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Limnology Ecology of Inland Waters

by: Serenity O'Kon

Limnology Ecology of Inland Waters WATS 4500

Marketplace > Utah State University > Wildlife and Fisheries Science > WATS 4500 > Limnology Ecology of Inland Waters
Serenity O'Kon
Utah State University
GPA 3.8

Wayne Wurtsbaugh

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About this Document

Wayne Wurtsbaugh
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Serenity O'Kon on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to WATS 4500 at Utah State University taught by Wayne Wurtsbaugh in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/230386/wats-4500-utah-state-university in Wildlife and Fisheries Science at Utah State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
A reminder Temperature amp water density lee Like Tampernlures missing dam lillud o Thermal 3 mm A I I 0999 Stratification s g 8 30997 In E1 20 Means warmer watergt4 C 13 o 95 FLOATS on top of colder 0925 J 15 water 18 003 l n 25 so 75 100 v25 150 175 znu 225 Water lt 4 C floats on top of DWGDAV39EB39MDB W g 002 5 4 C water 5 3 5 81013151320235 go m httpwaleronlheweborgcurricula i000 nm o 10 20 Temperature 0C Thermal Stratification in Lakes A Seasonal Cycle Spring gtSummer Stratification Suanht Suanht Spring mixing Hypolimnetic entrainment gradually over summer amp fall Thickness oflayers Fetch km Epilimnion Thickness m mg 2 The Elltmnxhlp buwten m mun larch km and um nlidrsummerde h cl the 39l39 V ninn m m like 039 nunhun Poland SA N zoE black do 2nd Cami2 emanating 9w Linusw awn IrclesL TH mam am denotes uh 035 mn dm e hmiu Source Patulas K 1984 Hid summer mixing depths of lakes of different latitudes Var Internat Verein Limnol 22 97 102 Temperature m i mm m MI1 lnrnllluuun in 1 a 1mm m uquot urn m m quot111 M l quh 57 mm m m mmquot m k XML Depending on lake size and depth only a small portion may exhibit thermal stratification Temperature proflle Epilimnion Mixed Laye Fall Cooling and turnover Sunlight SIgnIfIcance nutnenl stored in hypollmnlon broughttothe surface Sunlight Wann estwaterfor organisms now at bottom orlake om and surface water not mixing nutrients released from i sediments can39t mix to sur ce even through intensity or strati cation ls weak Ice blocks transfer of ases at surface s restricts light transmission SEASONll muses m THERMAL smucruxr m A mmcnc LAKE Winter a Inverse Stratification Spring turnover amp mixing V39 0 n 1 c as Sumr Stratificatlnn l Fall cooling 5 Turnuver Significance of the layered system Hypolimnetic isolation from surface processes Epilimnetic isolation from sediments except at margins Limited transfer of heat and materials across the thermocline Fall and spring mixing redistribute materials Multiple thermal habitats for organisms Multiple mmm Thermal Habitats DEFMLMl Bear Lake UtahIdaho Cisco distribution source Luecke 0 8w Wunsbaugn 1556 Trans Am Fish Soc 122 112120 Another way to diagram lake temperatures ISOTHERM a line designating the depth at which temperature was constant through time Vertical lines isothermal onditions Horizontal lines stratification Tightlypacked horizontal lines thermocline Geographic amp Morphometric Differences in Mixing Patterns M39x39ng patterns In lakes o The pattern demonstrated here in o What would the annual mlxmg pattern be like im northern Utah IS called DIMICTIC 5m deep 100 km2 lake in Utah Other types of lakes 50m deep 100 km2 lake in coastal California AmiC C Polymictic 50m deep 100 km2 lake in the lowland tropics Warm m n mictic Oligomictic 50m deep 100 km2 lake in Antarctica C 39d m n mictic Warm Monomictic Mixes once each year Never gets cold enough to freeze or too large a Meromictic Lakes All the lakes we ve discussed so far are HOLOMICTIC Meromictic lakes Saltstabilized Salinity A mer omictic lake The Great Salt Lake Depth m eters Temperature C 4 5 2 Density k we i Temperature 13 Dec1955 m x WW77g57777Q M a 10a 11 11 Density 9 cma Characteristics of monimolimnions 1 High gradients in chemistry and microbiology 2 Bottom temperatures can be higher 3 Can have very different biota


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