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Scientific Thinking and Methods in Psychology

by: Ellis Stamm Sr.

Scientific Thinking and Methods in Psychology PSY 3500

Marketplace > Utah State University > Psychlogy > PSY 3500 > Scientific Thinking and Methods in Psychology
Ellis Stamm Sr.
Utah State University
GPA 3.66

Scott Bates

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About this Document

Scott Bates
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellis Stamm Sr. on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 3500 at Utah State University taught by Scott Bates in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/230467/psy-3500-utah-state-university in Psychlogy at Utah State University.


Reviews for Scientific Thinking and Methods in Psychology


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Date Created: 10/28/15
1P PSY 3500 Scienti c Thinking 1P 8 Methods in Psychology Offered on Tuesdays 8 Tharsdaysfrom 1030 am to 1145 am in VSB 213 Instructor Scott C Bates PhD Phone 435 797 2975 EMail ScottBatesusuedu Of ce EDUC 480 Of ce Hours Wednesday 8 Thursday 3 5 amp appt Course Description Provides introduction to research methods and scienti c thinking Teaches students to understand analyze and evaluate existing behavioral research Includes de ning and measuring variables selecting research participants experimental quasi experimental and non experimental research designs and conducting ethical research Prerequisites PSY 1010 Course Obj ectives There are multiple objectives for this course and all class activities examinations and assignments are designed to help students meet these objectives By the end of the course it is my intention that students will have made signi cant and measurable progress in their ability to 0 Understand analyze and evaluate existing behavioral research from a research methods perspective In order to accomplish this goal students will learn about 0 De ning and measuring variables 0 selecting research participants 0 non experiinental including descriptive and correlation designs 0 experimental including between within subjects and factorial designs 0 quasi experimental designs and o conducting ethical research and evaluating research in terms of ethics 0 Produce a research proposal based on an important research question that 0 includes a thorough review of the previous literature that supports the utility and importance of the research question 0 is methodologically and logically sound and 0 written to the standards of the American Psychological Association M Research Design and Methods A Process Approach 7th edition by Bordens and Abbott is required for this course Students will not be able to achieve the goals of the course from a super cial reading of the chapters a thorough understanding of the material in the textbook is essential for a high grade in this course The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 5th edition is also required for this course students will refer to it extensively when writing their proposal project Section 01 Fall 2008 Due Dates In the event of a University approved absence or a medical problem please contact the instructor as soon as possible In general advance notice and or appropriate documentation will be required to schedule a make up exam quiz or assignment Appropriate documentation may include written noti cation from a treatment provider BlackBoard This course will make use of BlackBoard http bbusuedu A variety of resources will be available including support materials for the proposal project see below exam study guides see below any lecture slides and the grade book Additionally all assignments must be submitted via blackboard Academic Honesty Plagiarizing cheating or violating other reasonable standards of academic behavior will not be tolerated Any student who engages in academically dishonest behavior will receive an F for the course grade All incidents of cheating will be reported for university level disciplinary proceedings the results of which can include probation suspension expulsion the assignment of HV honors violation to the students permanent transcript etc see section Vl l of the Code of Policies and Procedures for Students at Utah State University While complete de nitions are available in the course catalogue p 21 the following are particularly relevant to this course A Plagiarism representing by paraphrase or direct quotation the published or unpublished work of another person as one s own in any academic exercise or activity without full and clear acknowledgment Plagiarism also includes using materials prepared by another person or by an agency engaged in the sale of term papers or other academic materials CU Cheating a depending on the aid of sources beyond those authorized by the instructor in writing papersor carrying out other assignments b substituting for another student or permitting another student to substitute for oneself in taking an exaInination or preparing academic work c submitting substantially the same work for credit in more than one class except with prior approval from the instructor recycling Section 01 Fall 2008 Grading amp Evaluation There are 900 points possible in this course As there will be aInple opportunities to earn points extra credit opportunities will not be provided Grades will be assigned using a standard grading scheme A 930 100 A 900 929 B 870 899 B 830 869 B 800 829 C 770 799 C 730 769 C 700 729 D 670 699 D 600 669 F 00 599 There are four major evaluation activities Quizzes There will be an in class open note quiz for each chapter that is assigned These quizzes will often include short answer essay questions but may take any form Together these quizzes will constitute 167 of students39 nal grades Assignments There are ve assignments that account for 167 of students nal grade Proposal Project Students will complete a research project proposal that includes a comprehensive review of the scienti c literature on the topic of his or her choice and a proposal for a study that would extend the literature The proposal project is worth 300 points 333 of the overall grade A more detailed description of the project tasks is included below and a Project Guide will be distributed in class and via blackboard Examinations There will be a comprehensive mid term examination worth 125 points 14 of the overall grade and a comprehensive nal exaIn worth 175 points 19 of the overall grade Study guides are included herein and are available on blackboard Evaluation Activity Due Date Points of Total Quizzes 150 167 Assignments 150 167 Study Critique 828 30 33 Measurement 930 30 33 Non Experimental Research 1021 30 33 Experimental Research 1111 30 33 Ethics 124 30 33 Proposal iject 300 333 Assignment 1 Research Question 911 20 22 Assignment 2 Review Literature 923 35 39 Assignment 3 Literature Review 1014 100 111 Assignment 4 Peer Feedback 1023 35 39 Quizzes Assignment 6 Methods Section 1120 50 56 Assignments Assignment 7 Final Submission 129 60 67 Proposal Project Examinations 300 333 Examinations Mid Term Exam 109 125 14 Final Exam 129 1 75 19 Total Points Possible 900 1000 Section 01 Fall 2008 Tmmmx 0mm Sduduk Mm Day Date mm 1 2s n 22 5pm 1 2 n A 1 9 n n 1 m n m 1 23 n 25 1 3n Oddau39 n 2 1 7 n 9 1 m n m 1 21 n 23 1 22 m an Nuvanbu39 1 A n a 1 n n 13 1 m n 2n 1 25 n 27 92mm 1 2 n A 1 9 mam Assxgmm muchcom 25mm EWSEhm Gemgmd Develupmgksemhldzas mung Wumamnm Fevwwm l AStylz Cbosmga R5thst wingspan ammm momma uman 51mm usmgngwpgmm mm m cm usmgsmymm Edmendex m lbpds new splm mmmgw Cunemwmlhsutheslys Wn ngaMe rmd Semanm AFASIylA 003 zmkmmm mm mg Assignman hum QM 22mm cm Q Q mm 1 Q mm 2 Q mm Mus mu Mm Emmcm mm 3 km quotm w 1 an A Q Q Assme m mu mm 5 mm m mus szm mmm mum mmnmmmdpmmmmmm3 52mm or F3 2003 Proposal Project The major aim of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to develop their scientific psychology skills Generally this proposal project has been designed to increase student knowledge in both the scientific thinking and methods in psychology aspects of the course students will have an opportunity to generate and develop a research question review the relevant literature and design a study to address their research question Overall the proposal project is worth 300 points 333 of the overall grade Proposal Project Tasks The proposal project will include a variety of tasks feedback loops and stages of evaluation Note it is extraordinarily difficult to succeed on the proposal project if students do not keep up Descriptions of each project assigmnent follow 0 Project Assignment 1 Research Question For this assignment an individual student instructor meeting and a document submitted via BlackBoard are required The objective of the meeting is to provide guide to students during the formative stages of their project and to evaluate progress Students are required to bring a single page document that includes a specification and brief discussion of the research question under consideration and b a list of 5 relevant sources Searching the literature and identifying sources is covered in Bordens and Abbott ch3 and will also be covered in class The final submitted document should be a revision of the meeting document 0 Meeting By appointment anytime prior 9 11 0 Document Due Midnight 9 11 submitted via BlackBoard 0 Evaluation 20 points 10 points for meeting preparedness 10 points for quality of submitted document 0 Project Assignment 2 Review the Literature An outline of the literature review plus 10 relevant sources from the scientific literature are required for project assigmnent 2 Searching the literature is covered in Bordens and Abbott ch3 Each source must be from a primary source data based and from an academic journal 0 Due Midnight 9 23 submitted via BlackBoard 0 Evaluation 35 points based on completeness and quality 0 Project Assignment 3 Literature Review For Project Assignment 3 students are to write an introduction literature review to their proposed study The purpose of an introduction of a study is to justify the study that will be proposed The 3000 word just over 10 full pages 12 pt Tilnes New Roman 1 Margins review and synthesis of the literature on the research question will include an integration of at least 15 sources from the psychological literature Each source must be a primary source data based and from an academic journal Writing a literature review is covered in Bordens and Abbott ch16 pages 488 495 516 523 the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 15 17 chapters 3 5 and will also be covered in class 0 Due Date Midnight 10 14 submitted via BlackBoard Section 01 Fall 2008 0 Evaluation 100 points based on project rubric see below 0 Project Assignment 4 Peer Feedback For Project Assignlnent 4 students are to provide and receive feedback for a peer the drafts submitted for Project Assignment 3 will be shuf ed and redistributed to classmates for peer feedback How to provide this feedback will be covered in class 0 Due Date 10 23 submitted via BlackBoard 0 Evaluation 35 points based on quality of the feedback provided to peer 0 Project Assignment 5 Method Section Much of the course is dedicated to this process and students will need to make speci c decisions regarding their study strategy and design before proceeding to the next step For Project Assignlnent 6 students will write an APA Style methods section a how to class session will be devoted to the topic Students will bring a draft methods section to the second formal student instructor project meeting Students should be prepared to talk about a research strategy and design 0 Meeting By appointment anytime prior 11 20 0 Due Midnight 11 20 submitted via BlackBoard 0 Evaluation 50 points 10 for meeting attendance and preparedness 40 for quality of method and quality of written document 0 Project Assignment 6 Final Submission Students will submit an electronic version of their final proposal project Final submissions will include a title page an introduction a methods section a references page and should incorporate feedback from previous drafts of all assignments 0 Due Midnight 12 9 submitted via BlackBoard 0 Evaluation 60 points evaluated based on project rubric Section 01 Fall 2008 Exam Study Guides For both the midterm and nal exaInination a series of essay questions will be drawn randomly from the following lists Midterm Examination Study Guide Between 4 and 8 essay questions will be asked on the midterm examination The complete universe of possibilities for the midterm exaInination follows 1 oo13301 Describe the ways in which scienti c explanations may fail Offer suggestions on how to avoid faulty scientific explanations chl Give an example of a pseudoexplanation other than one of those presented in the text or in class and show how you would avoid the trap of such a pseudoexplanation chl Discuss the method of authority and the rational method What are the strengths and weaknesses of each Do they play a role in science If so what role do they play chl Discuss the various roles that theory plays in science Where applicable give examples ch2 Outline the characteristics of a good theory ch2 If you wanted to test a particular theory what strategy would you use and why ch2 What are internal and external validity and why are they i1nportant in research ch4 Compare and contrast correlational and experimental research How do they differ and what conclusions can be drawn from the data produced by each Discuss when and why you would choose to conduct one or the other ch4 Imagine that you have been given the freedom to conduct an experiment on the effects of early infant day care on attachment security Design an experiment that would test the hypothesis that early infant day care affects attachment security In your answer be sure to identify your variables treatment conditions and any steps taken to ensure the validity of your results ch4 10 Discuss the factors that affect your decision concerning the variables to be included in 11 your study ch5 Compare and contrast validity reliability and accuracy of a measure Define each and tell why each is important ch5 12 Discuss the problem of experilnenter bias and the steps that can be taken to avoid this ch5 13 Discuss the problem of volunteerism in research using human participants How do volunteers and nonvolunteers differ How might those differences affect the outcome of research and how can the problem of volunteerism be reduced ch6 14 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using anilnals as research subjects ch6 Section 01 Fall 2008 15 You are a member of an IACUC asked to screen a research proposal that includes animals as subjects What speci c points would you look for to ensure that the subjects are being treated and handled ethically Refer to speci c points made in the text concerning the ethical treatment of animal subjects ch6 Final Examination Study guide The final examination will include two parts a take home portion and an in class portion The take home portion will be announced on the last day of class On the in class portion of the final examination between 5 and 10 essay questions will be asked Of these one or two questions from the midterm examination study guide will be included on the final those questions that were asked on the midterm exaInination will be excluded The remaining questions will be randomly selected from the following universe of possibilities 1 Imagine that you are going to conduct an observational study of children during free play periods Outline the steps you would take in designing your study Include in your answer how you would define your behavioral categories quantify behavior and deal with behavioral complexity ch8 2 Discuss the issues of interrater reliability and observer bias Why is it i1nportant to consider each when doing observational research What can be done to increase interrater reliability and reduce observer bias ch8 3 Describe how you would go about conducting an ethnographic study of a caInpus fraternity or sorority ch8 4 Discuss some of the conunon aws in questionnaire item construction and how they can be handled ch9 5 Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of conducting mail surveys versus an internet based survey ch9 6 Imagine that you are going to conduct a mail survey concerning attitudes toward using tax increases to reduce the budget deficit Of course you want a representative sample Outline the sampling techniques you would employ to ensure a valid survey ch9 7 Compare and contrast the between subjects within subjects and single subject designs What are the defining qualities of each ch10 8 The matched pairs design is sometimes used in place of the randomized design Outline the advantages of the matched pairs design over the randomized design and discuss when and why you would avoid the matched pairs design ch10 9 Discuss the problem of carryover effects in within subjects designs What are some of the sources and how can they be dealt with ch10 10 Discuss the advantages that factorial designs offer over single factor designs Point out any drawbacks to the between subjects factorial design ch10 Section 01 Fall 2008 11 List and discuss three sources of confounding in a between subjects experiment What steps could be taken to avoid confounding ch10 12 You are interested in the effect of list length on memory You construct three lists of varying lengths for participants to learn You are however concerned that one list of each length may not be enough to show your effects Construct a nested design that would include three lists of each length What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing your experiment in this way ch11 13 Give an example of how you might include a quasi independent variable in an experiment What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this ch11 14 Compare and contrast the cross sectional and longitudinal developmental designs What are the characteristics of each What are the advantages and disadvantages of each ch11 15 What are the three basic principles of the Bellnont Report How do these relate to the ethical codes adopted by professional organizations such as the APA ethical guidelines ch7 16 Imagine that you are a member of an IRB and are evaluating the ethics of a proposal for an experiment using human participants What specific points would you look for to ensure that the participants are being treated ethically In your answer make specific references to the ethical guidelines discussed in the text ch7 17 Show how one s personal or cultural values can in uence the validity of science In your answer give an example of how values can affect science ch7 Section 01 Fall 2008 ReasoningOrganization Does not Meet Expectations 1 Incoherent organization fails to lead the reader to the intended conclusion Poor or nonexistent transitions 2 Inferences are unsupported by evidence 3 Ideas are presented without attention to synthesis Meets Expectations 1 Logical orderly presentation is apparent generally good although obvious organization Good transitions 2 Inferences are supported by evidence 3 Effort is made to synthesize ideas from different sources Exceeds Expectations 1 The writing is logical orderly internally consistent and well developed Elegant Organization is so excellent as to be unnoticed 2 Inferences are well supported by evidence 3 Ideas are well synthesized following an established outline ContentFocus 1 Unclear main idea or main idea is to broad 1 Clear or clearly implicit main idea and partially 1 Very clear and effectively limited and limited topic manageable topic 2 No evidence of purpose or direction 2 Purpose and direction discernible 2 Clear purpose and direction 3 Major gaps in coverage of literature 3 Good coverage of literature few gaps 3 No gaps in coverage of literature Communication 1 Word choice is inappropriate to the intended 1 Word choice is acceptable for the intended 1 Word choice is particularly well matched to audience Casual or colloquial tone audience Generally formal in tone the intended audience Scholarly tone 2 Writing is choppy with many awkward 2 Sentences and paragraphs relate to each other 2 Writing flows and easy to follow passages though connections are occasionally mechanical or choppy 3 Heavy reliance on quotations or paraphrasing 3 Original writing supported with occasional 3 Limited quotations and paraphrasing well quotations paraphrasing integrated with original writing 4 Errors of grammar and spelling substantially 4 Errors of grammar and spelling are minimal and 4 The document is free of grammar and spelling detract from the communication do not detract from the communication errors APA Style 1 Several features of APA style are ignored 1 Few errors in APA style39 most are 1 APA style is employed perfectly inconsequential References 1 Inappropriate references andor fewer than 15 1 Citations are appropriate although not ideally 1 Citations appropriate to the content of the SOUICCS matched to the content of the paper39 15 sources 2 Many errors in the form of citations in either the 2 A few incorrect citations are noted in either the body or the reference section body or the reference section 3 Many references that appear in the body are not 3 A few citations in the body do not match those cited in the reference section and vice versa in the reference section paper in breadth depth and currency Many more than minimum number of sources 2 Citations are correctly cited in both the body and the reference section 3 Citations match in the body and in the reference section D Level C B Level A Level


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