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Tp How the World Really Works

by: Mr. Felicia Yundt

Tp How the World Really Works INST 2990

Marketplace > University of Wyoming > International Studies > INST 2990 > Tp How the World Really Works
Mr. Felicia Yundt
GPA 3.56

Adam Henne

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About this Document

Adam Henne
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Felicia Yundt on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INST 2990 at University of Wyoming taught by Adam Henne in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/230337/inst-2990-university-of-wyoming in International Studies at University of Wyoming.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
International Studies Advising Newsletter Fall 2009 Advising Week March 2327 Things to do Make an appointment with your advisor Signup sheets will be on your advisor s door the week of March 9th Prepare a preliminary Fall schedule to discuss with your advisor Fall 2009 Courses You Should Consider INST 2990 How the World ReallyWorks What do the Nike Swoosh the World Bank SUVs Barbie dolls the nancial crisis renewable energy and the war on terror have in commonAl are manifestations of the contemporary process known as globalization In the past decade politics media and world events have drawn our attention towards globalization and its relationship to the ways in which we consume goods services energy images and ideasThis course turns an interdisciplinary eye on the contemporary world of consuming and global connectionsThe class will take a broad overview of various approaches to the study of globalization while exploring the links between consumption civil society social justice and ecological integrity NotezThis class will become a permanent Foundation course Prerequisite None Applies to Foundation Contact DrAdam Henne Anthropology ahenneuwyoedu INST 499OIPOLS 47 I 0 Comparative Political Cultures Political culture has been de ned as a pattern of shared values moral norms beliefs expectations and attitudes relating to politics and its social context This course will focus upon how the histories and experiences of various Western and nonWestern societies have shaped these values norms beliefs expectations and attitudesThe course will draw upon readings from sociology history and anthropology as well as political science Prerequisite 9 hours of social science or international studies courses Applies to International Systems Contact Dr Tom Seitz International Studies tseitzuwyoedu INST 49904I Online Refugees and Forced Migration This course examines the ongoing global crises of refugees and forced migration The varied causes of forced migration including persecution war ethnic conflict development and climateinduced displacement will be investigated along with the consequences of each The status of individual refugees asylum seekers and refugee populations will be considered in terms of international law and convention Relevant principles such as nonrefoulement and right to return will be explored Responses to refugees and forced migration by states the international community intergovernmental agencies NGOs and the United Nations will be examined Prerequisite junior status or consent of instructor Applies to International Culture and Social Issues concentration Contactjim Thurman Central Wyoming College thurmancwcedu International Studies Advising Newsletter Fall 2009 Page 2 INST 4990I 0l5990lMKT 4590MBAM 49 I 0l58I0 Introduction to Sustainable Business Practices Sustainability is fast becoming a strategic issue for businesses in all sectors In the last ve years many companies in sectors across the economy have completely rede ned their business strategies in line with principles of sustainability balancing the requirements for economic development environmental quality and social justiceThere is no standard pedagogy and this course contributes to the development of such a pedagogy Prerequisite junior Status or MKT 490 For 5000level Graduate Status or MBAM 58 0 Applies to Global Economic Systems Contact Dr Eric Arnould Management and Marketing earnoulduwyoedu INST 3400 Online Politics and Society ofTurkey This course examines the history ofTurkey with an emphasis on its relationship with the Western world Major topics include the Ottoman Empire Ataturk and the founding of the Republic ofTurkeyTurkey s role in the Cold War Kurdish and other minority populations the changing Turkish political landscape the evolution of Islamist politics and recent relations with the United States and European Union Prerequisite junior Status or consent of instructor Applies to Africa and the Middle East concentration Contact Dr jim Thurman Central Wyoming College thurmancwcedu WMST 4940 Gender Women and Health This course looks broadly at gender women and health from a global perspective Framed by human rights and feminist perspectives the course examines how gender inequality affects women s health and related sociocultural political legal economic environmental and social justice factors Critical influences upon women s health such as power inequities poverty unequal access to education food and health care and violence against women is a primary focusWomen s organizations from international to grassroots levels that are working to improve women s health through policy and programmatic initiatives and advocacy will also be examined Prerequisite junior standing or permission of instructor Applies to International Culture and Social Issues concentration Contact Dr Susan McKay Women s Studies mckayuwyoedu WMST 4590INST 499004 Women of India This course immerses students in contemporary Indian life and literature particularly issues that women are confronting and changingThe course familiarizes students with major historical events that shaped the nation as well as one of India s most influential cultural forces HinduismTraditional expectations about women s lives and how women have transformed cultural traditions will be explored Prerequisite WA and a CS or CH course Applies to International CultureSocial Issues orAsia and the Paci c Rim concentrations Contact Dr Bonnie Zare Women s Studies bzareuwyoedu WMST 497580 India Social Justice in Culture and Practice A threeweek study abroad in India Dec 26Jan I0 as an extension ofWMST 4590 Students will be immersed in issues that impact nonprivileged people particularly women and children through visits to organizations and sites as well through university guest lectures Contact Dr Bonnie Zare Women s Studies bzareuwyoedu Page 3 International StudiesAdvising Newsletter Fall 2009 HIST 4990IINST 4990 Modern Silk RoadsThis course focuses on Central Asian states Afghanistan Kazakhstan KyrgyzstanTajikistanTurkmenistan and Uzbekistan and their relationships to China and Russia in the 20th century through the presentThe course will take an interdisciplinary approach examining recent social and political history as well as emer in economic trade and strategic links among the states in Central AsiaThe class will combine lecture discussion and research Prerequisite 6 hours ofhistoi39y or internationals studies ppIies to Africa and the Middle East orAsia and the Paci c Rim concentrations o tact Dr Marianne Kamp History mkampuwyoedu INST 499003 Comparative Studies in Education Policy This course examines the interaction between education policy and other institutions in a a variety ofsocietal systems in the developed and developing worldThis course is designed to focus on an inquiry of educational policy studies in international contextThe course will examine literature addressin three overarching themes Education and economic development Education and lnequalit and Quality Standards and AccountabilityThese themes will provide the opportunity to pursue some fundamental questions in education and to understand how and why nationstates form their educational policies as they do Prerequisite None Applies to International Culture and Social Issues concentration Contact Dr YarongAshIey International Studies yaronguwyoedu GEOG 3030 Geography and Development This course examines the distribution of wealth and poverty in he world as well as theories ofdevelopment from traditional modernization theories through Marxist critiques and sustainable development Case studies from around the world of development successes and failures will be examined Prerequisite GEOG I000 or 3 hours ofsocialscience with global focus Applies to International Development and the Global Environment Contact Geography Department SOC 4370 Global Political EconomyThis course examines the interaction of politics and the economy at the global level how political and economic decisions of one country or roups of countries affect institutions and life circumstances in othersThe causes and consequences ofglobalization as rooted in political economy will be assessed Prerequisite SOC I000 andjunior standing or SOCZ I00 ppIies to Global Economic S tems Contact Dr DavidAshIey Sociology ashleywyuwyoedu AAST 3I30 Global Impact ofAfrican CulturesThis course examines concepts of culture and value systems as applied to Africa and Africanderived cultures and the impact on civilizations around the globe Using the lens of Diaspora this course examines aspects ofAfrican cultures on the African continent along with the traditions experiences socialization and histories that m continue for dispersed peoples ofAfrican descen Prerequisite 3 hours ofAfricanAmerican studies orjunior standing Applies to Africa and the Middle East concentration Contact Dr Gatua MbugwaAfricanAmerican Studies International Studies Advising Newsletter Fall 2009 Page 4 International Studies Curriculum Offerings Fall 2009 Core Curriculum W International S tems ANTH l200 CulturalAnthropology POLS 4340 International Organizations INST 4340 ECON l000 Global Economic Issues INST l000 Online POLS 47l0 Comparative Political Cultures INST 4990 GEOG 000 World Regional Geography INST 060 INST 2990 How theWorld ReallyWorks PHIL 3250 Globaljustice POLS I200 NonWestern Political Cultures INST I200 POLS 23 0 Intro to International Relations INST 23 0 SOC 2 l 00 Social Change INST 200 Concentrations International Development and the Africa and the Middle East Global Environment AAST 3 30 Global Impact ofAfrican Cultures AGEC 3860 Economics ofWorId Food and Agriculture HIST 3220 MOdern Middle EaSt RELI 4500 AGEC 4660 Community Economic Development HIST 4990 M dern Silk Roads INST 499 ENR oo Probems and Poicies INST 3400 Politics and Society ofTurkey Online ENR 2000 Environment and Society RELI 2040 MidEast Religions GEOG 3030 Geography and Development GEOL 3600 Earth and Mineral Resources POLS 4250 Politics of Developing Nations Asia and the pacific Rim SOC 4 l0 Sociology of International Development INST 4 0 SOC 4600 Global Population Issues INST 4600 Hisi 2040 imperial China HIST 4990 Modern Silk Roads INST 4990 HP 25 Indian Epic mm INST 4990 China and Globalization POLS 4230 Government and Politics ofAsia AGEC 3860 Economics ofWorId Food and Agriculture WMST 4590 Women of india iNSi 4990 AGEC 4660 Community Economic Development BUSN 2000 International Business INST 2000 ECON 472 Internati naITrade Europe and the Former Soviet Union FIN 4460 Multinational Finance MKT 4540 International Marketing INST 4540 GERM 3006 German Culture MKT 490 Intro to Sustainable Business Practices INST 4990 Hisi i i i0 Western Civilization i SOC 4370 Global Political Economy INST 4370 Hisi 2080 Holocaust HIST 490 Europe I930Present international Culture and social issues RUSS 305 20th Century Russian Literature in English ANTH I450 World Archaeology COJO 390 Cross Cultural Communication W INST 4990 Comparative Studies in Education Policy INST 4990 Refugees and Forced Migration Online HIST 2380 Latin Americaquot CiViliZa ons MUSC 305 Introduction to Music of theWorId s People HIST 4495 C onial MeXimBorderlands RELI 2225 History of Christianity Hisi 2225 POLS 2290 Government and Politics of Latin America SOWK 4780 International Social Development INST 4990 WMST 4590 Women of India INST 4990 WMST 4940 GenderWomen and Health INST 4940 Note All courses on this list will count toward the INST elective credit


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