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Introductionto Biochemistry Laboratory

by: Francisca Sipes DVM

Introductionto Biochemistry Laboratory CHEM 603

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee > Chemistry > CHEM 603 > Introductionto Biochemistry Laboratory
Francisca Sipes DVM
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Francisca Sipes DVM on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 603 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/230300/chem-603-university-of-wisconsin-milwaukee in Chemistry at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
Chemistry 603 Introduction to Biochemistry Laboratory o 06 Ho NH3 gt Type II Tyrosmemla and Type III Tyrosmemla 9 L39Tyros39ne Hawkinsinuria Tyrosine 6 lt3 aminotransferase O Uncoupled 0 Turnover Enzymatlc 0H0 06 o o HO S HO 0 0 3H3 Biosynthesis of 4Hydroxyphenylpyruvate 0 Ce Plastoquinone in Plants 4Hydroxyphenylpyruvate Hawkinsin H dioxygenase Hac 7n O Alkaptonuria l 09 K OH O 0 Non 09 P I lt 4 HO Enzymatic o oymenza Ion Ochronotic 0 CH3 Homogentisate gt CH3 Homogentisate O P39gment Plastoquinone 12 dioxygenase 60 o O O O 09 Type 1 Tyrosinemia Pathway Maleylacetoacetate Maleylacetoacetate Isomerase 90 Non 90 o 0 Enzymatic o o o gt o 09 o 06 Succinylacetoacetate Succinylacetone o o e Fumarylacetoacetate Fumarylacetoacetase O 90 W 90M o Acetoacetate Fumarate OH OH co2 OH O 0 e gt Type 11 Tyrosinemia amp Type 111 Tyrosinemia HO gHi LrTyrosme Hawkinsinuria Pathway Tyrosine 09 aminotransfemse Uncoupled De 0 Turnover 0 06 gt O o gt O o HO 5 8 HO HO NH 47Hydr0xyphenylpymvate O O Alkapwnuria Pathway e Biosyn wesisui39Hasiouuiuone igyyg fehmylpymm Hawknan O N O H 7 on it De Enzymau39e 39 Polymen zah oh 01 d T h lt OH cr0n0 c H3 7 INH gt gt Pigment 39 quot HO Pla mqui none H0m ogemsm Homogen sate 127 di oxyg ehase e 0 Type 1 Tyrosinemia Pathway o o De 9 o o O Maleylaeemaeeme O O O Maleylacetoacetate gt gt isomerase O O 0 Ge 09 9 Succinylacemacetate sheeihylaeemhe O E Fumarylacetoacetate Fumarylacemacecase 90W GEEKYea o o o Acetoacetate Fum arme Usnea Old man s beard v s ng39enta m gm ma Ziaasuc sw 3 AVentS NTBC SULCOTRIONE MESOTRIONE ISOXAFLUTOLE o o SOZCH3 oo ooNo2 ooc ooNo2 O on C O o CF3 o SOZCHg o soch3 I39ll F3 DIKETONITRILE ooNo2 ooNo2 ONNO2 00No2 Cl 0 OCH3 O O O LEPTOSPERMONE USNIC ACID 0 HO O O I O 0 g N02 0 02 00 N02 0 oo 00 Cl 00 3 00 N02 0 0CH3 0 0 H3 0 o CF3 oo oo i0 O O O O O O O O O O O o e Vancomycm NH3 0 Cofactor F420 HO H2N NH LTyrosme 4 T W OH 4Hydroxymandelate o R 0 0e synthaseHMS lt 09 l 1 HO o HO o HO N n o 4Hydroxymandelate HMA 4 Hydroxyphenylpyruvate HPP 1392 4 Hydroxyphenylpyruvate FO H dioxygenase HPPD If 0 O 9 09 06 OH O 0 4 4 4 gt gt Melanin 0 CH3 HO 0 CH3 Homogentisate HG Quinone Plastoquinone 3 I E J H H30 0 0 HO CH3 60 Moe CH3 W Go o OLOcopherol Acetoacetate Fumarate Egg 3 9 ContentsSyllabus Cloning nflhe PPD gem from Sgnegtymngs a Ex e mem la PCR P0 yme39rase chain reamon 7 Experiment 1b Elecu ophcresis of Lhe PCR fragment l7 Experiment 1c Lig 39 an I 27 Experiment 1d Assay 01 Insert 37 Puri cation of HPPD F nerimpnna WW 39 W caIe quot 43 F nerimenr 7h Ivci 39md 50 F nPrim n L 58 ExperimemZd Assay afHPPD AcKiVilY H 66 F mrim m h 39 72 F man39um 7r 39 nuu protein 78 Chnrnctcrization of PPD 87 Experiment 3a Steady state kinetic gggjxgi Course Schedule Thurs 4 WWW 11 A g 93 M g 2 1a um um am 25 Lam my gagsunis 26 mmmm 17 mmww 2 mm Rwn m mu 4 a In F al Revon due 1 Lab Note Rnnlr 20 On ve occassions you will hand in your note book to be graded This will be a record of what you did in each laboratory They will not contain lengthy rewzites of the methods but should have an initial brief description of what you intend to do in each lab They will be graded on the following criteria Title of experiment Date on each page NNNNN G eral neatness and orgamzauo Quality of observations Attention to detail lnnndnminn 15 Results and hi runsinn 15 Final RPnnrt 30 Your experimental data will be assembled into a final report that will describe your data throughout the course The report is to be written in the style of a research article Some examples of research articles are included in the back of the manual Use these as a style guide Each section will have the headings Title Author Abstract Methods Results and Discussion You will not be required to generate a bibliography Experiment 1 CLONING OF THE HPPD GENE FROM THE GENOMIC DNA OF The Gene m um 4mm 5 W TCCGATGCGCGECTCCCGCGCCAGCAGCACCAGGAGCCGGCCGTCCAGATGATCGATCGCCACG CCTCECCGAECATGTGGCCGAGCACGECGAEGGCGTEGTCGACCTCGCCATCGAGGTCCCGGAC TGAAGGACGAGCACGGCACGGTCGTCCTCGCCGCGATCGCCACCTACGGCAAGACCCGCCACAC CCTCGTCGACCGGACCGGCTACGACGGCCCCTACCTCCCCGGCTACGTGGCCGCCGCCCCGATC GTCGAACCGCCCGCCCACCGCACCTTCCAGGCCATCGACCACTGCGTCGGCAACGTCGAGCTCG ECCGGATGAACGAATGGETCGGCTTCTACAACAAGGTCATGGGCTTCACGAACATGAAGGAGTT CGTGGGCSACGACATEECGACCGAGTACTCGECGCTGATGTCGAAGGTCGTGGCCGACGGCACG CTCAAGGTCAAGTTCCCGATCAACGAGCCC CTCGCCAAGAAGAAGT AG GACGGTACGCACGATECGCGCCGCCGGCGTCCAGTTCCTGGACACGCCCGACTCGTACTACGAC ACCCTCGGGGAGTGGGTGGGCGACACCCGCGTCCCCGTCGACACCCTGCGCGAGCTGAAGATCC TCGCGGACCGCGACGAGGACGGCTATCTGCTCCAGATCTTCACCAAGCCGGTCCAGGACCGCCC GACGGTCTTCTTCGAGATCATCGAACGCCACGGCTCGATGGGATTCGGCAAGGGCAACTTCAAG cc 339 GAGCGGGAGCAGGAGAAGCGGGGCAACCTGTAGGCGG GCG CTCGCCCTCGTCCTCTTCGCCCCGTTGGACATCCGCCGCGC CT 1m 5 339 c CTTCGCCCCGTTGE MTTTTTTAAAKAA 5 v0 x mm 5 mm H 5 mm Cycl 1 L ka z 14quotC 4306c cam Mm HM Hllncm munllmm IIHI HI mum um unmmunm IIHIHIHHIIII HIHIIIHHHIH IHHIHHHIVIIHIHHIIIIIIIIIH ll ETC m HIVIHHI IH


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