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Equine Management

by: Damaris Hermann

Equine Management ANSC 1030

Damaris Hermann
GPA 3.83

Amy McLean

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About this Document

Amy McLean
Class Notes
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This 35 page Class Notes was uploaded by Damaris Hermann on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANSC 1030 at University of Wyoming taught by Amy McLean in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/230325/ansc-1030-university-of-wyoming in Animal Science at University of Wyoming.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
Draft BreedsShire Origin England Height 17 hands Color bay brown black with feathers 4 Uses Very docile Cart horses showin work 39 Draft BreedsSuffolk Origin England Height 152 162 hands Color chestnut Uses Work smaller in size Origin United Kingdom amp Ireland Height 14 to 17 hands Color black amp White Tobanio Uses wagon horses Height 142 Warmbloods Light x Draft Can be a combination ofa light horse and draft Maybe of Arabian and or Thoroughbred descent Often used in English Events Thoroughbred Origin Germany Color All solid colors Height between 153 and 162hh Character intelligent bold good temperament Uses Excel in dressage and showjumping Oldest ofthe German Warmbloods inter breeding of local breeds with Spanish and oriental breeds mg L During the 19th c they were crossed with the Yorkshire Coach Horse to produce the high knee action presence and good temperaments that made them excellent army horses Origin Germany Color All colors Bay with black points and brown most common Height between 16 and 17hh Character intelligent bold good temperament Uses all disciplines incl competition driving Warmblood Oldenburg Trakehner Origin Germany Poland Color Any solid colors gray is common Height 16162 hands Character hotter than other Germany39s heaviest warmblood based on the Fresian horse and developed as a coach horse Later breeders introduced warmbloods more refined than Thoroughbred Cleveland Bay and others HanOVerlan blOOd and 39 more recently Uses Very versatile competes in all further infusions of Thoroughbred and events Selle Francais have produced a finer horse more suitable for the competitive disciplines Swedish Origin Germany Origin Sweden Colour Brown black and bay Thoroughbred Trakehner Arabian Height between 16 and 17hh Hanover39an Color Chestnut bay brown gray Character Intelligent bold good Height 162 17 hands temperament Character docile easy to train excellent USES aquot diSCiplines inCI competitionway of going more refined head derlng Uses Excellent Dressage horses and good jumpers Uses English Discipline hunterjumper Dressage Saddleseat Each discipline requires different tack Different movement from the horse Dressage is an artf horse and rider working together harmoniously throug pattern ofskill tests 10 levels introductory to Grand Prix level sts Stirrup Iron The score sheets are giv h www utub GEIISalc Uses English Discipline Hunters vs Jumpers In this class we will judge Hunters Hunter under Saddle HUS quality of movement Rail Class Pleasure Driving HUS horses hitched to a cart similar movement desired Rail Class Hunter Hack 2 fences amp rail work Scored Class Huntseat Equitation judged on the rider and pattern work Scored Class Hunters fox hunting hunter under saddle Flat class no jumps judged on movement Criteria depends on breed eg Stock vs A show httpwwwvoutubecomwatchvlC5tDerXOampfeaturerelated hunter over fences Judged on qualityform over fences httpwwwvoutubecomwatchvAlIJnv34VMampfeaturerelated Uses English Discipline Eventing 3pnases 1CrossCountw 2 Dressage 3 Stadium Jumping Society Breeds iSaddleSeati g sAmbiansSaddlebreds Gailed Breeds Judged on action and animation iway ofgoingi Lateral surface Surface 39 W Plantar surface MUBJO IBPHEG 5233 1 STEEE 2525 B PEEE O 255 EEQ Arabian Morgan Saddlebred Hackney Morgan Light Horse SocietyEnglish Light Horse EnglishSociety Breeds Hackney 39W V V A Ra Stock Horses American Quarter Horse American Paint Horse Appa oosa 39 Light Horse Breeds Pleasure horses used for show racing and recreation Color Breeds Gaited Breeds SportRace Breeds hot blooded SocietyEnglish Influence Dressage HuntersJumpers Eventing Stock HorsesWestern Influence Pleasure show recreation Light Horse Color Breeds Paint Palomino Appaloosa Buckskin Pinto Paint Horse Light HorseColor Breeds American Paint Horse Overo Tobiano Light horseColor Breeds Palomino Light Horse Color Breeds Appaloosa Light Horse Breed Buckskin Light Horse Color Breeds Pinto Light Horse RaceSport Breeds o Thoroughbreds o Standardbreds o Arabians 0 Quarter Horses Thoroughbred Light Horse RaceSport Breeds American Standardbred Trotter Light Horse RaceSport Breeds Thoroughbred Orgin England Height 14217 hands Color solid Uses Racing and some for English L nji m r Ln U 2 mn gz Mfg n Light HorseGaited Breeds Tennessee Walking Horse American Saddlebred Rocky Mountain Paso Finos Missouri Foxtrotter Racking Horse TN Walking Horse Light Horse Gaited Breeds American Saddlebred Light Horse Gaited Breeds Rocky Mountain Light Horse Gaited Breeds Paso Fino Light Horse Gaited Breeds Missouri Fox Trotter Pony Breeds Shetland Welsh and Pony of Americas POA Ponies smaller version of a horse 142 hands and under originated from islands efficient metabolism Miniature Horses Connemara Dartmoor Uses Western Disciplines Western started from people driving cattle with horses Need for a saddle with a horn to daily the rope Grown into specialized divisions Forquot Cande Move cattle to different locations Rope Pomme and stop cattle Cut a cow from a herd Fromjockey and km Events involving cattle SeatJockey Roping I Skirt Fender Team Penning Calf Roping SU39WP Leather Stirrup Leather Keeper Cutting Working Cow horse htt www outubecom watchvHchGaZavS 92 Uses Western Disciplines Western Pleasure Western Riding Western Pleasure a horse that would be a pleasure to ride Walk jog lope httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvYDcV U5VhM0 Western Riding similar to western pleasure But horse displays flying lead changes Trail Controls the horses movement with A competition judging how quite and minimal contact by the rein and riders broke aides the horse is when maneuvering through Rider s aides obstacles that maybe found on the trail Hand seat and legs Competitive Trail httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvd Trail Riding recreation gmeAx 7ysgampfeaturerelated Uses Western Disciplines Gymkhanatimed eventsRacing Barrel Racing Pole Bending Key hole Flag Race Goal Fastest time httpwwwvoutubecomwatchvFqGi3WfY74w Flat tracks Harness Racing Endurance Races httpwwwvoutubecomwatchvfN45tOHblVYampfeaturereated Other Uses Vaulting A form of gymnastics and dance Provides riders with an opportunity to improve their balance strength poise and confidence on horseback Competitors can perform both individually and as a team Olympic Competition httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvkm4qusAqmU Other Uses PoloDriving Team sport 6 minute ChukkasChukkers Played indoorsoutdoors Very old sport on horseback WorkDraft Purposes Competition Shows Pleasure driving Competitive Driving similar to 3 day eventing Pulling Contests Draft horse hitches htt www outubecom watchv EXoXcHW 1wampfeaturerelated Pleasure Longearegl lll iree ds I Asses Mules and Hinnies Ii UT Domestic Donkeys miniatures standards mammoths some purebreeds Equus asinus Mule Siredonkey jack and dam horse mare Hinny Sirehorse stallion and damdonkey jenny Jac5 anol up Mammoth Donkeys Jenny 54 and up Longeared Breeds Standard Donkeys amp Miniature Donkeys Small 36quot 47 Large 48 54 36quot and under Baudette Poitou Purebred Donkey


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