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Limnology Ecology of Inland Waters

by: Serenity O'Kon

Limnology Ecology of Inland Waters WATS 4500

Marketplace > Utah State University > Wildlife and Fisheries Science > WATS 4500 > Limnology Ecology of Inland Waters
Serenity O'Kon
Utah State University
GPA 3.8

Wayne Wurtsbaugh

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About this Document

Wayne Wurtsbaugh
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Serenity O'Kon on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to WATS 4500 at Utah State University taught by Wayne Wurtsbaugh in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/230386/wats-4500-utah-state-university in Wildlife and Fisheries Science at Utah State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Algal population Ecology WATS 4500 Energy and Material Transfer sunligm in the Limnetic Zone of Lakes N1 Benthic production Hypolimnion or Littoral Sediments Nutrients Algal Population Dynamics Population Growth Rate per unit time I lnNt 1nN0 t rb d Algal Birth Rate Algal birth rate function of Intrinsic rate of the species Resources 1 Temperature 2 Light 3 Nutrients The relationship between irradianoe light and photosynthesis Pl curve 1 manuquot 1mm ruem 9 gt3 FM MM A me am Light amp Photosynthesis in lakes Depth meters 1 u In ow 61 aux lusjhE z 4quot H r i x PM Mo e gt Rare I H mlr let Man Relattnnslilp hemequot light photosynthesis and depth m a hypothetical msozrophic lake Effects of selfshading by phytoplankton tm cmaaayl 015 1741 mm Ayem EM I Delf Light amp Photosynthesis in Stream Communities MG OXYGEN M A 2 HOUR closed canopy PERIPHYTON PHOTOSYNTHESIS Phinney and McIntyre 1955 An lUO 0 20 30 40 50 10 9139 OF FULLSUNLIGHT drawn Algal Birth Rate 1 I I l l 39 Highnutrient adapted Algal birth rate function of Intrinsic rate of the species 7 Lawnutrient adapted Resources 1 Temperature 2 Light 3 Nutrients Growth Rate doublings day I l I I t I i Nutrient Concentration Relationship between nutrient concentration of a limitinq nutrient and growth rate of a a gae as represented by MichaelisHenten kinetics K is the nutrient concentration at which growth rates if 05 that of the theoretical maximum v NutrIent Phosphorus and Lake Eutrophication t I 20 Phosphorus addition to an con r0 In I Arctic Stream m t E Peterson etal15855clence 22513831386 10 s 03915 Hypertrophic 3 v 30 3 Day 26 2 Eutrophic I a in 5 10 I E S I E i Mesotrophic E I 2 3 z a 2 U I g 2 1 Day 15 g g oligotrophic I I13 I Values lrom July 197 quot392 I 1 2 3 quot391 mas Kilometers Phosphorus mg I L DZDl evaluatin ntmiwb Leibig s law of the minimum Definition Redfield Ratio In nutrient addition bioassays conducted in Gilbert Bay phytoplankton respond to nitrogen additions NH4 N03 but not to phosphorus in bioassay experiments Chl a Difference from Control Wurtsbaugh 1988 Marcarelli et al submitted Conceptual View of Control Factors in Streams 4 a men us A in Themmvphyumhmuul nd blolwglul mun mmmlhng umnquot hm in 0mm mounulnImumxdunngwlmcrnnd lummr veumwumporunren dlltrrmrhcm u Imllmlul by hi mam ol um mom nun RaunitkaRgmyll39isl Fquot 5 1 I lwm 11 W gt SUMn17 FEmanToN Tamvammm Nunlunu gt hams mgmuma lncmusa ugm gt Vum ziawm gt mumm Sm I Nunimu gt Wmmr Light I nutrient interactions Interaction of light and nutrients N03 on the primary production of periphyton in an Oregon stream 5 Gregory Oregon State unw C 60 2 7 5 gt 3 39g N I 4 o l 5 E a u E gt 20 n SHADES OPEN OPEN mo3 Algal Death Rate Disease and Parasitism Poorly understood Best example Chytrid fungus attacking diatoms Algal death rate function of 1 Senescence 2 Disease and parasitism rb d Disease amp Parasitism Algal Death Rate Algal death rate function of 1 Senescence NO ml 2 Disease and parasitism 3 Grazing ring setae of brine shrimp infection C 1965 Figure 80 Comparison of the changcs in vernal Astarimvclla populations 0 in Crosc Mere during February March April 1967 and 1968 in relation lo the absolulc concentration of infecting spores and sporangia of Ihc Chytrid parasite Zygarhizidium u iusn O the percentages of host calls infected and he water temperature are also represented Redrawn from Figures 9 and 0 of Rcvnnid I97 1 smngmmwn mmmnzi Grazing Losses CHLDRONIVLL MGMl Decline in Great Salt Lake phytoplankton related to grazing pressure When 12 l quotuquot 39 grazing pressure was a low the community was dominated by a rotifer when high the community was dominated by brine shrimp Wunsbaugh 1992 Oecoiogia 89118 10 mm no couuumn FILTRATION is on 1 Experiments in mesocosms limnocorrals Lund Enclosures to assess grazing impacts on phytoplankton Aiza ga ume Comunlty Filtration Rate volumes ltered I day Mml m in w naminrhrmy MmU Fi ure 83 Seasonal variations in the abundance and size dislrihunon of phyloplanklnn in Lund Enclosure A 97K in relation to the zuoplankmn cummunity ltration rate CFR Generally only those particles lt I00001m unit size would be available lo ihc ller feeder as Food Redrawn From Figure 10 of Reynolds 9 IL l982b Grazing controls on stream periphyton by snails C Hawkins 50 o gc No Snail 4o aft 250 Snails 3 g 30 u u 1000 Snails 3E l 20 c at V lt 10 v A I I a U E 16 24 32 TIME days BO39I39I OMLTP LIGHT AND TOPDOWN SNAIL GRAZING EFFECTS on PERIPHY TON IN AN cacao STREAM c Hawkins 1987 oikos 49209 s wEFKS Without a Snails 39 ug CHLDROPHYLL ttcm2 s 95 SHADE 75 SHADE 0 SHADE Algal Death Rate Algal death rate function of Senescence Disease and paras Grazing Physical mechanisms sinking and scour 5 N Stoke s Law Governs Sinking Rates of Small Spherical Particles U 2gr2p39p 9 I density ortne liquid viscosity Importance of mixedla yer thickness after KaIff 2002 Sinking loss rats quotn d 15 Muted Column depth m non motile organisims with given sinking rates From Kalff 2002 Ways organisms can overcome Stoke s Law Deviate from spherical shape Very small size high surface area volume ratio EVOLVE MOVEMENT flagella swimming gas vacuoles Scour A a VEA yrsI A Mm my r mrhumnl MW 3 E mammal mllf39a mhm F gt D V lewmmmom as gt m 79w 3 I an m run Yampumms we m 0 ml under h V4 gt m z A am I39m 3 w a 1 a e r n x V mmub rmhnmlm a rm WW 1 E E h u o g lm WW gt 001 5 Eu Trout Stanley Yellow Belly mmms gt quotm D5utup aha Chluruphyll a henerh are greater atuutlet Sltes and excess shearstressmlddle is r ateratlnlets hah eullels The sultslndlcate lhal chluruphyll a EDnEEntratanS decrease vvlth lhereases lh mublllty er the representatlve DE The D u is larger at lake eullels due in Sediment suurce inputs the attenuatan er Sediment by lakes and luvver Excess shear slress values Summary of control factors on phytoplankton in lakes Seasonal succession of dozens of algal species Contrast with succession in forests over decades Ligh a i 2 z TEH I HE Hurn e fw 3 if I r EilElmg duplh a lHLJ lrimrlhg x 7A at 3 E m S r L if 3 rat 5 3 njquot IIMDIi RIZR39JFRmehlai l L fl I I I39 quot I If39 lquot If M RaZIIIHIEu39laI 11111 at quot r j g quotn man 33 cmquot I wquot 3 x m 7 e g quot 39 3 39 l E 39 Ef e 39 a j n I V 1 7 1 T I Ila F D lt l n i l a v Mfmmmm Ii39 i E quotmmquot Iquotth irlutmmlnHlznl rummm ulna mm IIIH El y l39lm IEEulcrninli C39 rlEalb t i l iil June Where does the algae grow A CURRENT CONCEPTUALIZATION lmport V Exportgt LN x x gt H 39 ffquot N h Particulate expo rt mixin w rient release to outlet Sedimentation to epilimnetic sediments Ex ort r in r ra L ii 4 giniquot xingli39iiIX i 39I IlqmtmIiiw iiqq V I I y L DON B Periphyton in littoral important too lm port Lg mm R Nutrient Uptake by Littoral Where does 00 r E f the algae quotis 100 a quotP o r w 3 on g o E ii 10 2 E Vadeboncoeur et al 0 g 2003 g7 E g 1 Limnol Oceanogr 48 V L195 g 14081418 01 2 1000 5 a 5 g g 5 g Q 100 O 21 on g 2 N E E E 3 1 3 398 L3 5 E 01 O Greenland A US 0 Denmark Pelagic log10y10 logIOTPOBB R2 056 p lt 00005 l l logmy O57 logIOTPl ID R2 036 p lt 0001 A 8 56 4 Benthic lo 100 1000 Total Phosphorous ug I Liter Ci Greenland 1393 l D B39 a B 1 U3 39 Denmark is i l l l 40 e of whole lake production I II Benthic algal production 21317 39 l I 39 1 U l i H 39 F lifiiiii T Total phosphorua mg 11713 Size does matter


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