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Introductory Modern Physics

by: Talon Thompson

Introductory Modern Physics PHYS 2710

Marketplace > Utah State University > Physics 2 > PHYS 2710 > Introductory Modern Physics
Talon Thompson
Utah State University
GPA 3.6

David Peak

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About this Document

David Peak
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Talon Thompson on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2710 at Utah State University taught by David Peak in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/230478/phys-2710-utah-state-university in Physics 2 at Utah State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Things to know for Exam III atoms Approximate or typical lengths in nm a wavelengths of visible light b radii of c radii of nuclei Approximate or typical energies in eV a rest energy of an electron b rest energy of a nucleon c energies of visible light photons d energies of electronic states in atoms From 11 0 d energies of nucleonic states in nuclei e thermal energy at room temperature Fundamental constants in eV and nm as appropriate c hc he he otes Bare essentials be able to distinguish between a microstate and a macrostate 0 what is the meaning of statistical equilibrium for a macroscopic system 0 what is true about a system at T 0 K at 00 K how does the probability a system is in quantum state S depend on absolute temperature 0 what are the absolute temperatures of the freezing and boiling points of pure water at 1 atmosphere what is the conventional room absolute temperature 0 how does the average number of particles in single particle state a in a system of noninteracting identical massive particles with overlapping wavefunctions depend on temperature 0 what is the form of Na for identical fermions 0 de ne and give the physical reason for Fermi energy how does Fermi energy depend on particle number density for an ideal Fermi gas 0 how does Na depend on single particle energy at T 0 K 0 what is Fermi pressure what does Fermi pressure explain about the properties of solids 0 what is Bose condensation what strange properties is it responsible for o photons are different from bosons such as helium atoms how what consequence does this difference have 0 explain what is meant by a blackboay spectrum 0 how does the energy of a blackbody photon at the maximum of the blackbody spectrum depend on temperature 0 what is the difference between Na for fermions and bosons at high temperature or low density 0 be able to do all homework problems from Supplementary Set 3 0 From Ch 10 o explain the origin of energy level splitting as two wells are brought close to one another how does this help explain molecular bonding 0 de ne energy band and energy gap and be able to explain roughly how bands and gaps arise 0 identify the various contributions to electrical resistivity eqn 1016 which of these is directly related to quantum mechanics 0 what determines the electron mean free path in a pure metal 0 be able to distinguish and explain the difference in graphs of resistivity versus temperature for a metal and for an intrinsic semiconductor 0 state the band lling differences for conductors insulators and intrinsic semiconductors 0 carbon silicon and germanium all have 2 p valence electrons the p band should Phys 2710 fall 08 know for 111 be able to accommodate 6N electrons suggesting that these elemental solids should be good conductors but carbon diamond is an insulator and silicon and germanium are intrinsic semiconductors why are they not conductors and why are silicon and germanium different from carbon diamond why is the band gap smaller for germanium than for silicon 0 what is a hole 0 de ne doping and describe the two types 0 be able to explain how a pn junction diode works what function can diodes perform in a circuit 0 how does an LED work a photodiode 0 what is a MOSFET what are the two MOSFET structures be able to explain how a MOSFET transistor works what is a CMOS inverter 0 what is critical temperature for superconductivity 0 how does a superconductor differ from a perfect conductor 0 what is the Meissner Effect 0 what is critical field and how does critical eld limit the usefulness of a superconductor 0 what are Cooper pairs 0 what does high T mean 0 be able to do all homework problems from Ch 10 plus Supplementary Set 5 Exam III will consist of 40 questions 30 from the above material plus 5 each slightly modi ed from Exams I and II Phys 2710 fall 08 know for 111 2


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