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Agricultural Law

by: Efren Kuphal

Agricultural Law AGEC 3400

Efren Kuphal
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Efren Kuphal on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGEC 3400 at University of Wyoming taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/230323/agec-3400-university-of-wyoming in Agricultural & Resource Econ at University of Wyoming.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Agricultural amp Natural UanCl Slfy Resources Law Selected Sources 0f Wyomlng Rnhert A Staley LIBRARIES mrmlly wyomdu OnlineVersinnhtt wwwrlihllw nedurind idesindexcl39m Introductory Materials and Compilations tum urCitatinn wlmd M Associauon1991 Cne Ref Ready KF 245 1358 enter l39nr 39 39 39 39 Online htmiglllnmedlIcwl Acts Rep nrt Envirnnmental Law Net Laws and Regulatinns Online mm wwwenvirnnm entallawnetcnmlawsregshunl Envirnnmental Prutectinn Agency Laws an Regulatinns unline htmwwwangnvegahnmdlzwregshtm Glnssary nl39Ayicultural Terms Prnyams and Laws unline htmhaiculturahnusegnvinfnglnssarylltml Michigan State University Animal Law Web Center Federal Wil dlire Law at the 20 Century nnline 39 39 39 39 39 edn73 National Center for Agricultural Law Resmrch and information Online mm wwwnztinnalzglzwc2nternrgL articles on agricultural law Biblingraplry covers 48 areas Nau39nnal Cnuncil l39nr Science and the Envirnnment C essinnal Research Service Rep arts Natural Resnurces nnline 39 39 North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation Summary of Environmental Law in North America Onlinehtt www cec orgpubs info quot treat agree summarv enviro law I I u 4 I cfm 9varlanen glish US Fish and Wildlife Service Online httpwwwfwsgov United States House Committee on Agriculture Online httpwwwhousegovagriculture United States House Committee on Resources Online httn l 39 I lnncp Inv United States Senate Committee on Agriculture Online http wwwsenate govagriculture United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Online http energysenate gov United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Online http epw senate gov Wyoming Department of Agriculture Online httpwyagricstatewyus Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Online http deg statewyus Wyoming Game and Fish Online http gf statewyus Legislation The sources listed below cover federal and state laws If you need to review how the federal legislative process works try Enactment of a Law Senate httptlmm as lm quot quot quot tochtml How Our Laws are Made House httptlmm as lm quot quot 39 0quot ml For Wyoming m I Citizen s Guide to the Wyoming Legislature 39 state WV quot 39 quot xuide98htm Public and Private Laws Online httpww quot mm United States Code Coe Ref Index Tables Y 125 Online httpww 39 quot 39 Mm United States Statutes at Large Coe Ref AE 2111 Coe Ref GS 4111 vol 97 and earlier Wyoming Statutes 2005 Online 39 39 39 I I444 cfafpwv acnv Wyoming Statutes Annotated Coe Ref Index Tables KFW 4230 2003 A24 V 1 12 Regulation To review the regulatory process try Federal Register Tutorial httpwww arrhives quot39 J 39 39 ltutn 39 39 quot 39 html Code of Federal Regulations Coe Ref AE 21063 Online httpww 39 mm Federal Register Coe RefAE 2106 Online httpww quot quot mm State Agencies Rules and Regulations Wyoming Online 39 vstatewvnsA 39 39 G0 to the Rules Database vicesRulesOVer39view asnv Wyoming Secretary of State State Rules and Regulations Online 39 vstatewvns A 39 n vicesRules50aspx Article Indexes AGRICOLA UW Libraries Home PageHAr ticlesDatabasesHAHAGRICOLA HeinOnline UW Libraries Home PageHAr ticlesDatabasesHHHHeinOnline LexisNexis Academic UW Libraries Home Page ArticlesDatabases LexisNexis Academic Legal Wildlife amp Ecology Studies Worldwide UW Libraries Home PageHArticlesDatabasesHWHWildlife RAS 109


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