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ESOL Instructional Strategies

by: Mrs. Antonina Jacobi

ESOL Instructional Strategies SCED 4760

Mrs. Antonina Jacobi
Utah State University
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Antonina Jacobi on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SCED 4760 at Utah State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/230472/sced-4760-utah-state-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Utah State University.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
Tammy Lambert Sced 4760 Lesson plans Grade 7th grade Subject Reading Content Objective 0 Students will read the assigned poem and then create a collage that re ects their interpretation of the poem Standard 1 Objective 3e Language Objectives 0 Students will read the poem 0 Students will complete Content Process notes for the poem writing 0 Students will share their ideas during group discussion contentprocess notes present their nished collage with the class speaking Students will listen to their peers during group discussion contentprocess notes and to their peers collage presentations Instructional Features Procedures Review with students what they remember about descriptive language taught in a previous lesson so that students can associate what they learn in this lesson with the previous lesson on descriptive language activate background knowledge Read the poem out loud while students follow along Ask them to mark any words they don t understand After the poem is read write the words student marked on a word wall and go over the meanings of the words ContentProcess notes Draw a line down the board making two columns Title the left column important content and the right column possible meaning Ask students for a word or phrase from the poem that they think is important and write it in the left column Ask students what they think the wordphrase might mean in the poem and write it in the right column Break students into groups and have them continue filling out the ContentProcess notes for the poem Ask the groups to share some of their notes Ask students to individually create a collage using their notes as a guide brie y describe what a collage is and provide an example Have students share their collages Use the collages to discuss and explain what it means to interpret something Adaptations for English Language Acquisition Stages PreEmergentEmergent o Provide copies of a simple poem written in both L1 and L2 Provide a graphic organizer with helper sentences and examples in L1 to complete contentprocess notes Allow students to discuss in L1 Provide instructions for collage in L1 Provide helper sentences to help students explain their collage in L2 Intermediate Provide copies ofa simple poem in L2 Provide a graphic organizer with less detailed helper sentences to complete contentprocess notes Allow students to discuss in L1 Provide instructions for collage in L2 using simple language Students share collages in L2 Advan cedFln ent Provide copies of a more dif cult poem written in L2 Students ll out contentprocess notes and discuss in L2 Provide collage instructions in L2 Students explain their collage in L2 ELL Instructional Strategies Cognitive ContentProcess notes are used as a cognitive strategy because the notes help students utilize the skill they are learning interpreting by organizing their thoughts M eiacognitive The collage activity is used as a metacognitive strategy because students are using the collages to visualize their own interpretation By presenting their collages students are summarizing their interpretation of the poem H errell amp Jordan Word wall used to help students develop their vocabulary of the literature being used The word wall can help students implement the new words into their ContentProcess notes and collage Imaging students create an image collage to help them visualize what they think the poem means which helps to support the understanding of the concept of interpretation Grouping Teacher assigned homogeneous groups of four are used for completing the ContentProcess notes Homogeneous groups are used to prevent less pro cient students from giving up all control to more pro cient students and to prevent more pro cient students from taking over the activity and completing the Contentprocess notes for the less pro cient students If the class is comprised of different pro ciency levels homogeneous groups must be used because emergent students are given a different poem than advanced students homogeneous groups are used for differentiated instruction purposes Assessment 0 Formative Observe groups and check for understanding during group completion of ContentProcess notes and while students work on their collages ContentProcess notes are turned in and checked by teacher for understanding 0 Summative Collages and discussion of collages Collages are turned in and graded for summative assessment Collage presentations are used to check for understanding of concept


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