniques No soeral commentarym me work of mxmmahsuc amsts It39s an about art a Carl Anotr e Pracuced the use of repemr Tn on n edto get us to thmk of mthh hrs p13e 144 ch Squaresquot m Notablework 1 144Zme Squaresquot b Robert Moms r In whatways do you thmkthese preees are sxmxlarto and dAfferent than the work of precxsxomst amstquot 7 Charles Sheeler n Notable Wor 1 Unwed e DonaldIudd r Untitled V Luminal Art a Art about light b Dan Flavin i Puerto Rican Light c Bruce Nauman i Neon Signs 3 Mann Templates mm Len walrume Baum Tamal Tan man mmvais was am Nauman VI Eccentric Abstraction 1966 exhibit organized by feminist art critic Lucy Lippard a Lucy Lippard i Organized an exhibit in 1966 ii Brought the gure back to city iii Was foundation for development of feminist art b Lwida Benglis i Untitled was a direct criticism of Carl Andre s pieces ii Work was sexual iii Announced show by taking nude photos to encourage the feminist movement Selected work 1 Untitled 2 c Louise Bourgeors i Artist with lleted Work was overly sexual iii Wore costume of breast like forms iv Selected work 1 Fillette d Eva Hesse i Hang up 1966 Born in Germany iquot Lived in US died at 34 years old iv Instrumental in use of industrial material v Work has aspect of body Experimented with material that lasted long including organic material Selected Work I S V Vll Earth Art a Nancy Holt i Light move inside tunnel 5 sun rises and falls ii Sun Tunnels v1 m mm b Robert Smithson i Spiral Jetty Appears and Disappears with rising of the sun 12 Sm Jew mu RmnSmMim d Christo amp Jean Claude a Christo 7 interested in engaging entire community with intent of drawing entire community into the fold b Jean Claude is more credited for the work her and Christo did c Valley Curtain 7 840 nylon polyiodide Nylon Fabric dying amp sewing fabric First attempt failed III Conceptual Art a Joseph Kosuth i Taught keale art ii Notable work 1 One amp Three Chairs Hl 1 7 a 5 39 p 11 n g 14 One mm cam 1955 Jump mm b JohnBaldessa i Pencil Story 15 Pmasnuy 1971mm Ealdssan IV Pop Art A movement that rejected traditional art forms Each Pop artist had their own hook a Grandma Moses i Familiar With art did not study it ii Selftaught at the tip of table iii Celebrity Hall t j39kackahy ssvGrandmaMcses 39 V b Claes Oldenburg i Plaster and Wire objects of real items People sometimes pushed on the objects thinking they were real ii Inspired by Hancock Building iii Had a sense of social commentary iv Lipstick Movement a commentary of sex and women v Notable work 1 Reconstruction of the Store 17 Rawnslmvuun oV39Tha 5als39 omham 1mm i962 clm Ul snnum 2 Pastry Case I 3 So Toliet 22 Sat Tm nl was m5 Omanhum 0 Roy Lichtenstein 39 Comic book writer Elements focused on romance and action comments Objectication of women Notable work 1 I Know Brad 239 E p 3 19 IKnow Brad 1963 Roy Lichtenstein d Andy Warhol iii i39 Used a technique called silk screen which was a medium to explore art Worked with produts Did bunch of screens with 100 Campbell s soup cans Notable Work 1 Lavender Disaster Electric Chair 2 m Hum sewmm runes m 51mm mamasNW1 wanu e Edward Ruscha i Used words that was easily identi ed 1 Lecture 19 Protest Art and Activism I Romare Bearden a Jazz Composer Sea Breeze b Painter 0 Cross fertilized music and art P Train with Whistle Blues 7 criticism of white colonization of Blacks Blacks lived near train Formed group called the Spirals with other Blacks and Faith Ringgold Notable Work 1 Train Whistle Blues No 2 Ha 2 m Prevalence cl mar Conu Woman ism Roman Human Faith Ringgold Best known for story quilts Wrote Childrenbooks Believed this was the best way to change the world Who s afraid of Aunt Jemima 33 5295 Ill Gordon Parks Inspired by theWTA great depression Made it into Life Magazine Good at recording contemporary events Had access to Civil Rights leaders Worked at Life Magazine Went to unsafe places believes one should create change With photos Selected work p 953957 quot1 wummamm mu cumquot Perm IV James Rosenquist a Fl ll expressed art consumerism and business ofwar 6 F411 120 x1032quot was James Rnsanqulsl Chicago Muralism Similarities to Mexican Muralism Claimed buildings W pain tart didn t have high degree to it Work carried outwith grants a Judy Chicago i Founder of the Femenist art Movement Chicago collaborations iii Sexually Provocative iv Selected work 1 Dinner Party 7 Dinner Pmy 191379 Judy DNan 2 Dinner Party Arternisia Gentileschi place setting 5 Dmne Party Berni1quot pm saw 1mm JuJmecaqo b Wayne Healy 9 Ghostspf the Barrie 1974 Ramona Gardens Housing Project Les Angeies California Wayne Healy VI Feminist Movement a Guerilla Girls i Would show up in public w Guerilla suits Put up billboardto protest and show discrimination of women artists b Judy Baca i Known for the Great Wall of LA ii Comfortable showing parts Baldwin park controversially iii Brought community together iv Community presenter WatershedArts a Latino students b Met with Dean Klotche to get own representation on campus VIII Raoul Deal a Held community meetings b Worked with scientist and physicist to determine an action plan on teaching kinds about water issues c Visited Lady Guadelupe Schools to show kids lm about water issues d Did same thing in Walnut neighborhoods IX Vocabulary a Body art i also considered performance art is time based in uencedby atmosphere of protesU mood of liberation b Performance art i Atype of art in which performance by actors or artists o en interacting with the audience in an improvisational manner is the primary aim over a certain time period c Minimalism S Art is stripped down to its most fundamental forms Stripped down aesthetic Industrial fabrication techniques Minimal amount of information in there Usually Formalist Repetition iii Term coined in the 1960s to describe art that abandons all pretensions either to expressiveness or illusion and which is generally three deminsional and often made up of simple geometrical forms d Ephemeral Art i Temporary A number of art forms can be considered ephemeral because of their temporary nature ii Early land art and all sand sculptures ice sculptures and chalk drawings on footpaths are examples of ephemeral art iii G Augustine Lynas and DuthainDealbh create ephemeral sculptures iv Art that lasts for a very short time e Conceptual Art i Art in which the concepts or ideas involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns ii Many of the works sometimes called installations iii Artfulness of art lay in the artist s idea rather than its final expression f Pop Art Started by criticizing commercialism Pop art challenged tradition by asserting that an artist39s use of the mass produced visual commodities of popular culture is contiguous with the perspective of fine art ii39 Revolt against Modernism iv Return to symbols images and popular culture v Pop removes the material from its context and isolates the object or combines it with other objects for contemplation vi The concept of pop art refers not as much to the art itself as to the attitudes that led to it Un American g Nonobjective art i does not attempt to portray any real object or person ii No recognizable subject matter there can be meaning to some Assemblage Pquot i a threedimensional work of art made from everyday materials often found objects not usually associated with fine art production i Abstraction also known as action painting j Figurative k Gestural Minimalism a Stella ismith XI XII XIII XIV XV XVII XVIII XIX b Judd iNauman c Andre iMarisol Abstract Expressionism a Pollack b Kline c Motherwell d Krasner Smith Modernism a Calder b Noguchi Surrealism a Cornell b Gorky c Advertisement Color Field Painting a Newman b Rothko Assemblage a Rauschenberg b Johns c Nevelson d Marisol Installation a Kienholz Luminal Art a Nauman b FlaVin Earth Art a Holt b Smithson c Chrsito Claude Feminism a Benglis b Chicago c Ringgold d Guerilla Girls Bourgeois Conceptual Art a Cage XXI XXII XXIII XXIV XXV XXVI XXVII b Kosuth c Advertisement Civil Rights Activism a Bearden b Ringgold c Parks Chicano Muralism a Baca Universalist Approach a Noguchi b Pollack Cultural Approach a Woodruff b Bringing quotobjectsquot back into art c Rauschenberg d Johns Sculptors a Smith b Andre c Judd Photography a Frank b Arbus c Mapplethrope d Parks Outsider Art a Edmondson b Ramirez c Rodia d Grandma Prisbrey e Hampton f Commentaries about AIDS g Herring 12 Metronrobllltan 1985 Hans Haacke 13 Billboard installed for the Museum of Modern An 1991 Felix Gonzalez Torres h 1 GonzalezTorres J Mapplethrope XXVIH Culture Wars a Mapplethrope b Serrano XXIX Community Art a Baca b Christo Claude XXX Narrative a Wyeth


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