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Teacher as Practitioner

by: Clotilde Mohr PhD

Teacher as Practitioner EDST 3000

Clotilde Mohr PhD
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clotilde Mohr PhD on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDST 3000 at University of Wyoming taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/230321/edst-3000-university-of-wyoming in Education and Teacher Studies at University of Wyoming.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Minutes Teacher Education Council February 3 2004 In attendance Karen Bard Susan Bertelsen Dave Brinkman Rosie Castaneda Janet Constantinides Margaret Hudson CJ Nelson Sherry Palmer Deb Parkinson Kay Persichitte Jeff Sandlian Nancy Smueles John Stellern Marcela van Olphen and MaryAnn Wurzel by phone The meeting began at 405pm Nancy reporting that there is no PTSB or state requirement for First Aid certi cates for preservice or inservice teachers The exception is for the Physical Education and or Coaching certi cates and endorsements A discussion of implications for continuing and discontinuing the requirement for EDST 3000 followed that led to a motion by Deb to drop the First Aid requirement for our students Dave seconded the motion There was additional discussion of pros and cons before a vote was taken In Favor 5 Against 6 Abstain 1 The discussion then turned to other potential changes in the policy that centered around timelines screening issues placement issues equity across programs and others The discussion ended with the recommendation of the Council to the Office of Teacher Education OTE to keep the policy and the procedure in place as it currently exists The oor was opened to the previous discussion of screening criteria process Praxis I and other issues associated with the realities of having some programs in the COEd that are overenrolled Susan shared some of the admission criteria for two of the programs in Health Sciences that provide potential alternatives The use of an interview as one screening criteria was discussed as was the idea of an index score for one of their Master s programs The Health Sciences criteria were described as competitive and we talked brie y about how that was defined and then the operational implications Sherry shared some information from our NNER partner universities Wayne State College Univ of Neb at Kearney UTEP Colo State Univ The programs use some combination of GPA prerequisite coursework recommendations field experience requirements Praxis and statemandated basic skills tests as criteria Deb described the 5 year MAT program at Southern Oregon University which has extensive entrance and exit criteria based largely on the fact that the entering students can come from any BA area Janet noted that AampS is struggling with these same issues overall enrollments on the rise but the subsequent strain on some resources is in need of better management She shared a discussion regarding requiring a portfolio at admission in the Art Dept This was reconsidered and now the portfolio may be required for admission to the Jr Sr year in the program There was a general sense that the Council members favored rising the bar on admissions criteria as a strategy to manage enrollment better but that we need to be cautious about the balance in how restrictive those criteria might be and the net effect on the College and the needs of WY school districts Council members were encouraged to continue to discuss these issues within and across departments The solution will require much conversation from many constituents and we are still very early in the conversation The final agenda topic was the distribution of a draft for a policy regarding substitute teaching and employment during residency Much conversation was generated for the studentissues district needs and OTE accountabilityaccreditation issues Council members were asked to send to Kay any suggestions for what they think would constitute an example of a circumstance that should be considered for extending the term of permission for subbing past the five day max It was noted that the draft policy does not have any statement of consequences for districts that violate the policy Kay will compile Council suggestions and this will be an Old Business agenda item for the next meeting to continue the discussion Next meeting February 17 2004 We adjourned at 520pm Respectfully submitted Kay


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