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Intermediate Latin Prose

by: Ashton Ullrich II

Intermediate Latin Prose LATN 3100

Marketplace > Utah State University > Latin > LATN 3100 > Intermediate Latin Prose
Ashton Ullrich II
Utah State University
GPA 3.94

Susan Shapiro

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About this Document

Susan Shapiro
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashton Ullrich II on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LATN 3100 at Utah State University taught by Susan Shapiro in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/230432/latn-3100-utah-state-university in Latin at Utah State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
LATN 3100 The Roman Republic Fall 2006 Utah State University Dept of History Class MWF 1130 1220 in MAIN 323L Office Main 323D Instructor Dr Susan O Shapiro Office Phone 797 2091 Office hrs MWF 130 220 and by appointment shapiroshassusuedu Description and Goals LATN 3100 is a first course in reading Latin prose This semester we will be reading stories from Roman history focusing prilnarily on the Roman Republic For almost 500 years 509 27 BC the Romans governed themselves through their elected officials in a Republican form of government that was in many ways a model for our own Stories about the founding of Rome its early monarchy and the rise and fall of the Republic will provide a semester39s worth of exciting reading The primary goal for the course is to help you make the transition from studying Latin grammar to reading real Latin prose For many students this transition can be quite difficult Most students find that the third semester is the most difficult Latin class they will ever encounter To help make the transition as smooth as possible we will begin by reading stories adapted from the Roman historians Fabalae Romanae Stories of Famous Romans These stories have been silnplified but they will give you practice with the most ilnportant structures of Latin grammar and syntax About half way through the semester we will shift to a different book Finis Rei Pablicae Eyewitnesses t0 the End of the Republic which contains readings in original Latin mainly Caesar and Cicero We will read selections concerned with the events leading up to Caesar39s crossing of the Rubicon which resulted in civil war 49 46 BC and Caesar39s dictatorship 46 44 BC We will also review some key points of Latin grammar and introduce some new ones as well But the prilnary responsibility for reviewing Latin grammar falls upon you the student If you are unsure of the forms for the present subjunctive go back and review If you don39t remember how to form the future active infinitive go back and review If you don39t remember the difference between the gerund and gerundive go back and review We will be using Bennett39s New Latin Grammar in class but when you review at home you may wish to consult Wheelock or any other beginning textbook with which you are familiar But the main point is that for most students repeated grammar review is essential for making good progress in Latin The process of moving from grammar lessons to reading real Latin will not be completely painless I39m afraid but it is an essential step perhaps THE essential step in learning Latin And you will feel terrific when you are able to read Latin prose with accuracy grace and enjoyment Reguired Texts Charles E Bennett New Latin Grammar BolchazyCarducci Knapp amp Vaughn Finis Rei Pablicae Eyewitnesses t0 the End of the Roman Republic 2nd edition Focus 2003 Lawall amp Perry Fabalae Romanae Stories ofFamoas Romans Longman 2003 any Latin Dictionary Structure There will be four exams approximately one every four weeks The exams will cover translation both prepared and sight grammar and syntax The last exam will be held during finals week but it will not be a cumulative final There will be no quizzes and no written homework Grading grades for the course will be determined as follows 4 Exams 225 each 90 Class attendance and participation 10 100 The grading scale will be A 100 93 A 92 90 B 89 88 B 87 83 B 82 80 and similarly for the C and D range F represents a grade below 60 There will be no curving of grades Makeups Makeup exams will not normally be given Exams can be made up only in case of a serious medical emergency prior notification and doctor39s note required Class Format On most class days we will translate prepared passages from Fabulae Romanae FR or Finis Rei Publicae FRP We will read the Latin out loud translate it accurately and discuss any grammar questions that may arise Students may write out a translation if they wish or make a vocabulary list In no instance however will students be allowed to read their translations in class Prepared class translations will be exactly that translations prepared at home but translated freshly in class I do expect your translations to be carefully and meticulously prepared but retranslating the passages in class is the best way to solidify your knowledge of the material We will also review selected topics in Latin grammar using Bennett in addition to our textbooks so be sure to bring Bennett to class every day SometiInes we will break our routine and translate a passage at sight Sight translation is a great way to strengthen your reading ability and build good reading habits One sight passage will appear on each exam 1 e and Class Particinatinn39 Class attendance and participation are extremely important and count for ten percent of your grade I expect you to come every day with your translation prepared ready to fully participate in class You should expect to spend 1 to 2 hours in preparation for each class If you must be absent please send me an email and let me know Excessive absences ie more than 3 unexcused absences poor preparation or lackluster class participation will result in a low attendanceparticipation grade Academic Hones As students teachers and scholars we are engaged in the pursuit of truth and this endeavor demands high standards of personal honesty Membership in the academic and professional community requires a trust based upon integrity of the written and spoken word Thus cheating of any kind will not be tolerated in this class If you have any questions about what plagiarism is or what constitutes unauthorized assistance please do not hesitate to ask me This information is available in Braille and large type format upon request Final Note Because every class is to some extent a work in progress this syllabus is subject to change Students are responsible for incorporating into this syllabus any and all changes that have been announced in class LATN 3100 TENTATIVE ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE ASSIGNMENTS ARE M ON THE SPECIFIED DAY Week 1 M 8 28 Introduction FR 1 class W 830 FR 1 amp 2 Nouns and Adjs all declensions F 9 1 FR 3 Finite verbs indicative active amp passive Week 2 M 94 Labor Day No Class W 9 6 FR 4 amp 5 Infinitives active and passive all tenses F 9 8 FR 5 Participles active and passive all tenses Week 3 M 9 11 FR 6 Subjunctive Forrns W 9 13 FR 9 note skip in sequence Uses of the subjunctive indep clauses F 9 15 FR 9 Subjunctive uses dependent clauses Week 4 M 9 18 FR 12 Last Day to Drop w out notation on transcript W 9 20 Review F 922 Exam 1 Week5 M 925 FR 16 W 927 FR 18 F 929 FR 20 Week6 M 102 FR 20 W 104 FR 25 F 106 FR 25 Week 7 M 109 Dr Shapiro UVSC no Class W 1011 FR 26 F 1013 FR 26 Week 8 M 1016 ReView W 1018 Exam 2 F 1020 Fall Break no Class Week9 M 1023 FR 27 W 1025 FR 28 F 1027 FR 29 Week10 M 1030 FR30 W 111FR30 F 113FR31 Week 11 M 116 FRP 2 amp 3 W 118 FRP 4 F 1110 FRP 6 note skip in sequence Week 12 M 1113 FRP 7 W 11 15 FRP 8 Absolutely last day to drop a class F 1117 Review Week 13 M 1120 Exam 3 W 1122 Thanksgiving Break F 1124 Thanksgiving Break Week 14 M 1127 FRP 11 W 1129 FRP 12 F 121 FRP 14 Week 15 M 124 FRP 16 W 126 FRP 17 F 128 FRP 20 Exam Week F 1215 Exam 4 930 1120 AM


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