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Family Decision & Resource Mgt

by: Miss Bette Hilll

Family Decision & Resource Mgt FCSC 4112

Miss Bette Hilll
GPA 3.67


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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Bette Hilll on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FCSC 4112 at University of Wyoming taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/230342/fcsc-4112-university-of-wyoming in Family and Consumer Sciences at University of Wyoming.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Seven habits of effective people with respective human capacities to turn these into behaviours extrapolated from Covey 1992 ENDOWMENT possession of this human capacity enables HABIT of behavior one LOW effectiveness HIGH effectiveness one to convert wants to behaviour into Create habit 1 Knowledge of Being blames others or is a creative force and chooses internal self Proactive environment so as not to be response responsible feels they are victims of others hot reactor does not know what pushes their buttons are products of what happens to them knows internal script so cannot be victim cool chooser knows when buttons are being pushed and disallows it makes careful decisions based on principles and values produce what they want to happen 2 Imagination and conscience Beginning with end in mind feels futile about goals purpose improvement efforts quotwhat can I do about anythingquot attitude quotthe wandererquot relies on memory not imagination tied to past and old habits inner security hope and purpose imagines and creates a new course of action and pursues it with full awareness of consequences looks to future learning from the past 3 Willpower Putting first floats and coasts disciplined things first avoids responses quotcan do it possible to do it takes easy way out potential is therequot no initiative quotcan39t do it or won39t do itquot 4 Abundance Thinking win hogs power shares power mentality win accuses others shares recognition believes in limited resources self interest believes in abundance and alternative resources desire for mutual benefitinterest 5 Courage and Seek first to no empathy thinks before speaking consideration understand does not 39walk the talk39 has courage to listen to then be 39fight and flight39 mentality understand and then gives understood needs approval considered reply in others lacks courage context listens within their own lets other tell their story him restraint frames own reply rather than respect hearing other person reverence needs to control empathy and sympathy 6 Creativity Synergizing I want I need with others react think position want negotiate compromise give and take strives for short term fix transfer interest why satisfy both using creative alternatives respect for others interests don39t defend a position want give up short term for long term transform 7 Self renewal Sharpening the saw with six types of exercise aerobic resistance weight bearing spiritual emotional and intellectual closed system entropied and imbalanced static stagnant unoccupied unfocused or waywa rd open system dynamic and balanced improvement innovation continual refinement of self to maintain balance Adapted from Sue LT McGregor 1998 Embracing a new future A leadership imperative Journal of Family and Sciences 893 1218 McGregor extrapolated this from Covey S 1992 Principlecentered leadership NY Simon and Schuster Fireside


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