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by: Myah Koch
Myah Koch
GPA 3.64


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Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Myah Koch on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LBRY 3020 at University of Wyoming taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/230352/lbry-3020-university-of-wyoming in Information Studies at University of Wyoming.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
Invisible Web Invisible Web 39AKA lHidden Web lDeep Web First labeled as the Invisible Web in 1994 by Jill H Ellsworth Internet vs World Wide Web Internet I A network created so that computers could talk to each other I 1969 39 Funded by U S Defense Advanced Research Agency WWW 39 Software that runs on the Internet that allows users to access les I 1990 39 Created by programmer Tim BernersLee l European Organization for Nuclear Research What is the Invisible Web 39 Areas of the web that search engine crawlers cannot access 39 Areas of the web that are not directly searchable by the basic search function of general search engines such as Google Search Engine Crawler 39 The tool used by Search Engines to index the Web I A webpage that is invisible to one search engine crawler may not be to another What is the Surface Web 39 Areas of the web that search engine crawlers can access 39 Areas of the web that are directly searchable by the basic search function of general search engines such as Google Web Evolution ntemet Wva Archm99u Vahoo 3009 s 3009 s 1969 1990 1994 199a Mapszuus Size of the Web 39 Surface Web vs Invisible Web 39 White Paper put out by BrightPlanet states that the Invisible Web is about 500 times larger than the Surface Web Visible vs Invisible A Visible Website I Has static HTML WebPages Depends on the search engine being used 39 Google Scholar PDF s 39 Google Video A Visible Website I Can be a Database or Directory 39 Do you have to enter a query 39Are there links to pages I Is a subscription needed A Visible Website 39 Needs to be linked to a site that is currently being crawled 39 If not then it is called a disconnected page 39 There is no way to discover the page 39 Even if there are no technical issues A Visible Website I May depend on the number of WebPages on a Website I Mark Ludwig Univ at Buffalo State Univ of New York 3922 million WebPages created Google crawled only 20000 A Visible Website 39 Depends on if WebPages are Static or Dynamic 39 Weather information 39 Stock reports Opaque Web 39 Sites that are physically able to be indexed but are not chosen to be indexed for Whatever reason I Size of a website I Dynamic WebPages 39 Essentially Invisible Why is this important 39 Locating information 39 Disseminating information I If you want a website or digital project to be Visible Locating Information When Searching 39 Use the word database directory search engine or a similar synonym 39 Use a term for your topic A Visible Website I Dif cult to say if a Whole website is Visible 39 Need to make the distinction one Webpage at a time Do these Websites have invisible or surface WebPages JSTOR Earth Trends Environmental Information Chicago Tribune Directory of Open Access Journals Western Waters Digital Library Invisible Web Directories 39 CompletePlanet httpaipcompleteplanetcom 39 INFOMINE httpinfomineucredu 39 Librarians Internet Index httpwwwlii0rg Disseminating Information Google I For Example Google search engine crawler will index WebPages by l Linking to them from other WebPages 39 Submitting add URL form wwwg00glecornaddurlhtrnl 39 Pay for indexing 39 Google only indexes rst 101 KB of a website Future of the Invisible Web I The size of the Invisible Web will continue to grow I Most likely be an increase in the amount of Websites that can be crawled Increase in speed I More indexing of nonHTML formats I EX Google Scholar or Google Video Conclusion I Use more than one search tool I Use invisible web directories 39 Remember how web search engine crawlers function for the purpose of effectively locating and disseminating information Questions


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